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Favorite bands: Abyssal, Agruss, Ahab, Altar Of Plagues, Amenra, Au-Dessus, Blindead, Blut Aus Nord, Deafheaven, Deathspell Omega, Entropia, Gris, Lurker Of Chalice, Mar De Grises, Misþyrming, Murmuüre, Odraza, Process Of Guilt, Schammasch, Skáphe, Svartidauði, Tchornobog, Terra Tenebrosa, Ulcerate, Wormlust

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Dola - Dola
30.03.2020 | Black metal / Doom
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The self-titled debut album of Dola is a fine combination of black metal, doom, drone and even some post-rock. At first sight, nothing new but everything sounds fresh and fun. Definitely an album that will make your quarantine period more pleasant... Poland did it again!

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Thumbs up: Apothecary, RaduP, Mr. Doctor

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