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Stratovarius : Same 'ol Drama

STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo Tolkki has reportedly told the Finnish daily newspaper Ilta-Sanomat that keyboardist Jens Johansson will definitely continue to be a member of the band once the group have sorted through their current personnel "crisis". The situation with the band's drummer, Jörg Michael, however, is still up in the air. According to Tolkki, Michael's wife is due to give birth to twins in January and it is not presently clear if the drummer has enough interest and motivation to continue playing with the group.
While he has yet to publicly reveal the cause of their disagreement (due to "legal reasons"), Tolkki has indicated that the biggest problem in the band exists with vocalist Timo Kotipelto, with whom the guitarist is said to have a "very strained" relationship.

When asked by a fan on his guestbook if there are any plans for STRATOVARIUS to play shows in America, Kotipelto responded, "Good question. I don't even know if I am in the band anymore."

Tolkki, who was recently "forced" to hire two bodyguards after receiving e-mail and phone threats from unknown individuals, flew to Berlin late last week to hold discussions with the band's record company, Sanctuary Records, about STRATOVARIUS' future.

In late October, STRATOVARIUS signed a three-album contract with Sanctuary Records in what was said to be the biggest-ever deal completed for a Finnish rock band (reportedly worth over $3.5 million dollars).

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Master Of Puppets in 'Top 40 albums of all time'

METALLICA's groundbreaking 1986 release "Master of Puppets" has been named one of the Top 40 albums of all time by USA Today music critic Edna Gundersen in the daily newspaper's Dec. 5 edition. Criteria for inclusion was albums that "stand as cohesive bodies of work — not just fine collections of songs." The list was arranged chronologically and contained no rankings. Others albums that made the Top 40 include GUNS N' ROSES' "Appetite For Destruction" (1987), NINE INCH NAILS' "The Downward Spiral" (1994), NIRVANA's "Nevermind" (1991), and THE RAMONES' "The Ramones" (1976).

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Cryptopsy- Original singer returns

Canadian technical death metallers CRYPTOPSY have been officially rejoined by original vocalist Lord Worm.

Lord Worm, who sang on the band's first two albums — 1994's "Blasphemy Made Flesh" (Displeased) and 1995's "None So Vile" (Wrong Again) — has announced his return to CRYPTOPSY via the following posting on the group's web site:

" 'Un mal pour un bien', I've heard it said, and those seven long years ago, unhappy though I was at leaving (for a private question of honour, not beer), it was nonetheless for the best. Now, we've come full circle, and again a private question of honour finds me back in the fold. 'It is so. It cannot be otherwise.' See you soon..."

CRYPTOPSY's most recent vocalist, Martin Lacroix (ex-SPASME) — who appeared on the band's 2003 live release, "None So Live" — left the group in October for undisclosed reasons. CRYPTOPSY are currently writing material for their fifth studio album, tentatively due in early 2004 through Century Media Records.

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Stratovarius in writing process

STRATOVARIUS leader Timo Tolkki has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"I thought I cheer you guys up by giving you a small report from the place where I have been writing songs for about a month already. I have already 10 songs written and I can give you some titles as well: 'And You Hate the World', 'I See Black', 'PopKiller' and 'Back to Madness' are amongst the songs that I have completed by now. The working title of the album is called 'PopKiller'.

"Because the situation of the band is unclear, except that Jens will stay in the band, I have no idea when this album will be recorded. We have also several festival appearances booked for the next summer and one Spanish festival at the end of February. I don't know how we are going to handle those because we are committed legally to do them. I am not thinking about that at the moment, I am just writing songs, which always has been a good therapy for me.

"This place is absolutely fantastic and I am completely surrounded by nature and there is a sea view as well. I will travel to Berlin this weekend and talk with the whole Sanctuary team. I hope next week brings the final solution to our problems. Thanks for you patience and understanding."


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New Carpathian Forest album

Carpathian Forest will release their new album "Skjend Hans Lik" on April 19th, 2004 through France's Season Of Mist. The album contains new songs and the legendary demo recordings "Bloodlust And Perversion" from 1992.

