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Lake of Tears will appear on Summer Breeze.

Lake of Tears is going to play at the Summer Breeze festival.
The festival will take place between 19-21 August in Abtsgmünd, Germany.

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Soon you will wear Slayer Shoes...

Vans, a leader in athletic footwear for the skateboarding community, has announced plans to release a limited-edition SLAYER "Old Skool" shoe in the spring.
Watch the shoes here

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Ozzy may never sing again

World Entertainment News Network is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne may never sing again after the horrific ATV accident this week which almost left him paralyzed.

Osbourne broke six ribs, a collarbone and a vertebra in his neck after losing control of the vehicle in the grounds of his Buckinghamshire, England, estate on Monday.

Doctors at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, south England, where Ozzy is being treated in intensive care, say the singer is making slow progress — but they fear he may never regain his voice.

Medical director Dr. Dick Jack says, "He is not physically able to come off the ventilator yet. While he has got a tube in his throat he can't talk but, while awake, he has been making progress with people. His progress will be slow."

When asked if the 55-year-old former BLACK SABBATH frontman will be able to speak once the tube has been removed, Jack responded, "We don't know."

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Strato: And now they fight...

STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo Tolkki has spoken to the Finnish daily newspaper Ilta-Sanomat about the circumstances behind the group's recently announced split with vocalist Timo Kotipelto and drummer Jörg Michael.

According to Tolkki, he and Kotipelto got into a physical altercation three weeks ago. Originally, Tolkki had stepped in to break up a fight between drummer Michael and Kotipelto, but after the latest episode, both he and Kotipelto realized that they would not be able to carry on working together. Tolkki says that the fight was due to Kotipelto wanting to have more involvement in the songwriting process as well as more say in the band's business affairs.

The members of the most recent STRATOVARIUS lineup will be forced to work together one more time as they prepare to play all of the previously announced summer festivals in order to avoid paying out huge cancellation fees. Tolkki has admitted that he doesn't know if they will be able to get along with each other long enough to do the upcoming shows and had made it clear that he would prefer to call off the dates altogether.

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Ex Dream Theater Keybardist on movie

Keyboardist Kevin Moore (ex-DREAM THEATER, CHROMA KEY) has recorded the soundtrack to a Turkish horror-comedy movie, "Okul" ("The School"). The film was produced by the famous Turkish producer Sinan Cetin and was directed by popular Turkish directors the Taylan Brothers. "Okul" was written by a DREAM THEATER and Kevin Moore fan, Dogu Yucel.

When the directors and the writer were searching for a musician to score their movie, they learned that Kevin Moore was in Istanbul, Turkey. Moore liked the story so much that he decided to postpone the recording of the third CHROMA KEY CD and begin work on the soundtrack for this low-budget Turkish movie. By coincidence, the film was based on a book called "Hayalet Kitap" ("Ghost Book"), which contained a reference to Kevin Moore's song "Space Dye-Vest".

According to Yucel, a brief outline of the movie's plot is as follows: "A young boy is in love with the most beautiful girl in the school but he doesn't win her heart. So he starts to write stories for her. One day he commits suicide. One year later strange things started to happen around the girl and her friends. Soon it is discovered that there is a ghost in the school."

"Okul" will receive a Turkish release on January 9, 2004. It is planned that the movie will be shown in some foreign countries at later date. Kevin Moore's soundtrack is tentatively set to be released through Inside Out Records. You may download the teaser from the official site, Further details can be obtained through the Internet Movie Database (

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Acoustic Set

Three members of the Australian progressive metal band VANISHING POINT — guitarist Chris Porcianko, vocalist Silvio Massaro and fill-in keyboardist Leonard Kopilas (MANIC OPERA) — will be performing an acoustic set live on PBS FM on Tuesday, December 16 during "Screaming Symphony" ( The exact time will be somewhere between 10:00 p.m. and midnight (GMT +10:00, Melbourne Time Zone). If you don't live in Melbourne and cannot pick up PBS on 106.7 FM, you can always connect to their live audio stream and listen with your computer.

VANISHING POINT have spent much of the past year recording their third album, "A Life Less", at Palm Studios in Melbourne with producer Endel Rivers. A tentative early 2004 release is expected.

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Kotipelto's beginning of comments

Former STRATOVARIUS vocalist Timo Kotipelto has posted the following message on his web site regarding his departure from the group:

"Maybe you have seen in it on the STRATOVARIUS homepage (or read it somewhere else), that Jörg and I are no longer members of the band. That is unfortunately true.

"I (might) give my comment about it later. At the moment I don't have enough energy for that.

"I want to sincerely thank all the people who bought those STRATOVARIUS albums (and my own 'Waiting for the Dawn') that I am on.

"Also a big THANK YOU for the excellent and memorable live experiences I've had a chance to share with you! I will never forget those. A hello to all those cool people I have met during these years!

"At the moment I am concentrating only on my new album. I thank everybody for those posts on my guestbook. I am sorry but I don't have enough time to reply them all. But I DO read them all!

"Thank you for your support!

"Rock on!

"Timo Kotipelto"


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Iron Maiden

The Evening Times is reporting that heavy metal veterans IRON MAIDEN rocked the SECC in Glasgow so hard Monday night (Dec. 8) they blew the sound system in an awe-inspiring set that delivered a full-on dose of rock theatrics.

The audience in the packed auditorium was so eager to get close to their heroes that there was a small crowd-crush at the front of the stage, causing frontman Bruce Dickinson to stop the set only two songs in, urging the crowd to take two steps back so that the people who had fallen could get up again.

"We want to be taking people out of here tonight happy — we don't want to be taking them out in body-bags," he cautioned.

