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After The Burial - Debut New Track

After The Burial launch a brand new song, titled "Exit, Exist", coming from their forthcoming full length Evergreen, ahead of the its April 19th release date via Sumerian Records. You can listen to it through the YouTube below.

Explains frontman Anthony Notarmaso: "When I write songs they can sometimes not have an ideal, no concept or thoughts to begin them. It's a blank space or more like a blacked out empty space. What works for me is I just relax and let my mind take over. I let whatever pictures or little movies form inside my head and play out. "Exit, Exist" started with a shape of a person looking at its arms and hands and then looking in towards the area of its chest. The chest had a small glow inside it and this person would reach inside its body and try to pull this little light out to examine it.

"To me, it was a metaphor for a soul-searching human, a human that questions life, its own morals, meaning and existence. A person that wants to learn and be the best version of itself, but also a person that is flawed and vulnerable to becoming unfulfilled and lost in existence. That's how the chorus became and the concept of the song. Those lines and those pictures were the foundation on which the rest was built. Enjoy!"

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Posted: 04.04.2019 by Abattoir

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