Also Nattefrost, the Carpathian Forest mastermind, will release his debut solo album "Blood And Vomit" on February 23rd, 2004. Unlimited by the boundaries of being in a band, Nattefrost unleashes hatred on an unsuspecting and deserving world. Don't expect anything else but pure, raw, non-politically correct, and necro TRUE Black Metal!

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Dark Funeral live album through Regain Records


We are proud to announce that that tight blood bounds have been tied
between us, Dark Funeral, and Swedish Regain Records. The co-operation
between Dark Funeral and Regain Records will commence on the 29th of
March with the release of our first, yet untitled, live album. Featuring
material that we recorded during our South American tour, Oct 2003
(Brazil, Chile & Colombia). The album includes the following tracks;

01. Intro
02. The Arrival of Satan's Empire
03. An Apprentice of Satan
04. The Dawn No More Rises
05. Thy Legions Come
06. Hail Murder
07. Goddess of Sodomy
08. The Secrets of the Black Arts
09. Vobiscum Satanas
10. Shadows Over Transylvania
11. Open The Gates
12. Ineffable Kings Of Darkness
13. Thus I Have Spoken
14. My Dark Desires
15. Armageddon Finally Comes

We are currently working on the CD layout and are still looking for
high quality and high resolution photos taken during our South American
tour (PLEASE NOTE! 300 DPI or higher only!!!). If you have some, please
let us know via e-mail. We will then instruct you how to send us a CD-R
with complete info on where they are taken and your personal
information. Send inquiries to:

We are also interested to get a hold of videos filmed during any of the South American dates.
Everyone who submit material that end up on the album will receive free
copies of the album among other things.


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Jason Newsted leaves Ozzy Osbourne

Former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted has officially left OZZY OSBOURNE and has been replaced by ex-ROB ZOMBIE bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson. Newsted, who was with the band for less than a year, left due to undisclosed reasons.

"It's still settling in," Nicholson told about his new gig. "It's something I never would have imagined. After playing with Rob Zombie, I was ready to go, 'OK, this is as far as I'm taking this bass-playing thing. This is the end of the road.' I was ready to kind of hang it up.

"But when this came around, it was very odd," he added. "I was almost like, 'There is no possible way that this could happen.' "

At least one other bassist — FEAR FACTORY's Christian Olde Wolbers — jammed with Ozzy, guitarist Zakk Wylde and drummer Mike Bordin in recent weeks, but Nicholson was hired after successfully completing two auditions.

"The first audition was a little intimidating, to say the least," Nicholson said. "Granted, I know Zakk and I've been on Ozzfest before. The situation wasn't uncomfortable, it was just intimidating, playing these songs that I had never played. But the second audition, I was a lot more prepared.

" 'Into the Void' is my favorite BLACK SABBATH song and Ozzy called it out," he continued. "At that moment, I realized, even if I don't get the gig, the fact that I got to play 'Into the Void' with Ozzy was the coolest moment of my life!"

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The writing of the long awaited sixth Bal-Sagoth album is continuing, and the new material is said to be sounding truly phenomenal. Recording is expected to begin during the depths of winter, with a release during the spring of 2004.

The cover artwork by renowned fantasy artist Martin Hanford is now complete, as are the interior booklet illustrations by both official artists Martin Hanford and Samuel Santos.

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Manticora - Update On Recording Process

'As we haven't much new stuff to upload or tell you, we can just inform that we have now finished 4 songs for the next album. 2 songs are almost finished and we have 2 in working progress. This leaves only 2 songs to be "invented" as we will have exactly 10 songs on the new album (which according to the concept/theme cannot hold more than that amount of songs).'

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Eternal Gray new album

YOUR GODS, MY ENEMIES is the title for the upcoming Eternal Gray CD.
It reflects the best of what the album concept is all about.
The album will be recorded at Abyss studio Sweden, release date is yet unknown as we are working on getting a record deal.
The album songs are much heavier and fast, yet keeps all of the strong elements from Kindless.
We hope that you are all expecting it, as we are working really hard to provide you a strong, powerful and rich Death Metal, which we all hope will place Eternal Gray among the Elite of the Death Metal bands in the world.

Till then, take care and stay GRAY!

