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Lord Mountain - The Oath review

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Band: Lord Mountain
Album: The Oath
Release date: January 2023

01. Well Of Fates
02. The Giant
03. Beyond The Frozen Sea
04. The Last Crossing
05. Chasm Of Time
06. The Sacrifice
07. Serpent Temple
08. The Oath

Grab your sword, board the nearest boat, and journey beyond the frozen sea. Lord Mountain have a quest for you.

Fantasy adventures are usually the specialty of power metal, in which flourishing guitar melodies and energetic vocals spur you on to slay the dragon, save the princess, and whatnot. However, I often find that this hyper-music can soon lose its initial hook and decline into tiresome repetition. The high-pitched singing can especially become a nuisance upon prolonged exposure. More easily to digest are legends transmitted in the groovy, calmer style of traditional heavy and doom metal. US band Lord Mountain have opted for this form of musical storytelling with their debut full-length The Oath. Lovers of the old-school heavy metal, this quartet takes clear instrumental inspiration from the likes of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, as well as epic lyrical themes similar to the dark magic of Candlemass or Bathory's viking tales. However, despite lacking some originality, in terms of songwriting and performance, this album is a gem straight from the dragon's hoard.

The eight tracks of The Oath function as one cohesive journey, telling stories reminiscent of the Odyssey, traveling from one peril to another, slaying a monster or exploring magical ruins. As I said before, the lyrical themes and musical ideas aren't necessarily new, and the album acts more as a pleasant tribute to the classic inspirations of the 70s and 80s. In exchange, Lord Mountain deliver a practically flawless performance, the groovy riffs catapulting the listener on a mesmerizing trip in proper stoner doom fashion, with melodious guitar solos providing the icing on the cake.

With the exception of occasional faster paced riffing such as in the beginning of "The Last Crossing" and the Iron Maiden-worthy "Chasm Of Time", Lord Mountain's music provides a prevailing sombre atmosphere. The mellow yet catchy riffs meander along patiently, while the impassioned lead singer — with his deliciously sweet yet eerie voice — offers an overall tone of melancholy. Listening to these soothing tunes, one feels as if transported into the cover artwork: drifting slowly down a river, the chilling winds whistling past towering icebergs, as a foreboding mountain looms ahead.

In conclusion, if you love old-school, riff-centered doom metal, and your heart yearns for grand tales of adventure, it's about time you gave Lord Mountain a listen.

Written on 22.01.2023 by Lift me above the clouds; crush me into dust. Voyage across the stars; journey into hellish depths. Fantasies and nightmares - all is possible in the realm of music.


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22.01.2023 - 21:59
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Good reviev, will listen to this at my work later at night
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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