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Wacken Open Air 2016 - Ban Backpacks And Bags 28.07

Wacken Open Air 2016 will tighten the security measures in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Germany, including a July 24th suicide bomber at an Ansbach music festival. Due to security concerns, all backpacks and bags are banned from the event area. This year, 1349, Alcest, Arch Enemy, Blind Guardian, Equilibrium, Ihsahn, Iron Maiden, Marduk, Testament, Triptykon, just to name a few, will perform at the festival this summer. Some 80,000 metal fans will be heading to Wacken Open Air next week. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Inquisition - Third New Track Released 28.07

Recently, the black metal duo Inquisition unveiled the crushing third song taken from their forthcoming full-length, Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith. Soon to be released via Season of Mist on August 26th, the album will feature 13 tracks. "Vortex From The Celestial Flying Throne Of Storms" is one of them and you can see if you like it or not after you listen to it here. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Evildead - Working On New Album 28.07

Thrashers Evildead (featuring members of Agent Steel and Abattoir) posted a picture on their Facebook page of guitarists Juan Garcia and Albert Gonzales jamming together, with the caption reading "It's happening". This indicates that the band has started working on what will be their first full-length studio album since 1991's The Underworld. (by Metal God)   Read more ››
Alter Bridge - New Album Artwork & Tracklist Unveiled 28.07

Now that they have revealed their new single, Orlando's hard rock band Alter Bridge have also unveiled all the details about their new album, The Last Hero. Pre-order the new album here. The album is set for release on October 7th, 2016, by Napalm Records. Check out the cover and tracklist below. (by The Massenger)   Read more ››
Hannes Grossmann - Releases Another New Song 28.07

As you probably know, Hannes Grossmann is releasing his second solo album, called The Crypts Of Sleep. While previously the song "To Sow The Seeds Of Earth" was made available online, now fans can hear "Hail Satan" in the form of a lyric video. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
70000 Tons Of Metal 2016 - Part One: Why You Should Go Next Year 12.07

Wow, it's already July; time is flying fast and the organizers of the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise are hard at work hammering out the details for the 2017 edition. I expect information for the public sale to be released any day now (veteran cruisers already have the chance to book) and if you are still on the fence about finally scratching The Original, The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise off your bucket list, then this article is for YOU. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
ScreamingSteel's Top 10 Best Metal Covers of Non-Metal Songs 11.07

The more I branch out into different forms of content on Metal Storm, the more I realize something: I don't have all that many original ideas myself, but I sure can parrot other people's work like nobody's business. That revelation made my next choice of publication inevitable: my own installment of the covers list thing, so that you may all cower at yet further evidence of my superior tastes. If you think I've missed something, I encourage you to check Dane Train's or BitterCOld's list to see if the song was already featured, and then to voice your concern in a civil... (by ScreamingSteelUS)   Read more ››
Roadburn Festival 2016 - Day 4: Afterburner 08.07

After the usual procrastination and delay, Apothecary and Mr. Doctor are happy to bring you the much overdue final installation of our coverage of this year's Roadburn Festival. (by Apothecary, Mr. Doctor)   Read more ››
Skyforger 22.07

Bad English: This may be a weird question, but how do you envision the Latvian metal scene if bands such as Skyforger and Heaven Grey had never existed? Peter Kvetkovskis: Well, there was always and still is another bands around - the metal scene here is quite big enough even without Skyforger or Heaven Grey. The question is how unique and original those bands are, but that's another topic to talk about I guess. It is very hard to make your name worldwide if you are from such a small far away country like Latvia is. You must be somehow original to stand out from millions of bands playing... (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Civil War 18.07

Bad English: Hi. Thank you for doing this interview with us at Metal Storm. NPJ: No problems!! Bad English: Can you introduce yourself, and tell us how you decided to become a singer and how you started listening to metal? NPJ: Oh, well things just happened. I've always had the music inside me and when the NWOBHM came: I found my destiny. What can I say? Metal is my life! Bad English: You're from Borlänge, right? And you support Leksands IF? NPJ: Yes, I am from Kvarnsveden, Borlänge Kommun and of course I support Leksand. There is no alternative. Well, now Borlänge... (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Pantheist 14.07

Bad English: Hi. Thank you for doing this interview with us at Metal Storm. Kostas Panagiotou: It's a pleasure as Metal Storm is one of my favourite metal sites on the net! Bad English: Can you introduce yourself, and tell us about your first steps into music, both as a listener and as a musician? KP: I grew up in Greece and you are immediately exposed to a lot of music in this country. Greeks like to party, and as they are emotional people they also like to express their emotions through listening to their favourite songs, so music is everywhere. I only started to think of myself as a... (by Bad English)   Read more ››
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Aisling - Aisling / Trath Na Gaoth (2006)

Aisling is an old Gaelic word for "dream-like vision" or something like that. Aisling is also the name of an Italian Black Metal band hailing from Trieste, which was supposedly founded by some Celtic tribe about 2500 years ago. This particular band has recently signed a deal with Einheit Productions, which first of all had them remaster their previous two efforts, the eponymous album and the EP "Trath Na Gaoth", and re-released both on one CD. And to let the potential listeners... (by Promonex)   Read more ››

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Thin Lizzy

The song "Philomena" was written for Lynott's mother. "It's Only Money" was re-recorded more than 35 years later by guitarist Brian Robertson on his 2011 solo album Diamonds and Dirt.

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Oceans Of Night


Scott Mosher

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