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Karmageddon Media signs deal with... OCCULT

With pride and a big smile we announce the latest signing to our roster of quality metal acts !!!

OCCULT, the most persistent Blackened oldschool Thrash act ever from the Netherlands have signed a multiple record-deal with KARMAGEDDON MEDIA. Ofcourse Occult is already a well-known name in the underground scene and the band has so far released 4 albums and a DVD. Furthermore the band intensively toured the last couple of years with acts such as Morbid Angel, Immortal, Exodus, Dark Funeral and Marduk, just to name a few.

Upon receiving a copy of Occult's new album ELEGY FOR THE WEAK our interest grew to a very high level, because this record simply shreds and we dare to say this will become a classic album coming from the Netherlands, in league with classic albums by Pestilence, Gorefest, Dead Head or Sinister.

It is very rare one can hear such catchy, memorable and intense Thrash songs without being accused of selling out... the production was in the hands of German Thrash goeroe Andy Classen @ Stage One Studio, previously known for his work with acts such as Dew Scented, Callenish Circle, Krisiun and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter.

The ultimate Thrash attack is coming your way, riffs that would make Slayer jealous and an intensity that Kreator is looking for since years, all combined in a head-ripping production that will leave no prisoners.

In official statement Occult's spokesman Maurice Swinkels says:

"We are very happy we are signed to Karmageddon Media now. We are convinced Karmageddon Media will guide us to a higher level when it comes to promotion and distribution of our albums. Hopefully we can attack some of the upcoming festivals as well. Elegy for the Weak is without doubt the best album we recorded in our history... also due to Andy Classen's excellent work since he blessed the album with a killer sound. THRASH... OR BE THRASHED !!!"

The complete tracklisting of Elegy for the Weak is as following:

- Disturbing the Dead
- Nuclear Torment
- Nocturnal Predator
- Feel the Blade
- Expire
- Warbeast
- Obsessed by the Grave
- Slaughtering the Pigs
- Reapers Call
- Slut of Sodom

* Elegy for the Weak is scheduled for an early March release on Karmageddon Media.

* For more information and a new MP3 check the band's official website :

* For more information on the band's DVD-release on Lowlife Media :
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Finnish Metal Awards 2003

The 2003 installment of the Finnish Metal Music Awards (Sirkkelirock 2003) was held this past Saturday (January 3) at Tavastia Club in Helsinki.

Voting was open to all the metal fans in Finland and was presented through the various media outlets that were working with the event's organizers.

The winners are as follows:

Finnish Band of the Year: CHILDREN OF BODOM
Finnish Newcomer of the Year: MACHINE MEN
Finnish Album of the Year: KOTITEOLLISUUS - "Helvetistä Itään"
International Band: IRON MAIDEN
International Newcomer: EVANESCENCE
International Album: IRON MAIDEN - "Dance of Death"
Producer of the Year: Mikko Karmila
Metal Video of 2003: KOTITEOLLISUUS - "Minä Olen"
Metal Event of 2003: Tuska Metal Festival

In addition, Sirkkelirock presented a special Lifetime Achievement Award to CANNIBAL CORPSE for acknowledged work in metal music.

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Kalmah - Cancels Finnish Festival Appearance

Finland's KALMAH have cancelled their previously announced Feb. 7 appearance at the Kaamos - Dark Metal Night festival in Oulu, Finland. According to a post on the band's web site, "We had problems with personal time schedules which was the reason for cancelling."

The band, who recently parted ways with keyboardist Pasi Hiltula, will now play at Loop in Oulu, Finland on Friday, February 13.

KALMAH released their third full-length album, "Swampsong", in Finland through Spikefarm Records and in North America through Century Media Records.

Band profile: Kalmah
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Mayhem among 'craziest rockers of all time'

MARILYN MANSON and Norwegian black metallers MAYHEM were included in a list of the "100 most insane moments in rock" released last week by British music magazine Q.

Topping the list was the late WHO drummer Keith Moon, who was singled out for a life of excess that included countless drug-fueled brawls, a food fight with police in Flint, Michigan and an impromptu fireworks display on a U.S. television show.

