Vomitory - New Album Artwork, Tracklist Revealed

Swedish death metallers Vomitory have completed work on their seventh album, entilted "Carnage Euphoria", for a May 11 European release via Metal Blade Records (May 8 in Germany). The artwork of the album can be viewed here.

Commented drummer Tobias Gustafsson: "Carnage Euphoria" was a bit harder album to record than our predecessor, but damn, it was worth it! We are ridiculously happy with how the album turned out in the end! Engineer/producer Rikard Löfgren of Leon Music Studios did once again a killer job to get what we wanted for this album, and then some. Compared to our previous albums, "Carnage Euphoria" is a lot wider, warmer and more natural sounding-wise. But still, "Carnage Euphoria" runs you over like a steamroller, just as expected. The true Vomitoryelements are all in there, but there are also some more mid-paced groovy stuff that adds diversity to this album like never before. Even some ore melodic hooks that won't go unnoticed. Songs like "The Ravenous Dead" and "Great Deceiver" add fresh slices of flesh to the Vomitory slab, while "Rage Of Honour" and "Possessed" are rotting chunks of the relentless death metal Vomitory is known for."

To celebrate Vomitory's 20th anniversary, a limited first edition of "Carnage Euphoria" will be available with a 90-minute bonus DVD. Titled "Dead & Drunk For 20 Years", the disc will contain footage spanning the band's entire career - from the very first Vomitory show in 1990 to shows in 2008. Also featured will be one previously unreleased song, "Putrefaction", performed live in 1990, live clips from different shows during the '90s with different lineups and drunk moments on the road and in the studio. "It's all material from our own private archives, so this exclusive DVD has a certain "Cliff 'Em All" vibe to it - for good and for bad," says Tobias. "I hope you will enjoy it. We certainly do!"

"Carnage Euphoria" tracklisting:

01. The Carnage Rages On
02. Serpents
03. A Lesson In Virulence
04. Ripe Cadavers
05. Rage Of Honour
06. The Ravenous Dead
07. Deadlock
08. Rebirth Of The Grotesque
09. Possessed
10. Great Deceiver

Source: stormbringer.at
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Posted: 27.03.2009 by Abattoir


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27.03.2009 - 14:24
Let's hope the music is better than the cover. I found the cover of TBS quite classy, but this is just boring.
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27.03.2009 - 17:08
Arian Totalis
The Philosopher
Yeah, the cover looks a little strange for them, but this has be interested, especially seeing as how they're playing a song called "putrefaction." You know, kinda like "The Reek of Putrefaction." I wonder if that's some kinda tribute to Carcass.
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28.03.2009 - 08:17
Liver Failure
The cover is ok, just typical, its not Vomitory best attribute... nothing special about the tracklisting also, ill just wait to listen..

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28.03.2009 - 09:22
Yeah the new album MUST be good cause Vomitory has done nice in the last years and should continue. the track titles seem average and the cover a typical modern violent death metal cover. basicaly it reminds me the cover of Identisick from Benighted. a face on the left and nothing more. lets see.
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01.04.2009 - 05:21

Wow... I can't wait for this album the tracklist seems interesting...
02.04.2009 - 06:06
This could be something to look forward too. I'll wait for a review.
02.04.2009 - 15:13
Is that skull thing resting on a toilet roll spindle thing?
Written by Arian Totalis on 27.03.2009 at 17:08
Yeah, the cover looks a little strange for them, but this has be interested, especially seeing as how they're playing a song called "putrefaction." You know, kinda like "The Reek of Putrefaction." I wonder if that's some kinda tribute to Carcass.
Dude, I don't think all of these would be tributes to Carcass... (turn on the invisible filter if you see less than 30 results)
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