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Please, use only one thread - if you have any news or updates, just dig up your old thread and post there.
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Promote your band (for those who can't open new threads) 415
For sale: 148 CDs, DVDs, Vinyls and Tapes + 7 T-shirts 2
NEUROPATH (AUS DM) - 'At Damnation's Core' Compilation CD 3
Undesired Beauty 8
NIHILISTIC: Underground Distro/ France 103
Rude Awakening Records 49
Warship's official video exceeded 1,300,000 views!! 1
Warship - "The Third Wave" Promo Video New Album 2023! 1
Monumental Rex: Lacrau "Axioma" album released 2
About 500 groups in one collection! 1
Valk - Power Metal Band - First Release 2
Warship's official video exceeded 1,000,000 views!!! 1
VIVISECT - Barbaric death Tape out now! 5
Shield of Achilles Album 1
Portugal - Radio show 100% meta 3
Dark Age Of Ruin - Black Metal from Portugal 2
Southern Waves debut album 1
Thunraz - new single out now. For people who hate living. 1
VAYRON (Fra) Demo 2022 tape out now! (Death metal inversion) 6
A Vintage Death - Gruesome Shades (2022) Death Doom 1
Metal Fanzines Archive 7
ISO Male-or-Female Hard Rock or Symphonic Metal Vocalist 📜🌀🌟💠 2
ONI (AUS) | Incantation Superstition LP | Due FEB-2023 5
"Science of Beyond" & "Cannibal-Toon" of Sulgogar (CD/Vinyl) 1
Presenting my own power metal band Dhalya 1
Far From Your Sun new video - I felt a Funeral, in my Brain 1
Sarcophagum - Australian Death Metal 1
Chaos Temple, various genres, United States 4
Far From Your Sun new album 3