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Vielikan - Emotional Void review

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Band: Vielikan
Album: Emotional Void
Release date: 2009

01. A Vertiginous Fall
02. Zero Affection
03. Black Marsh

A solid doom death EP I'm listening to right now, Emotional Void is Vielikan's first release and is composed of 3 songs. The north African metal scene being what it is, it's a nice surprise to listen to something decent actually.

It's always nice to listen to songs from this genre when they are well made. While Vielikan aren't exactly innovating and creating something completely unique, they clearly understood what it takes to make good slow paced and moody death metal. Each of the 3 tracks is solidly built and takes some time to appreciate the main feel and atmosphere of each song, as in this genre, hook riffs aren't supposed to be given away by the first seconds, as all Emotional Void tracks are above 5 minutes (for a total of approximately 26 minutes if I'm not wrong).

Emotional Void begins with the dark clean guitar intro of A Vertiginous Fall, and has other clean interlude parts all throughout the EP which certainly is a plus and adds to the overall heavy mood. It seems like Vielikan hava been influenced a lot by Gojira when creating their riffs, which is good if you were curious about what a slowed down version of them could sound.
The home production of the EP is correct, guitar distortion fits atmospheric and doom death metal and I could clearly hear bass parts in Black Marsh even with my crappy speakers, I certainly heard worse elsewhere so it's all good.

Vielikan are working on their debut "A Trapped Way For Wisdom" which might interest anyone into doom death metal. It's also interesting to add that Emotional Void has been made only 4 months after the creation of the band which is definitely a good surprise.

Written by ylside | 18.02.2009

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