After a short breather, the band launched back with "Can I Play With Madness", Dickinson star-jumping and leaping around the set, with a boundless energy that would leave young pretenders THE DARKNESS breathless.

The gig almost came to a premature end when, after a thunderous intro with bombshells exploding and a storm of light and smoke, the band launched into extra-heavy riffs and the sound immediately cut dead.

taken from

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Charon - Announcement.

This announcement was posted on the Official homepage by the founding member Antti Karihtala in the beginning of December:

One chapter has ended in the story of Charon, and it is time to move on. As one of the founding members of the band I feel entitled, if not obligated, to explain and update Charon's present situation publicly from my own point of view.

I have always been glad and proud about the fact that Charon is one of the longest bands playing with the original line-up in the heavier rock
genre both in and outside Finland. Over 11 years of work with the same members is an achievement for any band.

This period of time has given the band both it's present day face and it's unrelenting character.

Now, however, the time has come to make some difficult choices in order to keep the group going.

When I started the band with Teemu Hautamäki and Pasi Sipilä in spring 1992, I didn't even consider the possibility of parting ways with someone. There was a healthy fear of and respect for the band activities, which meant you either go all out for the band or you don't go at all. This attitude has not changed…

Playing in a band is not a given; you have to invest in it 200%, at least in Charon. People, however, change as life goes on, and so do the members' values. Personally, I've had to make some very difficult choices and have given up a lot for the good of the band, but I've also learnt to arrange things in a way that won't hurt the band. In a way,
this has been easy, because playing in the band with your best friends sets the priorities for other things as well. This attitude has also been visible in the rest of the band.

But, as Jasse said in his announcement, he has 'lost all interest in the band'. This has been clear in his attitude for some time now, and we felt that it could not possibly go on. His general lack of motivation and interest was visible in the spring and all through summer, and it was clearly starting to affect the rest of us, and so we had only one
alternative. No sports team will field an out-of-shape player; he will be replaced with someone who has the right attitude.

If personal chemistry doesn't work, it shows in concerts, on the albums, in the tour bus, rehearsals etc. It's just a shame this time of troubles coincides with the recording of a new album, which is, after all, the most creative time in a band's life. Also, the prospect of finding a session guitarist on such a short notice and in the middle of a tour, didn't seem very appealing. But, as they say, a rock band works best with a gun to their head… And it's true!


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Carnal Forge - To Start Recording in February.

Posted on the Official Homepage for awhile ago:

We will once again hit Studio Underground for the recording of our 5th album (no title yet).
The recording will start at February 3 and we will record about 12-13 songs??? Release is planned late spring.

To give everyone a small hint of what to expect I can say that we picked up from where "The more you suffer" ended. The new songs is a little bit more aggressive but all of you that liked "the more you suffer" and all our other albums wont get dissapointed.

Yesterday we all went up to Jonas Black Lounge studio in Avesta to record a "hit and run demo". 10 songs in one day.... just to check 'em out and to get them down on fysical materia.

We have also had some problems with the web site but that will soon be fixed. The competition is not working but we will let you know when it's running again cause we have som nice signed stuff for you just waiting around....

A studio diary will be posted as soon we hit the studio again.

Hope to see you all on tour in a near future.

Carnal Forge

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Charon - The Reason Jasse Left, in English.

Now the english translation of the reason why Jasse von Hast left Charon:

Time to move on

After long consideration and prioritizing, I have come to a point where it is time for me to put a phase in my life behind me. I feel that Charon has nothing more to give me, musically or otherwise, and my interest in the band has faded completely.

During the last year, I have simply had enough of all that.

At the moment, I'm concentrating on my day job.

I will continue with music in the future, and I'm constantly writing new material. In which context it will be used remains to be seen.

I want to thank all our fans and supporters for great years with the band.

Jasse Von Hast
in Oulu, 24.11.2003

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Norther - Death Unlimited Song Titles.

Post on the official homepage:

The song titles for Death Unlimited will be the following in no particular order.

- A Fallen Star
- Deep Inside
- Chasm
- Nothing
- Death Unlimited
- The Cure
- Going Nowhere
- Vain
- Day of Redemption
- Hollow

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Darkane on Swedish TV tomorrow night

Darkane will be featured on the swedish TV channel SVT1 on wednesday Dec 10th. The show Musikbyrån will send a report from this years Sweden Rock Festival where Darkane was filmed during their live set and interviewed. Other bands featured on the show will be Motörhead and Anthrax. For more information go to Musikbyråns homepage. The show starts 10:30 pm.

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Elvenking - Wyrd Will be Released in March 2004.

News from the official website:

The mixing is nearly completed! Most of the songs are ready,and Achim Kohler is giving the last touches to "WYRD". The sound created will blow you away!!!
it seems that "WYRD" will be released in March 2004. As soon as there will be a confirmed date of release we will publish it in these pages. In these days things around who will take care of the mastering are being defined. Let you know soon. The band is also working on the layout of the booklet.

ATTENTION: the Pordenone gig of December 7th has been CANCELLED once again due to problems with the venue (again!). We're sorry fot that!!!

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Thunderstone - Released Day One Week Earlier.

This was posted on the official homepage:

The European release of "The Burning" has been advanced by a week! The new release date is January 12th 2004. Stay tuned for updates in release dates for other countries.

Thunderstone is confirmed to play Wacken 2004! More info on showtime etc. coming up later!

German speakers (and those handy with a dictionary...) check out the next issue of Rock Hard: A major interview with Nino coming up!

Stay tuned for more news on gigs, interviews etc. as the release date of "The Burning" draws nearer...

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