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Site is slow in Firefox 12
Inactive Members 20
New voting system 2
So when will we be able to vote for the Metal Storm albums of 2012 4
Iron Maiden & Opeth 11
Top 100 albums filter 2
Adios, Metalstorm 144
News releases 8
Are there official descriptions of the different genres on the site? 30
Old design - Do you remember? 43
ModStorm, my unofficial Firefox Plugin to make MSv4 look like MSv3 13
Update the required votes of top albums by year 11
Top albums ranking is incorrect 15
Why can't I reject the addition of a Band Member? 12
UBB code does not work for Suggest Bands 3
The Shoutbox doesn't parse URLs in https 4
Edit poll? 1
Review rules 4
Started thread count in profile stats 1
Report Band Timeline Mistakes 9
Tips/Help For Writing Reviews? 47
Metalstorm is dead! Killed by fanboys. 91
Update Metalstorms X509 Certificate to 11
Facebook and Twitter Buttons 15
Adding to friends 35
Email Notifications on Messages 3
Event/Tour Notification 2
Voting for members 36
Suggested Bands 8
500 (now 1000!) 50