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The new black metal documentary entitled Out Of The Black - A Black Metal Documentary has been released for free via YouTube. The documentary is described as being "about true black metal in America as compared to the European scene. A detailed examination of the musical and social origins of black metal. How black metal was influenced by American death metal, and thrash, and European thrash." They also concentrated on the opinions of those outside of the black metal scene. The film can be viewed ad-free below.

Executive director William Shackleford said: "This film has been one hell of a journey a lot of money, pain, intrigue and on and on and on. So thank God it's finally released. I think we made a good film. We wanted to stay true to the art, and as you know, that's very hard to accomplish in this materialistic world, but we did it anyway. I have to thank really one person: artistic director Stefan Rydehed from Sweden. Without that guy, we would have nothing. A true talent."

Rydehed, who directed the documentaries Cult Of Aggression and Pure Fucking Mayhem about Mayhem, said: "I think we made a good film. We accomplished what we wanted to accomplish. We did not want to follow a trend that is so common within black metal documentaries, the church burnings, all this stuff. We wanted to examine the music, social a religious aspects of the art and we did that."

Out Of The Black - A Black Metal Documentary features Cannibal Corpse's George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, Alex Webster, Paul Mazurkiewicz, Crimson Moonlight's Simon "Pilgrim Beastarius" Rosén, Domgård's Grim Vindkall, Svarttjern's HansFyrste, Alcameth and Ophis from Nightbringer, Weston Cage and Jessie from Eyes Of Noctum, members of Vesterian, and many more.

The Kult Ov Azazel - Julian Hollowell interview "was one of the best interviews of the entire film but not one single second of that interview made it to the final cut."

Posted: 26.12.2013 by Bad English


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27.12.2013 - 04:01
M C Vice
If the interview was so good, why didn't any of it make the final cut?
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