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Malthusian - Below The Hengiform
behemot clone rip of

Poaching another Fenriz-Approved, stream it here.

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Agalloch - Confirm Final Dates Of Euro Tour 25.05

Agalloch are preparing for their upcoming European trek. The band has recently announced that they are also taking French metallers Crown with them on this tour as main support. On this tour, the Americans are showcasing their newest record, The Serpent & The Sphere. Check out all the finalized dates of the tour below and join the fun in July and August. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Zatokrev - Premiere New Video 25.05

Swiss sludge/doomsters Zatokrev recently filmed a video for the track "Bleeding Island", taken from their latest album Silk Spiders Underwater..., and now that video has officially debuted online. If you haven't listened to their new album yet, this is your opportunity to check out a new song below. If you have, just enjoy the clip. It was filmed and arranged by Lionel Weitnauer. (by Pazdzioch)   Read more ››
Borknagar - Vintersorg Recovering From Surgery 25.05

Borknagar's vocalist Vintersorg is recovering from surgery. He underwent an ear surgery recently. As you might recall, Vintersorg was injured last year in a fall resulting in fractures to the skull, brain hemorrhage, and a momentary dysfunctional hearing on one ear. Hopefully, he will be able to recover from this. It's still early to tell at this point. (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Chevelle - Fan Dies After Fall At Band's Show 25.05

A tragic event occurred at Chevelle's show in Chicago on Friday night. A man fell to his death from a catwalk at the Aragon Ballroom over the weekend, the Chicago Tribune reports. He fell onto two protruding pieces of metal at the North Side venue Friday, according to police. Police are investigating his death, which occurred shortly after he fell about 10:20 p.m. Friday during a Chevelle concert at the venue. The show was immediately ended. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Borealis - Streaming New Single 25.05

Borealis have some new music to share today. The band's new album Purgatory is scheduled for release on June 19th (Europe) and July 21st (North America) via AFM Records. The first single "My Peace" is available now for your listening pleasure in the YouTube clip below. What do you think of this new song from the Canadian power metallers? (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Roadburn Festival 2015 - Day 2: The Known And The Unknown 25.05

Che: As you guys might remember, for the past six years or so Roadburn has been having a curator take command on this second day, a member of a fairly well known band who not only gets to headline with the band on that day, but also selects which bands will be playing on three of the five stages. This year, curating duties went to Ivar Bjornson of Enslaved and Einar Selvik of Wardruna, immediately raising my curiosity for this "Houses Of The Holistic" day far beyond Mikael Akerfeldt's curating last year. (by Apothecary, Mr. Doctor)   Read more ››
Roadburn Festival 2015 - Day 1: "Get Rekt" 15.05

It's that time again, folks! A month after it's already passed, and a bunch of reviews have already been written about it, your favorite procrastinators Apothecary and Mr. Doctor are once again getting to their four day breakdown of Roadburn Festival. We may be late to the game, but hey guys: you haven't heard the tale of Roadburn until you've heard it from us. So sit back, put your feet up, throw on that guilty pleasure power metal album that no one knows you like, and come along for the ride. (by Apothecary, Mr. Doctor)   Read more ››
Getting Into: Alice Cooper 03.05

Getting Into: Alice Cooper The articles in this series begun by our own Baz Anderson are designed to give a brief overview of a band's entire discography, so as to provide a clear point of entry for the uninitiated. It offers a different approach from the typical review format, for the curious newcomer to a well-traveled band. Alice Cooper Hard rock, heavy metal, glam rock, psychedelic rock, new wave, industrial metal, punk, experimental rock, pop USA It would be impossible to quantify the vast influence that Alice Cooper has had on hard rock and heavy metal. The name originally described... (by ScreamingSteelUS)   Read more ››
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Dråpsnatt - I Denna Skog (2009)

Dråpsnatt, I Denna Skog. A lot of impossible-to-pronounce, where-the-hell-are-those-letters-on-my-keyboard, who-the-hell-are-these-guys-anyway stuff. But, rest assured, those letters are available in 'Word -> Add special characters' and rest assured, the music is worth it. Let's proceed. At first, I Denna Skog does not sound all too surprising. The songs "I Denna Skog" and "Under Fullmånens Sken" start in punkish, crunchy fashion with some background... (by Lucas)   Read more ››

Reviewer: 8.3      Users: 8.1 | 22 votes
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The band was originally named DragonHeart.

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Progressive Black



Gnosis Of The Witch


Mr. Bungle

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