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20.09.2007 - 22:41
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This band isn't exactly "well-known", but nontheless, I think they deserve their own topic in a site like Metalstorm.

I don't expect many people in here to have heard of this great heavy metal band with the coolest female lead-singer I've ever heard, or their battering straight forward melodic songs, therefore, I will link some information for those interested, and a link to their myspace site.

Hopefully you'll share your opinions about them, and participate in a discussion about this band, who has already warmed up for bands like "TNT", "Kamelot" and "W.A.S.P.".

(Info taken from their official myspace site)

-The history of Triosphere begun during the fall of 2004 in Trondheim, Norway, when guitarist Marcus Silver and singer/bassist Ida Haukland decided to put together a new band. The internationally acclaimed Silver has a solid background and has toured Europe with well-known acts such as Alexi Laiho's Sinergy and Dark Tranquility in additon to international festivals, and in 2005 he was invited to Tokyo, Japan, to host a guitar clinic for ESP Guitars. Haukland has a degree in music technology, and recieved in 2002 an award for her work and contrubutions to the local music scene.

Both Silver and Haukland have more than once experienced the inconvenience of changes in a line-up, so the task of finding the right people to complete the line-up of Triosphere became a thorough and long process. Six months later they recruited drummer Ørjan Jørgensen, and the very first week of rehearsals resulted in a demo that would become the foundation of their following contract with Face Front Records.

Triosphere quickly entered the live scene, and some of their very first concerts were as support for Paul Di'Anno (ex- Iron Maiden), Tony Martin (ex- Black Sabbath) and norwegian hard rock legends TNT. Continuous live-perfomances and extensive rehearsing also created a need for a fourth member, and after performing live a few times with the band as a session guitarist, Tor Ole Byberg eventually became the fourth and final full member of Triosphere late summer '06.

In June 2006 Triosphere entered TopRoom Studio to record their debut album "Onwards", while the mixing of the album was done in the legendary Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. The album had its norwegian release 16th oct. '06 and recieved all over good reviews as well as created great expectations to the sophomore release. The album will be released throughout the rest of Europe through Plastic Head Dist. the 26th of feb. and well-known Candlelight Records has bought the rights to release it in USA during the spring 2007.

A couple of weeks prior to the norwegian release, Triospere got an amazing offer, and consequently hit the road as support for the legendary W.A.S.P. throughout the entire norwegian leg of their world tour. In this way, Triosphere got a great opportunity to present themselves to the vast numbers of dedicated norwegian W.A.S.P.-fans who acknowledged and greeted the band as a force to be reckoned with.

Triosphere is a heavy metal band, and experiments with mixing elements in the genre; melodic, energetic, aggressive, technical, even progressive! There are many ways to try and describe the music. None the less, Triosphere is a live-band and the mainspring for the year of 2007 is to enter the international live scene to show the rest of the world that this is what they are born to do! -

Check them out!
and air your opinions!

21.09.2007 - 09:46
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Tage Westerlund
I look them up, and thay seems interesting thay had old school sound of metal and thats whay i like them
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06.10.2007 - 15:22
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THey got a very old school sound indeed, but still more powerful if you know what I mean.
I'm going to witness them again on Screamfest the 2nd November, it's going to be a blast!