The list, chosen by magazine staff, is an enlightening record of rock 'n' roll's wacky and weird moments, ranging from the bat-biting of Ozzy Osbourne to Michael Jackson conducting a voodoo ritual to fatally curse his enemies, via Elvis Presley's predilection for mounds of jam and peanut butter sandwiches, and Freddie Mercury's offstage sexual thrills.

The Top 10:

01. Keith Moon
02. Prince ? proselytizes door-to-door for Jehovah's Witnesses
03. Marilyn Manson ? covers fan in meat
04. Michael Jackson ? puts curse on Steven Spielberg
05. Elvis Presley ? flies 879 miles (1415 kilometers) for peanut butter and bacon sandwiches
06. MAYHEM ? Norwegian band's bassist kills guitarist
07. Courtney Love ? lies down semi-naked in London street
08. Marion "Suge" Knight ? career of oft-jailed rap impresario
09. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown ? troubled marriage
10. Freddie Mercury ? QUEEN frontman's backstage antics

Band profile: Mayhem
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Runemagick - Complete Work On New Album

Swedish "dark death metal" act RUNEMAGICK have completed work on their new album, "On Funeral Wings", at their own Magick Sound Studio for a spring release through Aftermath Music.

As previously reported, RUNEMAGICK's new material is said to be "much in the vein of the latest album 'Darkness Death Doom', with some new ideas and dimensions."

The complete track listing for "On Funeral Wings" is as follows:

01. Monolithic Death
02. Rise of the 2nd Moon
03. On Funeral Wings
04. Dragon of Doom
05. Hyperion
06. Ocean Demon
07. Emperor of the Underworld
08. Trifid Nebula
09. The Doomsday Scythe
10. Riders of Endtime
11. In a Darkened Tomb
12. Black Star Abyss
13. Wizard with the Magick Runes

Total playing time: 73:52

The "On Funeral Wings" front cover can be viewed during the flash intro at


Band profile: Runemagick
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Impaled Nazarene confirmed for Tuska festival

IMPALED NAZARENE and DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED have been confirmed for the next installment of the Tuska festival, which will take place July 16-18, 2004 in Helsinki, Finland. Also scheduled to appear at the festival are DARK TRANQUILLITY. More confirmations will be announced soon. Tuska 2003 took place July 11-13, 2003 in the Kaisaniemi park in the center of Helsinki and featured appearances by TYPE O NEGATIVE, THE HAUNTED, STRATOVARIUS, SENTENCED, AMORPHIS, ARCH ENEMY, CHILDREN OF BODOM, EDGUY, FINNTROLL, LULLACRY, MINISTRY, SENTENCED, and SOULFLY, among others.

Band profile: Impaled Nazarene
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Virgin Steele - Special acoustic show

VIRGIN STEELE singer David DeFeis and guitarist Edward Pursino performed a special set consisting of acoustic interpretations of the VIRGIN STEELE catalogue New Year's Eve at DeFeis' residence on Long Island, New York. A "review" of the show, which was described as "a very intimate, private showcase," has been posted online at this location:

Band profile: Virgin Steele
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The Haunted: Peter Dolving's statement

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving recently took time out to answer a few questions on the band's official forum. The following are some of his responses pertaining to the progress of the songwriting sessions for the group's new studio album and the band's future plans:

On the new material:

Peter Dolving: "The new songs? Jeez, that's hard. Expect less serial-killing themes, and a meaner attitude all over ? more 'song'-songs, less 'riff-o-mania'. I really don't know how to describe it ? more live-oriented?"

"These songs we've been working on now have been built in a very old-fashioned rock 'n' roll way of making songs ? comes up with something ? someone else picks up on it we jam, discuss, jam some more go home and think about the stuff, then go back and work it 'till it feels cool.

Peter Dolving: "The aim is to make us all puke ? and I mean that in a good way..."

