Sweven - The Eternal Resonance

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Release date: 20 March 2020
Style: Atmospheric death metal, Progressive metal


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01. The Spark
02. By Virtue Of A Promise
03. Reduced To An Ember
04. The Sole Importance
05. Mycelia
06. Solemn Retreat
07. Visceral Blight
08. Sanctum Sanctorum

Robert Andersson - guitars, vocals, bass
Isak Koskinen Rosemarin - guitars
Jesper Nyrelius - drums

Additional info
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg of Redmount Studios.
Cover artwork by Raul Gonzalez.

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20.03.2020 - 18:09
Loving it but there's no death metal in here at all.
By blood... Resurrection?
By body... Redemption?
By God... Domination?
By Pilate... Crucifixion!
20.03.2020 - 20:15
Rating: 8
ex-News Man
Holy fvck Morbus Chron iz back!
20.03.2020 - 23:58
Rating: 9
i c deaf people
After a totally fucked up week that's exactly what I was longing for and I needed it so badly.
Ear candy. Marvelous vocals. Instant purchase.
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21.03.2020 - 11:31
This album just encapsulates most of the reasons why I listen to metal.
21.03.2020 - 21:24
Rating: 7
Cynic Metalhead
Atrocious Virgin
Written by Starvynth on 20.03.2020 at 23:58

Ear candy. Marvelous vocals. Instant purchase.

Ear candy. Terrible shrieks ruined great music. Untrue about instant purchase.
22.03.2020 - 00:21
Rating: 9
i c deaf people
Written by Cynic Metalhead on 21.03.2020 at 21:24

Terrible shrieks ruined great music.

Wrong. The shrieks are the cherry on the cake.

Written by Cynic Metalhead on 21.03.2020 at 21:24

Untrue about instant purchase.

Apparently it's in your MS collection, so what are you trying to imply?
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26.03.2020 - 00:41
Rating: 9
Nicko's Nose
7.9? I hate this site sometimes. This should be #1 album of the year.
27.03.2020 - 20:18
I really struggle to stay interested in new metal releases - I mostly listen to old favorites, or explore cult classics, when I'm in the mood for metal. But this album, man. I had never even heard of Morbus Chron, and now I don't know why. Definitely most interesting metal album in a while, on first listen.
27.03.2020 - 20:47
Rating: 8
Metal Rambo
Superb prog metal. Needs more listening to get into, but judging by my few spins I like it a lot. Must check out Morbus Chron next.
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
03.04.2020 - 16:10
I loved Sweven by Morbus Chron. This album is going to be really good if it's anything like Morbus Chron's Sweven.

Also I got so confused. I knew that I have listened to Sweven before. I just forgot that it was the album name and not the band name.

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