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Pantera - Trivia

Although Pantera had been around for nearly a decade, Pantera's didn't actually begin touring until the summer of 1990 when they supported Exodus and Suicidal Tendencies on the latter's "Lights...Camera...Revolution!" tour.
Dimebag's signature shot, the Black Tooth Grin, was named after a lyric in the Megadeth song Sweating Bullets.
The song "10's" from The Great Southern Trendkill was featured in a Dragon Ball Z movie.
For the cover of "Vulgar Display of Power", a fan had allowed the band members of Pantera to punch him in the face. They had to do it over 80 times until they got the right picture.
The origin of the song "Five Minutes Alone" came from when Phil Anselmo had gotten angry at one concert go-er, resulting in the fans of the concert beating the kid up, as well as a lawsuit directed to Pantera. The kid's father, as quoted, said "You just give me five minutes alone with that Phil Anselmo guy and I'll show him who's big daddy around here" which resulted in the name of the song.
The guitarist Dimebag Darrell used to own a billy goat, which had a beard painted pink or purple or red, just like him.
The title of the album Vulgar Display of Power comes from the movie The Exorcist. The priest asks Regan to prove she is the Devil, to which she responds, "that would be too much of a vulgar display of power."
The song "Proud to Be Loud" from the band's 1988 album 'Power Metal' was written and produced by Keel guitarist Marc Ferrari and was originally intended to appear on that group's 1987 self-titled album. However, Keel would not record a version of the song until 1998. Pantera's version was used as the party song in the theatrical cut of Donnie Darko, credited to the "Dead Green Mummies".
On December 8, 2004 the band's guitarist, Dimebag Darrell, was shot and killed on-stage by a man named Nathan Gale, while performing with his new band Damageplan, along with four other people. A police officer named James Niggemeyer, sneaked into the venue and successfully took down the shooter with a single shotgun blast before anyone else was injured.
The word 'Pantera' means "panther" in a number of languages, but the name of the band is derived from their home town of Pantego, Texas.