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Qualeen's Albums-to-Listen-to Checklist

Fairly self-explanatory. I don't think I will approach these in any particular order, I'll treat it whimsically. I'm not sure what I'll do once I have familiarized myself with these sufficiently. I might…

1.Sakis Tolis - Among The Fires Of Hell
2.Dio - The Last In Line
3.Swallow The Sun - Hope
4.Ne Obliviscaris - Portal Of I
5.Extol - Undeceived

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Created by Qualeen on 30.04.2022

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Album Of The Year 2019

1.Disillusion - The Liberation
2.Wilderun - Veil Of Imagination
3.Insomnium - Heart Like A Grave
4.Tool - Fear Inoculum
5.Iapetus - The Body Cosmic

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Created by Ruisdier on 23.04.2022

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The Best Metal Albums* From A To # (G)

This list is meant to be an extensive, but by no means exhaustive, collection of the greatest (modern) metal albums and eps. Running the gamut from avant-garde to trve norweigan black metal. *As someone…

1.Gaerea - Unsettling Whispers
2.Galadriel - World Under World
3.Galaktik Cancer Squad - Celestia
4.Galar - De Gjenlevende
5.Gallowbraid - Ashen Eidolon

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Created by Uxküll on 21.11.2020

2019 Ranked

All the albums released in 2019 that i have listened to, ranked from best to worst. This is of course my opinion. Recommendations are always welcome.

1.Abigail Williams - Walk Beyond The Dark
2.Misþyrming - Algleymi
3.Tool - Fear Inoculum
4.Alcest - Spiritual Instinct
5.Esoteric - A Pyrrhic Existence

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Created by Jcr0ssarea on 01.09.2020

AJ's Ranking Of 2019

Well, 2020 is not the most enjoyable year, is it...

So I looked back at 2019 to do a little nostalgic ranking of when the world was only half crazy....

My top 50 (rate 8 & above)

Like always opinion…

1.Cult Of Luna - A Dawn To Fear
2.Alcest - Spiritual Instinct
3.Blut Aus Nord - Hallucinogen
4.Borknagar - True North
5.Swallow The Sun - When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

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Created by AJ The Great on 04.05.2020

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MSA 2019 All Write-in Albums

Here is a list of all the bands who received at least one write-in vote during MSA 2019.

Following the annoucement of the results, this information is lost, I post it here so you can continue to explore…

1.Babymetal - Metal Galaxy
2.Cave In - Final Transmission
3.Mother Of Millions - Artifacts
4.Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
5.Soen - Lotus

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Created by Maxder on 01.03.2020

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February = Black Metal
Listening to as many albums as possible in said genre during said month and listing them here as I go. Suggestions welcome.

1.Tsjuder - Kill For Satan
2.Lord Belial - Kiss The Goat
3.Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times
4.Enthroned - Prophecies Of Pagan Fire
5.Advent Sorrow - Kali Yuga Crown

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Created by Daddy Pig on 02.02.2020

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MS Awards 2019 Full List

1.Babymetal - Metal Galaxy
2.Cave In - Final Transmission
3.Mother Of Millions - Artifacts
4.Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
5.Soen - Lotus

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Created by Royalty on 01.02.2020

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Metal Album Top 145 - My Favorites 2019

1.Waste Of Space Orchestra - Syntheosis
2.Stellar Master Elite - Hologram Temple
3.Mephorash - Shem Ha Mephorash
4.Nile - Vile Nilotic Rites
5.Strigoi - Abandon All Faith

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Created by Alexbridger on 13.01.2020

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The Black Lodge 2019 List

Albums are in alphabetical order…

1.An Isolated Mind - I'm Losing Myself
2.Andavald - Undir Skyggðarhaldi
3.Árstíðir Lífsins - Saga Á Tveim Tungum I: Vápn Ok Viðr
4.Blood Incantation - Hidden History Of The Human Race
5.Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas

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Created by Evil Cooper on 07.01.2020

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Best Of 2019!

Another year, year of the pipe?
New record from new albums, many were old bands I knew before, some I found by my self, some thanks to Radu and Old Nick.
1 to 17 is in some how in order as I think was…

1.Grand Magus - Wolf God
2.Idle Hands - Mana
3.Amon Amarth - Berserker
4.Sun Of The Sleepless - Sun Of The Sleepless & Cavernous Gate
5.Running Wild - Crossing The Blades

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Created by Bad English on 06.01.2020

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- 2019 -

1.Borknagar - True North
2.Cult Of Luna - A Dawn To Fear
4.Soilwork - Verkligheten
5.Rammstein - Rammstein

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Created by Hazelnut Nero on 05.01.2020

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Favorites Of 2019

1.Cult Of Luna - A Dawn To Fear
2.Fleshgod Apocalypse - Veleno
3.The Great Old Ones - Cosmicism
4.Wilderun - Veil Of Imagination
5.Borknagar - True North

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Created by b0000mst1ck on 29.12.2019

Will This Have A Pie Chart?

1.Misþyrming - Algleymi
2.Cult Of Luna - A Dawn To Fear
3.Sinmara - Hvísl Stjarnanna
4.Fleshgod Apocalypse - Veleno
5.Insomnium - Heart Like A Grave

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Created by Harmaajoki on 05.10.2019

Recent Favs

This isn't The Best Of list, just list of albums i listened and liked…

1.Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance
2.Waste Of Space Orchestra - Syntheosis
3.Hope Drone - Void Lustre
4.Cult Of Luna - A Dawn To Fear
5.Swallow The Sun - When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

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Created by homemadeweapon on 26.09.2019