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Esoctrilihum - Another New Full Length On The Way

After putting out surprise album, Funeral, early January, Esoctrilihum now announce the release of the next one. The massive new outing (divided in three parts) is going to be entitled Astraal Constellations Of The Majickal Zodiac and set upon the masses on May 12th. Via Bandcamp player, you can give a listen to one song from each of the parts.

Full track listing as follows:

Part I - In The Mystic Trance Of Tȃimonh Ѳx, The Cosmic Bull God
01. Arcane Majestrïx Noir (7:14)
02. Saturnyôsmachia (7:11)
03. Atlas Eeïm (6:25)
04. Tȃiɱonh Ѳx (8:07)
05. Ѳxphiliastisɱe (7:19)
06. Uran-Ѳx Death Star (6:22)

Part II - In The Presence Of AlŭBḁḁl, The 5-Eyed Star Beast
01. AlŭBḁḁlisɱe (6:25)
02. Shadow Lupus of Sæɱons-Ŧuhr (7:11)
03. Skorpïus Nebŭlah Tyrant (8:25)
04. Lunåår Phalanx of Ω Draco (6:17)
05. Säth-Oxd, Stellar Basilisk (6:49)
06. Omniversal Ȥodiac War (9:49)

Part III - In The Mouth Of Zi-Dynh-Gtir, The Serpen-Time Eater
01. Ȥi-Dynh-Ɠtir : Eon Devourer (21:01)
02. Serpatɧei-Ӿythioŋ : Reptilian Time Reversed (21:45)

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Posted: 02.04.2023 by Abattoir


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02.04.2023 - 14:57
Jacob Butcher

*Sigh* And I bet that he will even release another album by September/October...
02.04.2023 - 15:39

Can't blame the guy for enjoying composing stuff, but perhaps he should consider releasing stuff much later from the point its done.
03.04.2023 - 02:28
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Why so short?
14:22 - Marcel Hubregtse
I do your mum
09.04.2023 - 17:05
Troy Killjoy
Written by Boxcar Willy on 03.04.2023 at 02:28

Why so short?

Quality over quantity
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