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Thalion - Another Sun review


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Band: Thalion
Album: Another Sun
Release date: May 2004

01. Atmospheres
02. Follow The Way
03. Show Me The Answers
04. Wait For Tomorrow
05. Another Sun
06. Solitary World
07. Life Is Poetry
08. The Journey
09. Long Farewell
10. The Encounter

Thalion is a rather quite pleasant surprise from Brazil, to be honest with you I didn't knew about this band until I got the album from Hellion Records Brazil, and I thought at first, "good, another damn clone of Nightwish", so I listened the Cd several times to find out that this is not a clone or Nightwish or any other similar band, as a matter of fact, the band has its own style, a good thing if you take in count this is their debut album.

While the main style is Progressive Metal, some hints of Power Metal can be found here, the guitar and drum work is really good, and Alexandra's voice melds perfectly with each song, depending on the mood, while a weak point could be the lack of catchy choruses, you can say that Progressive Metal doesn't have to rely on those kind of gimmicks to achieve success.

The album starts full throttle with "Follow The Way" a great song with fast, almost Power Metal-esque passages, "Show Me The Answers" starts slow, ballad-like and then builds up to a nice powerful song with aggressive vocals by Alexandra. "Wait For Tomorrow" alternates between speedy passages and melodic, calmer moments, title track is a mid paced catchy song with a hard-rockish vibe on it, those searching for a ballad take a peek at "Life Is A Poetry" a good ballad I guess, but nothing really special. As a farewell gift, last song "The Encounter" features Metal legend Michael Kiske (Helloween) on vocals , that was a nice duet, and it was also nice to hear Kiske back on the court.

The artwork and whole presentation of the Cd is really good, when I looked at the band pictures I was amazed to find out that the members are very young! Also noticed that Alexandra is very beautiful!

Brazilian bands are pushing boundaries with every release, and definitively are the Metal country in South America, with young talents like Thalion releasing quality stuff like this, I can rest assure that Metal from this side of the country will never cease. Good record from a talented band.

Written by Undercraft | 06.01.2005

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