On the next album's possible release date:

Peter Dolving: "I have no idea when it'll be released, I don't see it as my job to worry about that kind of stuff ? I write and sing."

On upcoming live performances:

Peter Dolving: "Live, as always we'll play old and new stuff. I won't even try to sing in Marco 's style - I can't sing like him, he's got more of a brutal growling approach. Me, I guess I'm more of the angst-ridden -screamer I always was."

On whether THE HAUNTED is his top priority at the moment:

Peter Dolving: "THE HAUNTED is indeed my No. 1 priority from now on. I will definitely continue releasing albums and tour with the PETER DOLVING BAND, but only in relation to what works with THE HAUNTED schedule."


Band profile: The Haunted
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Ex- No Return singer's project

ZUUL FX, the French band featuring former NO RETURN singer Steeve "Zuul" Petit, have completed work on their debut three-song demo at Soul Sol studios in Paris with producer Francis Caste (DYSFUNCTIONAL BY CHOICE drummer).

The track listing for the demo is as follows:

01. Behind The Light
02. Devil Star
03. God Bless Them

The group's debut album, which is due next summer, will be recorded over a one-month period in April. Pre-production for the as-yet-untitled CD is scheduled to take place in March at Studio 440.

Band profile: No Return
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Kamelot - Mexican dates cancelled

KAMELOT's previously announced dates in Monterrey and Guadalajara have been cancelled by their Mexican promoter, Ekosysmusik. No reason was given for the cancellation. The group's EpicaFest date in Mexico City will go ahead as planned on February 14, with five support bands also on the bill, including Californian metallers CAGE.

As previously reported, KAMELOT are currently writing material for the follow-up to last year's "Epica", tentatively due this summer through SPV Records. Among the songtitles set to appear on the CD are "March of Mephisto", "Nothing Ever Dies" and "Serenade".

Upcoming KAMELOT shows:

Feb. 14 - Mexico City, MEX @ TBA
Feb. 28 - Granada, SPA @ Piorno Rock Festival

Band profile: Kamelot
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Aeternus to enter the studio in June

Norwegian metallers AETERNUS will enter Grieghallen Studios in June to begin recording their new album, tentatively due in late 2004 through Nocturnal Art Productions. The follow-up to last year's "A Darker Monument" will once again be produced by Pytten, who has previously worked with ENSLAVED and MÖRK GRYNING, among others.

Says AETERNUS mainman Ares: "We got more or less 4 songs so far, though they are all not 100% done...working on them nearly every day. Like I've said in several interviews, it's interesting now to work on new material as we are putting weight on leaving the death metal elements behind now...though the brutality and extreme atmosphere remains. Only it's shape and face are changed to put it that way...we're experimenting quite a bit actually. Some paths we wander leads back to some elder roots too...

"A lot of the music on next album might also make you feel: 'Eh? Is this AETERNUS?' we are trying to explore a bit these days. Allowing us to give you more/different and interesting metal to listen to. Though we are still dedicated to darkened music/metal and don't think we'll be turning AETERNUS into some cheap crap or whatever as we SHALL and WILL always create darkened music for extreme minds! Make no mistake about that!"

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Ensiferum - New album delayed

ENSIFERUM's new Album, "Iron", has been delayed until April 5th, 2004. The album is in it's mastering stage now, while the band is not pleased with the postponing of the album.

In related news, FINNTROLL site admin/keyboardist TrollhorN has commented on the upcoming European tour dates with ENSIFERUM and THE WAKE:

"These are NOT CONFIRMED IN ANY WAY. I have no idea why the Hell Metalyse have announced half-official information on their website, but from Spinefarm´s side we´ve been asked to keep our mouths shut about these gigs yet. Propably within three months one quarter has been cancelled and there are more places announced, so NOTHING IS SURE YET. This is ONLY a hint what is supposed to be coming.

And about ENSIFERUM, nothing is certain yet. I know that they have held a band- meeting about the matter yesterday, so keep on following (The official site) to get your updates.

