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Title: Unasuming Madnes
Favorite bands: Arcturus, Unexpect, Agalloch, Cadaveria, Metallica, Judas Priest, Behemoth, System Of A Down, Slayer, Arch Enemy, Gogol Bordello, Megadeath, Faith No More, The Stooges, King Diamond, Sigh, Mr. Bungle, Amon Amarth, Diabolical Masquerade, Mudvayne, Arctic Monkeys, Crotchduster, Akphaezya, Sycronomica, Hollenthon, Ram-Zet, Dagoba, Tool, The Mars Volta, Sculptured, Procession, Atheist, Barren Earth, The Agonist, Summoning, Kvelertak, Children Of Bodom, Revocation, Chickenfoot, Hell, The 11th Hour, Bal-Sagoth, Eyeless, Riverside