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Morbid Angel - Trivia

Trey Azagthoth is a huge Doom/Quake fan and even designed a map for Doom. The map is called Chamber of Dis and was developed in-between writing and recording the 2003 Morbid Angel album Heretic. The level gets its name from a song title off Formulas Fatal to the Flesh.
Erik Rutan returned to the band as a special guest for their European festival tour in 2006.
David Vincent returned to the band On August 12, 2004. After leaving Morbid Angel, he began playing for the Genitorturers, which is a Shock Rock/Goth Punk band that features his wife Gen.
The original front cover of the album Covenant included additional objects; a skull, a chalice, black feathers and a torchlight, but Trey Azagthoth finally changed his mind because it was "too much".
The band has a tradition of releasing albums in alphabetical order beginning with the title's first letter. The only exception is Abomination, which has been ready in 1986 but wasn't released because the band wasn't satisfied with it (later released in 1991).
Trey Azagthoth used to cut himself before he went onstage, leaving himself to bleed all over his guitar during the show.
Trey's real name is George Emmanuelle III.
Morbid Angel left their longtime label Earache because the album Heretic sold poorly compared to their other releases (highest number: Covenant - over 500,000, lowest number: Heretic - lower than 20,000).
They're the first death metal band to have a significant commercial success, selling over a million albums throughout their career.
Known as one of the pioneering bands of the death metal genre.