Although I can tell you a couple of things, which will upset some and make some people cheer: I don´t think there will be a gig in Sweden within that tour (because it´s so hard to travel there by bus) , but at least we (the Finntrolls) have been trying to get a gig into Switzerland, because we had such a great audience there. But we´ll see. It´s only December, and the tour starts in April. ANYTHING can happen, boys and girls. Anything."

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Vomitory - Studio Diary

Swedish metallers VOMITORY have updated with their second studio diary from drummer Tobias Gustafsson:

"The last week of recording went really smooth. We're not really used to take things so easy during a recording session, so this was definitely a new experience to us - and a nice one indeed!

All guitars, bass and vocals are now done and so far we, including Henrik the producer, are all very content with the result. The first thing that strikes me when I listen to the recording is that Erik's voice has become even stronger and more brutal than on our previous albums! Fuck yeah! This is without any doubts his best vocal work to date and he could never have ended his vocal duties in Vomitory in a better way!

"Primal Massacre" will contain ten songs and as usual, there are some songs that still are untitled, but here are some of the definite titles "Autopsy Extravaganza", "Stray Bullet Kill", "Demons Divine" and the titletrack - "Primal Massacre".

On Friday the 19th, Lord K Philipsson from The Project Hate paid us a visit in the studio to chat, drink beer, listen to the album and take some pictures. click here to see the pictures - posted and commented by Lord K. And while you're there, don't foget to join the official Vomitory forum!

We left the studio on Saturday, December 20th - a bit hungover from yesterday but we were happy to get to rest our ears during the holidays. We'll begin mixing the album in Berno Studio, Malmö/Sweden, on January 5th together with Henrik Larsson.

More news when we're done with the mixing!"

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Kreator: Last Show of the Tour And the New Album

Posted by Mille on the official hompage, 2003-12-17:

Kreator has returned from an amazing Show in Bukarest/ Romania on December 13th , in front of more then 2000 fans !!!!
Mille sent in the following statement this morning :

" Dear friends. Just came back from Romania, very cool show, fantasitic audience ! This was definately the last show of the Violent Revolution tour and I want to thank all of you for making 2003 another great year in the history of the band !
In January we will start the rehearsals for the new record, Andy Sneap and his studio in Notingham/UK is booked for May.
The new stuff sounds like a mix between Violent Revolution and Pleasure to Kill! Up to now, I have written 9 songs, some are allready aranged and ready to go, others are still fragments. There´ll be a couple of tunes that are longer than 7 minutes and have wicked parts an tempo changes, next to 4 minute songs full of hate and brutallity ! I am very exited about the new shit and can not wait to record it! After all the touring we´ve done for the last album, the band has grown to a strong unit, where each individual member is ready to give 200 % to bring you, what you deserve: the best and most violent Kreator record of all time !
A european tour through selected venues is scheduled for the end of 2004, also a return to the US is in the making. We´re working on a huge production for this, with tons of lights and sound and a setlist that will kill!!! Have a nice new years eve party and do not let the industry drag you into their commercial christmas terror !

Mille Petrozza "

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Michael Amott checks in from Arch Enemy

Greetings to all of Arch Enemy's friends out there!
2003 has been a fantastic and eventful year - we started it off in January with working on our "Anthems Of Rebellion" album in the studio (in the U.K with Andy Sneap) and when we'd completed the album we played live all over the place in support of it. We have tons of cool memories from the road, too many to mention really?but some obvious highlights include the Slayer/Hatebreed US tour and our headline slot at the Korean "International Busan Rock Festival" and also our last show of 2003, a headline show @ the "Mean Fiddler" in London - a packed house that was ready for the metal!

Check out the live clip of "We Will Rise" from the 21st of December 2003 @ the "Mean Fiddler", London !!!!

We are convinced that 2004 will rock even harder, and things are looking good for the band?first thing coming up touring wise is a bunch of dates in Canada, USA & Japan, opening up for the NWOBHM Gods - Iron Maiden!
It doesn't really get any better than that, at least not in our world! :-)

See you on the road...

Happy New Year!

Michael & Arch Enemy

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