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The Cult Ranked 🪙

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The Cult it is one of my favorite band.
Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy band, it had a really unique style mix gothic, hard, heavy Rock. Maybe The Cult doesn’t fit in MS standards but their originality made that lots of metal heads or music lovers follow their discography,

Created by: Blackcrowe | 02.05.2022

1. The Cult - The Cult
1994 This record it’s really amazing the mix of sounds and textures heavy and sometime alternative, shows a band more mature and they can reinvent their own music. One the greatest guitar work of Bill Duffy.
2. The Cult - Choice Of Weapon
2012 This is one of the heaviest and darker record of The Cult the guys back in a sound that made in the early 80”s but more heavy.
3. The Cult - Sonic Temple
1989 Sonic Temple is their best record at that time the band goes harder than ever with more complex songs great guitar riffs and the record it’s plenty of classics.
4. The Cult - Electric
1987 Great production the sound is great the songs are amazing maybe the best shape of the band and a comercial success, but the cover of Born To Be Wild was a wrong decision, no one wants a hear that song even in 1987.
5. The Cult - Ceremony
1991 back in those days I was really excited by the release of Ceremony I had a lot of expectations, the record it’s really good unfortunately this record fails in charts cause that year the music change to a new sound and the cult wrongly was consider for some people as a glam band, Ceremony was great in a bad band moment.
6. The Cult - Love
1985 This records remains me a first works from Ian Astbury, Death Cult, is a rock dark gothic in the way of Peter Murphy’s Vampire Rock, It is a really good record. For most of the fans it’s a number one.
7. The Cult - Beyond Good And Evil
2001 after a long hiatus of 7 long years the band comeback was a really hard rock record, great songs and great drums from Matt Sorum.
8. The Cult - Born Into This
2007 Good hard rock, second comeback the band doesn’t work as is expected to much noise and experimentation but under this it’s still The Cult.
9. The Cult - Hidden City
2016 I felt that this record it is totally unnecessary and sounds like a compromise with the musical industry. The record have their moments but it dissolves in the oblivion.
10. The Cult - Dreamtime
1984 I’ve note the existence of this record after years of listening the band, I always thought that their debut was Love .

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