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Kreator - Violent Revolution review


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Band: Kreator
Album: Violent Revolution
Release date: September 2001

01. Reconquering The Throne
02. The Patriarch
03. Violent Revolution
04. All Of The Same Blood
05. Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
06. Second Awakening
07. Ghetto War
08. Replicas Of Life
09. Slave Machinery
10. Bitter Sweet Revenge
11. Mind On Fire
12. System Decay

This album marks another turning point in the career of the German thrash kings Kreator. This time, with Violent Revolution, they have decided to go back to their roots. What makes this transition even better, however, is that they aren't just merely plagiarizing their older material. Instead, this sounds more like a natural progression from those albums, albeit with a few twists and turns in between.

Now, in all honesty, this isn't the fastest or heaviest thrash album on the market today. But that's in no way a bad thing. With Violent Revolution, Kreator have displayed some of the best songwriting I've heard from the thrash scene in a long while. They have found what is quite possibly the perfect combination of speed, aggression, heaviness and melody. The number of great riffs on this album is enough to make just about any other metal band turn green with envy. The arrangements are terrific, and the production is flawless. Need I go on?

One example of this is the title track. I simply LOVE this song, and have found myself listening to it over and over again. Even without knowing the title, the fact that it's very much a metal war cry for the new millennium is established in the opening lines:

"Society failed to tolerate me -
And I have failed to tolerate society."

Amen, brother! Here are a few more fantastic lyrics from this song.

"Nothing can take this horror from me
Your sick world, the loss of all morality
My hate has grown as strong as my confusion
My only hope, my only solution -
Is a violent revolution!"

"I do not need a cause for my rage
I just despise the nature of the human race."

It doesn't get much better than that. I love lyrics that actually mean something.

Another standout track, Second Awakening, serves as an analogy for this record, as that is very much what this album is: a second awakening for Kreator. And what a Violently Revolutionary awakening it is.

It gets the 9 out of 10, because, unfortunately, not every song reaches the level of greatness of the two I mentioned, but enough to do to warrant calling this one the trash metal album of the year.

Written by Rupophobic | 19.09.2003

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Kreator being the biggest European thrash metal band fell victim to the painful decline of the genre in the 1990s, releasing albums which experimented with industrial and gothic elements with much backlash and little praise from critics and fans. Violent Revolution signals Kreator's return to the band's thrash roots which made them so successful in the 1980s with almost no trace of their experimental material from the previous album Endorama.

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23.12.2006 - 21:17

great review!!

those very lyrics you qouted are my favorite!! i have never read a lyric as strong until i've seen Mille's \m/
17.03.2007 - 06:23
Account deleted
Great review and album, overall it's not quite as good as "Enemy of God" but the song you quoted is probably my favourite by Kreator.
20.10.2008 - 18:17
Very good review! Violent Revolution is a very good album. I agree totaly with you that there are some 'not perfect songs'! To me 5,7,9 are not as good as the rest! But really the other 9 are just killing!
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21.10.2008 - 23:42
Account deleted
Good review; Kreator's one of my favourite bands and Violent Revolution is definetly one of their best songs.
17.04.2011 - 17:31

Oh man, you happen to quote my fav. lyrics of the album... \m/
08.04.2012 - 14:06

Its a good album, But it doesn't compare to Pleasure to Kill / Coma of Souls etc.
08.04.2012 - 17:03

Enjoyable album, though not as good as the 80s stuff.
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They say we'll be your friends we'll stick with you till the end
But everybody's only looking out for themselves
And you say who can you trust I'll tell you nobody
26.12.2012 - 08:01

A different review with lots of quotes. I understand what you mean with a progression of their earlier albums. But it feels watered down at the same time.

It isn't par with their early masterpieces (CoS, EA) or the albums that followed.
22.05.2015 - 04:58
Tyrannical Hero
Super Normal
I now realize that this review was made by the same guy that also reviewed Blackwater Park.
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