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If you want to share something funny you have just found wandering through the Web, please use the sticky thread entitled "Funny stuff from the Internet" instead of creating a specific thread.

Please do not make any thread that encourages people to spam.
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Funny Stuff IV: A New Hope 1000
Copa America 24
The Joke Thread (the sequel) 989
UEFA European Football Championship 123
Alternative Ancient History 17
Football/Soccer 1000
Tennis 30
Question for an Answer 490
How long have you been a member here for? 21
Cricket 635
P.C (politically correct) 47
Bands Launching Own Brands 123
Ice Hockey 761
Rugby Union 109
Basketball/Handball/Volleyball and other indoor games! 204
Rugby League 21
FIFA World Cup 104
Summer Olympics Games 2
Winter Olympic Games 14
Guns, Weapons, and Military Terminology 101
Steak And Other Meat Food. 20
Sun Bathing 3
Things that make you happy 255
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (2021) 13
Sleeping 41
Things that piss you off 1000
Space 41
Aliens 48
Coronavirus 274
Creepy Stuff From The Internet (NSFW!) 579