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In real life: K.S. (24) from Slovenia
Working on: News, events/tours, short articles (occasionally)
Likes: Attending anykind of concerts, watching movies. Also playing lots of sports, enjoying good food/drinks and good company...
Musical taste: Doom, joyful black, post, sludge, grindcore.
Latest discovery: Morne - Shadows
Album picks: Ephemeros - All Hail Corrosion
  Funeralium - Deceived Idealism
  Redwood Hill - Descender
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Publications: Articles (8)  Reviews (3)  
Languages: Slovene, English
Member since: 21.05.2006 | Last seen online: 3h ago


In real life: Che (20) from Lake Worth, USA
Working on: Reviews (mainly black and doom), lists, news
Likes: Ancient history, Eastern philosophy, psychedelic culture, writing, epic poetry, experimental film, sci fi/dystopia novels, reptiles, playing my instruments
Hates: Fascism, censorship, close-mindedness, superficiality, art being exploited for money,
Musical taste: All metal, specifically black and doom. Progressive and psychedelic rock, jazz, classical, and underground hip hop.
Latest discovery: Altar Of Betelgeuze
Album picks: Sunn O))) - Terrestrials [Collaboration]
  Nadja - Queller
  Wijlen Wij - Coronachs Of The Ω
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Publications: Articles (2)  Reviews (73)  Interviews (1)  
Languages: English
Personal text: Apothecaries were the wise medicine men of ancient times, imparting knowledge about therapeutic and healing practices to physicians and doctors for their procedures. Following in their footsteps, I like to think of myself as Metal Storm's own apothecary, suggesting awesome music to generate positive, healing emotions. Metal is the best medicine!
Member since: 13.08.2010 | Last seen online: 1h ago

Baz Anderson

In real life: Barry Anderson (26) from Lincoln, United Kingdom
Working on: Everything
Album picks: Iron Savior - Rise Of The Hero
  Keldian - Outbound
  Wormed - Exodromos
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Publications: Articles (153)  Reviews (171)  Interviews (48)  Galleries (89)
Languages: English
Personal text: I have a degree in Psychology, fly birds of prey, and play Pokémon!
Member since: 10.10.2004 | Last seen online: 52m ago


In real life: Craig (41) from The Desert, USA
Working on: Reviews - Album and Concert, Review Proofing, Interviews, Drive By Forum Rants.
Likes: music, pale ale, IPAs, islay malts, making love at midnight in the dunes by the cape.
Hates: oh my. where to begin?
Musical taste: Metal-wise? Sludge, Black, Post, Doom.
Latest discovery: Evoke Thy Lords
Album picks: Sleestak - Doommantia Volume 2
  Station Dysthymia - Overhead, Without Any Fuss, The Stars Were Going Out
  Sannhet - Known Flood
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Publications: Articles (27)  Reviews (201)  Interviews (4)  
Languages: foul
Personal text: is currently roaming the Desert of the American Southwest, beer in one hand, claw hammer in the other, most likely listening to doom or sludge.

Outside of metal, the suspect listens to some 80's and 90's punk, 80's wave, some ambient electronica and blues.

Has been known to review albums or gigs for tix, cd's, food, booze, "happy ending" massages, and, on occasion, "ABC" gum.

should be considered drunk and extremely disorderly.
Member since: 15.07.2004 | Last seen online: 27m ago


In real life: Ana Filipa Oliveira (27) from Barreiro, Portugal
Working on: News, events, sporadic reviews, like to check band-related stuff as well. I have a special interest for Portuguese bands.
Likes: Guitars, books, films, series, guitar picks, posters, going to shows, cats, playing guitar (acoustic and electric), writing poetry, being random, good sense of humour, original CDs, surf, karate
Hates: some types of fish, waking up early, deadlines, copy-cat bands, Manowar (can't help it sorry!), annoying drunks, bad hair days, big stairs, not having what I want when I want it, bands forgetting PT
Musical taste: Mostly melodic metal, a lot of progressive whether it is metal or other kind, all its variations. I tend to enjoy specific bands, not genres. l'll listen to anything that's good, regardless of genre.
Latest discovery: Yama, In The Silence
Album picks: Thou - Heathen
  Atlantean Kodex - The White Goddess
  Consciousness Removal Project - Tacit
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Publications: Articles (18)  Reviews (26)  
Languages: Portuguese, English, Italian, French (out of practice), Spanish (a little)
Personal text: My interests are mostly music, books and films/television. I do some gaming if it's GTA or the likes. Discovered recently that I also like to write articles about the music I love and the different perspectives you can look at music.

For me music was always a transcendent thing. I value the work of bands a lot and cherish the moments I enjoy while I'm listening to their music.

