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Original news, posted on 07.01.2010

A trailer for Primordial's forthcoming DVD release, All Empires Fall, has been posted online.

The All Empires Fall DVD is due out via Metal Blade Records in March, and will feature footage shot at the band's January 24th, 2009 show at the Button Factory in Dublin, Ireland, as well as documentary footage.

A limited edition set will include bonus features and a bonus audio CD. Further details to follow.


Official press release

Irish Pagan masters Primordial will release their first ever DVD All Empires Fall on February 28th / March 1st 2010 via Metal Blade in Europe. It will be a DVD-set containing two discs full of quality material.

Disc 1 is the centrepiece of the DVD and features a full Primordial headline show recorded live on the 24th of January, 2009 in their hometown of Dublin, Ireland. The show was filmed with five cameras and has an exceptional vintage look due to the hard work in post production. A truly impressive and powerful live gig, exciting from start to finish in front of die hard Primordial audience and a perfect sound track that is available in stereo and 5.1.

Disc 2 features live clips from the bands appearances at Ragnarok Festival (Germany), Hove Festival (Norway) and Graspop Metal Meeting (Belgium) in 2008. The second disc also features a band documentary with all the inside stories and loads of ancient footage from the early stages of the band. The documentary has a playing time of approx. 60 minutes. Interviews with all band members and rehearsal footage complete the second disc of the set!

The special Deluxe version of All Empires Fall features expanded packaging and two additional audio CDs featuring the Dublin show!

Here´s what singer A.A. Nemtheanga has to say about All Empires Fall: "...the gods have been working hard dogging the release of our first DVD All Empires Fall but finally we are ready to prevail. The DVD will contain our Dublin show from last year, a documentary and bonus material from recent festivals. The special edition will contain the audio discs of the Dublin show, so you can hear how some old classics are played now, some almost two decades after writing.

So how does it look? The simple answer is and without exaggeration possibly one of the best Metal live shows I've ever seen. We filmed it on analog reels, cut it with frightening pace and mixed it up with some very unconventional camera angles. It has the feel of a classic show from the late 70s not the clean, clinical digital vacuum most modern shows are filmed in. We also invested a lot of time, money and effort so don't expect one of those free recordings most festivals and soundstages offer. As normal we didn't do anything conventionally so there are no boring balcony stills or side of stage montages. No overdubs, auto tuning or drop ins we are proud that All Empires Fall shows us as we are and as a Primordial show always is. Blood and thunder and no quarter given from start to finish..."

All Empires Fall [cover art] tracklist:

Disc I
[Live At Dublin]
01. Empire Falls
02. Fuil Arsa
03. Gallows Hymn
04. Sons Of The Morrigan
05. Cast To The Pyre
06. The Golden Spiral
07. As Rome Burns
08. The Coffin Ships
09. Traitors Gate
10. Journey's End
11. No Nation On This Earth
12. Gods To The Godless
13. Heathen Tribes

Disc II
[Live at Ragnarök Festival - Germany 2008]
01. Empire Falls
02. Gallows Hymn
03. Sons Of The Morrigan
04. As Rome Burns
05. The Coffin Ships
06. Heathen Tribes
07. Gods To The Godless

[Live At Hove Festival - Norway 2008]
08. The Coffin Ships
09. Gods To The Godless

[Live At Graspop Metal Meeting - Belgium 2008]
10. Gallows Hymn
11. As Rome Burns
12. Heathen Tribes

+ Documentary
+ Interviews

Band profile: Primordial
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