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Catamenia - New Album Details Revealed

Original news, posted on 29.07.2009

Finnish black metallers Catamenia have issued the short following udpate: "We're working on new songs for our next album at the moment and hopefully we're ready to go to record it around September/October this year. The album will be titled Cavalcade and will be recorded in Mastervox Studios in Oulu, Finland."


Catamenia have announced more details regarding their upcoming new effort, Cavalcade. Recorded in Mastervox Studios, Finland, Cavalcade will hit the shelves on February 26th, through 2010 Massacre Records. The album will be released both on regular CD as limited digipack.

Ex-Sentenced/Poisonblack vocalist Ville Laihiala makes a guest appearance on the song "Blood Trails".

Cavalcade [cover art] tracklist:

01. Blood Trails
02. Cavalcade
03. The Path That Lies Behind Me
04. Silence
05. Quantity Of Sadness
06. Post Mortem
07. The Vulture's Feast
08. A Callous Mind
09. Reincarnation
10. Angry Again [Megadeth cover]
11. Farewell [Sentenced cover] [digipack bonus]

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Posted: 15.01.2010 by Abattoir


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29.07.2009 - 20:08
Liver Failure
Damn, already... after the last album I think it would be better if they take a break..

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29.07.2009 - 20:37
Carrion Misery

"We're working on new songs for our next album at the moment"

That looks like it implies the material isn't even completed yet and they're ready to record it in two months? hmmmm
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29.07.2009 - 20:59
el parcero
Written by Carrion Misery on 29.07.2009 at 20:37

"We're working on new songs for our next album at the moment"

That looks like it implies the material isn't even completed yet and they're ready to record it in two months? hmmmm

Yeh, maybe they're rushing a bit, but I'm still excited about this.
love is like a jar of shit with a strawberry on top
29.07.2009 - 22:15
Silent Creeper
Senile Veteran
Even thoguh I quite liked the last album, I hope that this one will be better... Otherwise they should take a break indeed... And they should hire a keyboardist... Cause without keyboards they sound a bit hollow...
30.07.2009 - 00:48
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Yeah, they do seem to be pumping albums out quite frequently now...
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30.07.2009 - 02:40

Muahahah yeah we need something of old school's catamenia realeases
30.07.2009 - 04:21
LeChron James
Sounds like "Escalade" without the douchebag factor. just be good, i havent been impressed with them as of late.
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30.07.2009 - 09:04

Time Unchained was horrifyingly bad. I hope they can rebound from that catastrophe.
15.01.2010 - 19:28
In Bone Factory

All the new albums are somehow repeated ones and have nothing new to give.but anyway catamenia's are enjoying.
a hammerhead goobrian
15.01.2010 - 19:53
el parcero
Cover art is kinda lame... nothing really impressive.
love is like a jar of shit with a strawberry on top
15.01.2010 - 20:14

Where the hell Wolves are gone? They said this one will be their best and most different effort. A new level. Well i believe this time thei'll be dead to me. I hope i am wrong...but...

Again where those wolves...
the riddle wants to be...
15.01.2010 - 20:36

Wait, Catamenia is still called blackmetal?
They've lost my respect a few albums back.
The silent moment, right before the dusk fades away
I open my eyes, but the darkness stays
15.01.2010 - 22:50

Firstly, where the hell are the wolves? If you're going to ditch your mascot, at least get some interesting cover art instead of letting one of the bandmembers do it when he's hungover (that's what it looks like anyway).

Secondly, why is the Sentenced dude on the album, and on the first song? Looks like it will make a bumpy start to the album, to say the least.

Time Unchained takes some getting used to but I enjoyed a lot of it. I'm already pissed off with this one for some reason, not expecting too much.
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16.01.2010 - 04:01
Troy Killjoy
I only listen to their debut and Chaos Born... The rest has been a disappointment for me, with VIII being their worst release. That shit was unbearable.

I'll approach this with caution. Listen-before-I-buy type of material (not that I'll be dishing out 20 bucks for VIII Part 2.
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17.01.2010 - 00:02
Account deleted
Written by Lord_Regnier on 30.07.2009 at 04:01

Let's just hope they will ditch the clean vocals this time. Those shitty pop-ish cleans utterly trashed the last album.

I like all the other albums very much but "VIII-The Time Unchained" sucks ass. I've never been able to listen to it.

Maybe the reason they want to release a new album so soon is to make us forget the mistake that the last album was. As much as I like this band, I'll listen to the album before buying it. And, if they use those crappy cleans again, I won't buy it.

The clean vocals were indeed shite....but if it was done properly I wouldnt have minded - gives another dimension to the music if done properly.

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