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The Gathering - Trivia

The Gathering's first film participation was the theme for The Cyclist; a short independent film made in Belgium about a man cycling around the shoreline, seeing different kinds of people and objects around the beaches. The theme (which was recorded during the 'If_Then_Else' sessions) was released as a B-side for the "Rollercoaster" single and again as part of the 'Accessories' compilation.

The second participation in a movie was for Tamago - The Quiet One (2004).
This short movie of 32 minutes is a Japanese film about a teenager Kiyoshi, who lives in total isolation from the outside world in his parent's kitchen. Nobody else but his little sister Nozomi can get in contact with Kiyoshi. Through the internet he speaks to other teenagers about his interests; drumming, sex, games, movies, life and death.