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Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption review

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Band: Deicide
Album: The Stench Of Redemption
Release date: August 2006

01. The Stench Of Redemption
02. Death To Jesus
03. Desecration
04. Crucified For The Innocence
05. Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold
06. Homage For Satan
07. Not Of This Earth
08. Never To Be Seen Again
09. The Lord's Sedition
10. Black Night [Deep Purple cover] [Limited Edition bonus]

The last time I enjoyed a Deicide album was back in 1992 when "Legion" broke my neck and liquefied my brain cells, then after their following releases I just honestly lost track of this band. Few years later (Present Day) the rumors about a great EP began to circulate all over the Metal scene, everyone was excited about it and they barely could wait for the new Full Length to arrive, so I followed. Finally I received this album to review, and now I'm about to describe one of the greatest Death Metal albums of the present days.

The Stench Of Redemption is one of the most intense experiences in modern metal; every single track has a life of its own due to the outstanding songwriting presented, every chord played, every tone reached and every solo completed shows a polished band to the core, Death Metal in its shocking best that's for sure.

There's a huge plus in The Stench Of redemption. This new line-up could be the dream-team of Death Metal; you have two of the most complex guitarists creating all kind of merged leads and solos for the music (written marvelously by Steve Asheim) to become utterly impressive and tinted with the shivering voice of Glen Benton. This is seriously one hell of an ensemble to say the least.

Most of the fanatics already know the tracks presented in the EP ("Homage For Satan" and "Crucified For The Innocence") this songs are amazing indeed, but once you get into the astonishing vortex that this album is, you'll see why Deicide rapidly climbed to the top this year. Those songs that manage to sound versatile yet classic, songs like "The Lord's Sedition" with its progressive connotation, "The Stench Of Redemption" showing super-catchy riffs, "Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold" bombarding the listener with melodies and violence at the same time, (just to name a few) are the ones that bring this album to the ultimate climax, a peak that reaches re-playable values where you'll find a better feature each time you push play.

This album is surely a masterpiece and it will surely become a classic record in the future; the only small imperfection is the production that sounds occasionally dry, but when you have a killer album like The Stench Of Redemption things like this become impassive because your attention goes directly to the remarkable music. I highly recommend this album, DO NOT miss this release.

Best Tracks: All.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Production: 9

Written by Herzebeth | 15.10.2006

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29.06.2008 - 22:19
This one of the best albums that I've ever heard. nice music, nice music, nice music and nice music.
the success of the band on this album is not Glen Benton with his meaningless Satanic lyrics, that was because of two guitarist who both of them are between best guitarist of metal of all time! I really like the music of this album. Ralph Santolla and Jack Owen do their bests in this album, and I really enjoy them. and in Homage for Satan, their performance turns to a guitar-battle (which Owen wins the battle), and same for all other tracks.
If Owen and Santolla didn't came to the band, Deicide would release another bullshit like Scars of Crucifix, which has no good music and no good lyrics!
16.11.2008 - 22:16

Best song: Walk with the Devil in Dreams you Behold.

Love the leads
"Sataaaaaaaaan. Yeah yeah!"
-King Diamond
25.04.2009 - 20:51
Liver Failure
Written by Butters49 on 16.11.2008 at 22:16

Best song: Walk with the Devil in Dreams you Behold.

Written by DoomGuard on 20.12.2007 at 20:47

Best track, and the one that stands out to me the most is 'Not Of This Earth'

That's right, these are the two highlights of this album for me too.

What's with this album?!! After an horrible ''Scars of the crucifix'' Deicide appear from nothing with an exellent work. Damn the solos are perfect, in the two tracks that I quote and in the selftitled song also. The lead guitar also deserves praise. The drums are very good.

Many complained about the large number of melodic solos kinda ruining their death metal. Don't be afraid, they are not melo-death, this album perfectly heavy

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
07.05.2009 - 04:41

Omg this album is so impresive!!!!! I sometimes had to stop what I was doing while listening to this to repeat the best parts of this....
I couldn't belive deicide could actually release something like this
21.05.2009 - 12:16

After release of "Scars of the Crucifix" I have thought Deicide can not make a better album than this one.
And after Hofman bros. had left Deicide, I was afraid, the next album could be a big disappointment.

But "The Stench of Redemption" is a fucking great album and it seems, that the leaving of Hofman bros. has made Deicide only stronger (sorry Eric and Brian, I like you, but I guess, with Hofman bros. Deicide would not release such an album like "The Stench of Redemption").

Everyone, who thinks Deicide is a shit band playing stupid death metal, should listen to this album.
Absolutely brilliant album - brutal, technical, melodic; super sound, great songs.
I really loooove it!!
27.08.2009 - 11:43
Wowowowowowowowow!!!! i was always (the last 2-3 years) hearing good words about this album but i could never imagine what i was going to face when i'd listen to it. i don't have anything more to say except this: THIS ALBUM IS THE BEST PROOF THAT DEATH METAL IS ALIVE AND IT IS THE BEST GUIDE FOR HUNDREDS OF BANDS TO KEEP ON CREATING BRUTAL MUSIC... this album is just on the top list of all time in DM.

also, i don't think the production is bad. i find it angry, clean and generally marvelous as every other thing having to do with this MASTERPIECE!!!!
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
08.10.2010 - 01:06

Written by Clintagräm on 25.04.2008 at 00:36

I still haven't heard the whole album together at once, but I've heard most of the individual songs and it is very good. All they need to do now to get better is kick Benton's ass out with his shitty vocals and lyrics and all will be well. I vote Steve Tucker for his replacement.

Totally Agree. Vocals sux, and for me make an album that has everything to have a 9 go with 7.
Beware the Shadows of Dusk
04.12.2010 - 10:36

Homage for Satan is such a terrible song. The melodic lead part just comes out of nowhere and doesn't fit at all. Such a generic riff too.
Still Life, Still Death
10.02.2011 - 23:05
Written by INÆRIS on 04.12.2010 at 10:36

Homage for Satan is such a terrible song. The melodic lead part just comes out of nowhere and doesn't fit at all. Such a generic riff too.

i think homage for satan (as the whole rest album -maybe except the 2 longer songs) is awesome and has amazing leads. many thanks to santolla....
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
15.04.2011 - 22:38

By far Deicides best album IMO.
05.05.2011 - 19:01

Alright, I haven't listened to Deicide and Legion yet, but I fucking love this album... It's so melodic, dark and blah blah at the same time... Yeah, Benton's vocals may not be the best ones you could ask for, but it's no big deal... Songs like the self titled, Crucified for the Innocence, Walk with the Devil in Dreams you Behold, and The Lord's Sedition, will never get boring... Of course, the whole album is awesome! The guitar solos make it even better... One of the few Death Metal albums I really like...
06.02.2012 - 05:18
Haiwaan Das

Listening to True Black Metal bands made you feel like horses, thunder, satan, fire, hell, god, versus, mythical creatures and stuff but when you listening to DEATH METAL BAND such as DEICIDE, it is like JESU V/S SATAN in BOXING RING punching hell outta each other face.

Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr

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