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Lamb Of God - Trivia

In 2010 Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe was charged with manslaughter of a fan who had jumped up on stage. The incident occured during a concert in Prague in the Czech Republic. Blythe was alleged to have pushed the fan off the stage who then died of injuries.

Blythe spent 5 weeks in a Czech prison and stood trial. He was eventually acquitted of all charges in March 2013.
The song O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E. stands for "Officer Dick Head Gets A Black Fucking Eye". The story behind the title has to do with the time that vocalist Randy Blythe spent as a vagrant. One night in San Diego, California, Blythe and his group sought refuge in an abandoned building during a storm. Shortly after getting out of said storm, officers from the SDPD violent detained them.
The song Redneck is featured in the soundtrack of the videogame Saints Row 2. It can be heard on the radiostation "Krunch 106.66"
Samples from the song "Walk With Me In Hell" were used in a song by hardcore techno dj's Nosferatu and Outblast on "The Thrill" EP.
Vocalist Randy has a small tattoo on his hip that resembles a penis and two testicles. According to Randy in Killadelphia, it was the result of him trying to tattoo the Misfits logo on himself while drunk and passing out before he could finish it. He also has a tattoo on his left forearm reading COBHC, which stands for "Children Of Bodom Hate Crew" which is the name used by the band Children Of Bodom for themselves, their crew, and their fans.
In August 2010, a religious play in Tempe, AZ, "confusingly" called Lamb Of God was mistakingly interpreted as a live show of the band. Lamb Of God - the band - had to shoot down the rumors, started by the band's sharpest fans, and had to assure everyone the performance was in no way related to a metal concert.
Vocalist Randy Blythe features in a 2008 horror film called "The Graves". Blythe will be playing the character of 'Deacon Luke'.

As a press release states, "Without giving too much away, the movie is about two sisters who road trip through the desert and wind up in Unity. Something not so nice is happening there, and the man behind it appears to be the local Reverend, played by Tony Todd (Candy Man, Platoon, and a ton of other stuff). Luke is basically the Rev's right hand man, an enforcer of sorts. The two (smokin' hot) sisters get caught up in the mix, and as often happens in horror movies, some blood is spilled here and there. Luke definitely gets his hands dirty."