I'm also very cheesy and philosophical as you can see ahah
Member since: 01.02.2006 | Last seen online: 14m ago

D.T. Metal

In real life: Birgit () from Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Working on: Editor In Chief: a lot of things but mostly Reviews, Interviews, Photography
Hates: Fake people !!!
Musical taste: Speed, Thrash, Power, Black, Death
Publications: Articles (60)  Reviews (20)  Interviews (40)  Galleries (45)
Languages: German, English
Personal text: No clue; but if I would have to explain you wouldn't understand!
Member since: 03.01.2012 | Last seen online: 3m ago

Darkside Momo

In real life: Sébastien Mora (36) from Toulouse, France
Working on: Used to write various stuff, but actually semi-retired
Likes: Fantasy, Role-playing Games, Comics (French and manga mostly), Metal (duh)
Musical taste: Come on... Metal of course! I can dig stuff of almost all subgenres, but I lean towards avant/proggy/industrial/extreme stuff.
Latest discovery: See my staff picks - I pick rarely but only great stuff, mind you ;)
Album picks: Vulture Industries - The Tower
  The Ocean - Pelagial
  Hacride - Back To Where You've Never Been
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Publications: Articles (52)  Reviews (88)  Interviews (13)  Galleries (22)
Languages: French, some English, broken spanish
Personal text: I'm not sure you really want to read that.
Member since: 22.06.2004 | Last seen online: 3h ago


In real life: Jason (36) from Western Massachusetts, USA
Working on: Reviews, some photography, band profiles and interviews
Likes: analytical and emotional topics, equality, people watching, photography
Hates: superficiality and stereotypical thinking
Musical taste: Most symphonic, gothic, doom, and atmospheric metal. Also, some atypical progressive, avantgarde or melodic metal, and an eclectic choice of black & death.
Latest discovery: Atoma - "Skylight" & Leech - "If We Get There One Day, Would You Please Open The Gates?"
Album picks: Atoma - Skylight
  To Cast A Shadow - In Memory Of
  Weeping Silence - Theatre Of Life
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Publications: Articles (11)  Reviews (18)  Interviews (2)  Galleries (7)
Languages: English
Personal text: Writing has and always will be my first love. I'm one of the few people left who still sends hand written letters, a lost art. I also enjoy traveling - even alone - or to meet and reconnect with new and old friends
Member since: 08.09.2004 | Last seen online: 73h ago

Doc Godin

In real life: Luke Godin (24) from Calgary, Canada
Working on: Former Editor In Chief, now semi-retired writing staff
Likes: Music and a bunch of other stuff.
Musical taste: All sorts of stuff. Mostly metal...bits from every genre.
Album picks: Murder Construct - Results
  Pictured - Strand Of Time
  Primate - Draw Back A Stump
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Publications: Articles (47)  Reviews (325)  Interviews (19)  Galleries (7)
Languages: english
Personal text: Pretty much retired. Stop sending me e-mails.
Member since: 05.11.2005 | Last seen online: 25d ago


In real life: Ivan (33) from Turku, Finland
Working on: Administration, design and programming
Musical taste: Melodic stuff
Album picks: Whispered - Thousand Swords
  Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs
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Publications: Articles (6)  Reviews (9)  Galleries (6)
Languages: Russian, English, some Estonian and Finnish
Member since: 06.10.2001 | Last seen online: 23h ago


In real life: Ivor (31) from Tallinn, Estonia
Working on: Photography, reviewing, interviewing, reanimation and resurrection
Musical taste: melodic stuff, mostly prog, symphonic and gothic
Latest discovery: Jolly
Album picks: Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors
  Major Parkinson - Twilight Cinema
  Rise Of Avernus - L'Appel Du Vide
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Publications: Articles (60)  Reviews (58)  Interviews (24)  Galleries (78)
Languages: Estonian, Russian, English
Member since: 01.06.2003 | Last seen online: 39m ago

J. N.

From: Sweden
Working on: Band-related info, events and publications.
Musical taste: Black Metal, Grindcore
Album picks: Fukpig - This World Is Weakening
  Benighted - Carnivore Sublime
  Antigama - Meteor
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Languages: English, Swedish
Member since: 13.04.2010 | Last seen online: 7m ago


In real life: Jaroslaw Jerry Szprot () from Warsaw, Poland
Working on: Reviews, Articles
Musical taste: Djent, Industrial, Alternative, Death, Extreme
Album picks: Aesth - The Fall Of Illusions
  Vildhjarta - Måsstaden
  Circles - The Compass
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Publications: Articles (30)  Reviews (243)  Interviews (7)  Galleries (8)
Languages: English, Polish
Member since: 15.01.2002 | Last seen online: 57d ago

Marcel Hubregtse

In real life: Marcel Hubregtse (45) from somewhere in the middle, The Netherlands
Working on: all sorts of stuff
Likes: Metal (duh), comedy, Bukowski, cricket, cooking, microbrews, whisky
Hates: European Power Metal, hypocrits, backstabbers
Musical taste: Metal till death
Album picks: Rainbow - Live In Munich 1977
  Process Of Guilt - Erosion
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Publications: Articles (27)  Reviews (52)  Interviews (11)  Galleries (1)
Languages: Dutch, English
Personal text: Is much more friendly and fun-loving than he comes across at first sight. Anyone ever over in The Netherlands just contact me if you're in need of a floor to crash on.

