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Relentless OS Heavy Around 2022

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I'm not finding a lot of intersting stuff this year. I'm just letting myself go under the pleasure of oldschool heavy metal. There's a channel on youtube I'm sure you know of: NWOTHM. It has been pushing a lot of new artists, for a couple of years. I'm often watching it just to have a laugh at some potentially terrible or cheesy bands, but actually I also find some awesome releases. Here's a few. (best to worst)

a lot of them deserve to be added to metalstorm btw

Created by: Ansercanagicus | 06.06.2022

1. Lord Fist - Wilderness Of Hearts
2020 heavy. I love this one. Really. I don't care for the bad production or the amateur singer, these songs are excellent, with an unusual song structure and incredible riffs.
2. Tower - Shock To The System
2021 USA. heavy/speed. Energic music. The female singer is extremely good, never ceasing to howl and scream. She reminds me of Doro Pesch but with a browner tone, and some guys said Messiah Marcolin, there's a bit of that too.
3. Cauldron - New Gods
2018 Canada, heavy/glam. A cliche one but I like the overall brown atmosphere. The album is very solid without a bad song.
4. Evil Invaders - Shattering Reflection
2022 Belgium, heavy/thrash. Three Inches Of Blood type vocals, mixed with clean ones. The melodic solos are the highlight of this album. They are long and well written and throws you in another world.
5. Doublegeddon - Geddon Dangerous
2022 heavy. The whole appeal is its catchyness, and the overwhelming vocals all along. These guys are constantly harmonising
6. Molten Chains - Torment Enshrined
2020 heavy/black/avantgarde. It's complex music with a lot of oddities concerning the vocal performance, the harmony, and the song structure. It reminds me a bit of Mercyful Fate or Mekong Delta
7. Molten Chains - In The Antechamber Below
8. Merciless Law - Troops Of Steel
2022 Chile, heavy/power. Lots of great solos and headbanging stuff.
9. Bütcher - 666 Goats Carry My Chariot
2020 heavy/speed/black. It hits you in the face, trashing drums and aggressive singer. Then there's a twist with the B-face, more melodic and atmospheric.
10. Chantrice - Angel of Misery [EP]
2022 Spain, heavy. Superb musicianship
11. Soul Grinder (USA) - Queen Corosia [EP]
2022 Dirty, corrosive. The female singer has an exagerately rough voice. The riffs are classic but efficient, and the drum pattern on Brainrot is funny.
12. Soul Grinder (USA) - The Prophecy of Blight
13. Power And Glory - Road Werewolves
2022 Argentina, heavy/speed. Dirkschneider vocals, furious riffing, simple but efficient 4/4 kick/drum. It just works
14. Power And Glory - The Last Rebel
2020. With guest (killer) vocals
15. Hyena - Nightriders [single]
2022 Peru, heavy
16. Inheritance - Black Night [EP]
2020 Chile, heavy/black/speed. Very strange high pitch singing for a gruesome atmosphere. Kinda like Bütcher meets Molten Chains
17. Blizzen - World In Chains
2020 Germany, heavy. Simple but nice. The singer reaches high
18. Blizzen - Time Machine
19. Furies - Fortune's Gate
2020 France, heavy. It reminds me a lot of Heaven's Gate, speed/heavy with a lot of solos. The female singer also has kind of the same voice. Some songs are great, others not that much.
20. Antioch - Antioch V
2021 Canada, heavy. Pretty repetitive but fun.
21. Dirty Tricks - Bright Lights, Big City [EP]
2021. heavy/rock. The singers are not really impressive, but the simple straightforward music works well.
22. Creatures - Creatures
2021 Brazil, glam. Children Of The Moon has some charm, as well as some other songs.
23. Blood Star - The Fear
24. Luzifer - Iron Shackles
2022 Germany, heavy/rock/doom. This reminds me a lot of High Power. Epic songs, but rather slow and soft.
25. Haunt - Mosaic Vision
2019 USA heavy/glam/rock. It's the... the only good release of Haunt, amazing. It's short. But I don't know, the songs carry something.

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