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Primal Fear - complete work on "Devil's Ground"

German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR have completed work on their new album, "Devil's Ground", due on February 23 through Nuclear Blast Records. The final track listing (not in the final running order) is as follows:

01. Metal Is Forever (4:46)
02. Suicide & Mania (4:04)
03. Visions Of Fate (4:50)
04. The Healer (6:30)
05. Sacred Illusion (4:03)
06. In Metal (5:13)
07. Soulchaser (4:51)
08. Sea Of Flames (4:02)
09. Wings of Desire (6:45)
10. Heart Of A Brave (4:52)
11. Colony 13 (3:57)
12. Devil's Ground (1:52)

All songs were written by Sinner, Leibing, Naumann, and Scheepers, except #5, which was written by PRIMAL FEAR and Vinder. A surprise cover version of a classic metal track will appear on the limited European version and the Japanese version. The limited European version will also include two 5.1 mixes of "Metal Is Forever" and "The Healer". The filming of the first video clip for the album (for the track "Metal Is Forever") will take place in early December. "Devil's Ground" was produced by Mat Sinner and co-produced by PRIMAL FEAR and Achim Köhler at the House of Music in Winterbach, Germany.

PRIMAL FEAR, BRAINSTORM and ROB ROCK'S RAGE OF CREATION will be teaming up for a European tour beginning in early March.


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The Gathering

1-12-2003: Tracklisting Sleepy Buildings & more news.
Hello all,

As you probably know, Sleepy Buildings will be released the 26th of january 2004. This is the official tracklist:

1. Locked away 2. Saturnine 3. Amity 4. The mirror waters 5. Red is a slow colour 6. Sleepy buildings 7. Travel 8. Shrink 9. In motion Part II 10. Stonegarden 11. My electricity 12. Eleanor 13. Marooned 14. Like fountains

The May Song and Nighttime Birds fell through, and we didn't mix them. NB is already in more or less the same version available on our Superheat live album, TMS sounded simply not that well.
We are still busy finding dates for our Sleepy Buildings tour 2004. We will play Germany for sure, possibly some churches! We will keep you informed.

Cheers! - Hans

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Stratodrama goes on....

Timo Tolkki has posted the following message in the Official Website of Stratovarius:

"After speaking with all the band members I am now travelling to Berlin to talk with the Sanctuary team about the future of STRATOVARIUS.

"At this point I cannot say more about the situation. I am very sorry if my statements have offended someone. I have been under heavy pressure lately and my therapist has prescribed me some heavy antidepressants. They make it even more difficult for me to control my temper.

"I have received death threats, which has forced me to hire 2 bodyguards. They are both former military people with martial arts training. This is sad really, but what can you do?

"Anyway, I apologize once more if I have offended anyone with my comments. I hope you understand what kind of pressure we all are living in at the moment.

"I would like to say that things are not always what they seem. The music world can be very frustrating, largely due to legal and business matters. I hope I can tell you some news after returning from Berlin."

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The Kovenant

The Kovenant are now working on their follow up to the masterpiece S.E.T.I. You can expect some real extravaganza. This time the band will break new grounds again and set the standards for the future metal scene. It will be recorded next year and hopefully released in 2004 as well.

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Anorexia Nervosa

Here is the track listing of Suicide Is Sexy, the forthcoming collector from Anorexia Nervosa, which will be out around mid-December on Apokalypse Records !
It will be a strictly limited edition of 777 copies, presented in a box, each individually signed by the band ! A piece of collection you sure don't want to miss !

Nihil Negativum - demo 95

Scene I :
1. Le Patient est isolé
2. In a brown gnostic study

Scene II:
3. Quelque chose comme l'idée qu'il n'aurait mieux pas fallu naître
4. Anamorphic effect ; the revival

Scene III:
5. Retrouver son état initial, éviter… avant qu'il ne soit trop tard
6. In the mental confinement (mosaic of infinite visions)

7. Avec le triomphe de l'esprit et la faillite de la déité

Garden of Delight - demo 93 (Necromancia)

8. The Shadows Howling
9. Garden of Delight
10. Dismal Paradise

Extra shit

11. Autoerotic Death - live 1995 - never released before
12. Lepros Darma - live 1995 - never released before

Bonus video track

Nihil Negativum - Scene III & Final
(Live 16/12/1995 - wherever)

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