Top 20 of 2011:

1. Disma - Towards the Megalith
2. 40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room
3. The Devil's Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre
4. Orchid - Capricorn
5. Mournful Congregation - The Book Of Kings
6. Vanhelgd - Church Of Death
7. Black Oath - The Third Aeon
8. Esoteric - Paragon Of Dissonance
9. Before The Rain - Frail
10. Cianide - Gods Of Death
11. Black Country Communion - 2
12. Faces Of Bayon - Heart Of The Fire
13. Necros Christos - Doom Of The Occult
14. Saturnalia Temple - Aion Of Drakon
15. Hell - Human Remains
16. Argus - Boldly Stride The Doomed
17. In Solitude - The World, The Flesh, The Devil
18. Loss - Despond
19. Krux - III - He Who Sleeps Amongst The Stars
20. Miasmal - Miasmal
Member since: 23.09.2003 | Last seen online: 2h ago


In real life: Glenn (30) from Dubai, UAE
Working on: Band edits, Interviews, news and events
Likes: Metal, Guitar, Concerts, MMA, Birmingham City Football Club, Rugby, Motocross, & Beer!
Hates: Justin Bieber, Twilight, Glee
Musical taste: Most metal genres but mainly doom, death, progressive & black metal
Latest discovery: Xanthochroid - Blessed He with Boils
Album picks: Benevolent - The Covenant
  Black Fast - Starving Out The Light
  Eye Of Solitude - Canto III
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Publications: Articles (5)  Interviews (3)  
Languages: English
Personal text: Can be found lurking around metal festivals in Europe during the summertime. Hit Wacken, Brutal Assault & Unirock Open Air Festivals in 2011 and Wacken, Brutal Assault & Summer Breeze Festivals in 2012 \m/ 2013? Looks like it's Brutal Assault again!
Member since: 14.12.2003 | Last seen online: 34m ago


In real life: Zep (28) from Pearland, TX, USA
Working on: All things database. Minor forum moderation.
Likes: My son, metal, tv shows, anime, movies, video games
Hates: Total fucking morons
Musical taste: Many forms of Metal and Industrial music, like Aggrotech/Hellectro/Dark Electro
Album picks: Aurora Borealis - Worldshapers
  Ovid's Withering - Scryers Of The Ibis
  Oceans Of Slumber - Aetherial
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Publications: Articles (1)  Reviews (3)  
Languages: English and various bits and pieces of a few other languages
Personal text: Started contributing heavily to the database in April 2011. Joined MS Staff in October 2012. Became the Database Manager in March 2013.
Member since: 08.04.2009 | Last seen online: 12h ago


In real life: Alex (22) from Australia
Working on: Album Reviews, Proofreading, Database dabbling
Musical taste: Ozric Tentacles, rock (progressive and psychedelic), metal (preferably melodic or progressive)
Publications: Articles (5)  Reviews (93)  
Languages: This one
Member since: 01.04.2010 | Last seen online: 1h ago


In real life: Susan (30) from Oakland, CA, USA
Working on: Album and Concert Reviews, work on Metal Storm Awards
Likes: Thoughtful metal music. Drinking. Hiking. Awesome people. Astrophysics. Geeking out with friends and board games. Quality vodka, such as Titos.
Hates: Fennel. Olives. Cheap metal bands.
Musical taste: Anything QUALITY. I'm into nearly all genres of metal.
Latest discovery: WIlderun (American folk metal), Head Phones President (Alternative metal from Japan)
Album picks: Bend The Sky - Origins
  Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Piñata
  Taranis - Kingdom
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Publications: Articles (32)  Reviews (72)  Interviews (15)  Galleries (1)
Languages: English
Personal text: Best band I've ever seen live: Turisas. It was part of Paganfest I, the North American tour. All bands contributed to it being the most amazing night, but I'd trade any of them, even the incredible Eluveitie, for another set of Turisas. To Holmgard and beyond, baby!
Member since: 16.04.2004 | Last seen online: 25d ago


In real life: George (23) from Eugene, OR, USA
Working on: Reviews
Musical taste: Metal and non-metal, but mostly metal.
Album picks: Ghoul - Hang Ten
  Hark - Crystalline
  Hatriot - Dawn Of The New Centurion
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Publications: Articles (15)  Reviews (123)  Interviews (1)  Galleries (2)
Member since: 13.11.2008 | Last seen online: 5h ago