Ordinance (FIN) - Relinquishment
Review by Doc Godin
"Batshit insanity." No year in metal is complete without at least one album that can justify that description in one way or another. While maybe not as great as say, Smohalla's Resilience or Lurk's self-titled debut when it comes to lunacy, Ordinance really deserve a few points for coming pretty damn close.


Amaranthe - Massive Addictive
Review by Ivor
Having shelved the release of the biography box it seems that Amaranthe have decided to ride the creative wave instead, leaving them less than two years between studio albums. The question is not so much whether this album sounds distinctively Amaranthe or not; it unmistakeably does. The real question is whether the band can hold their promise of stepping away from the path of non-evolution by being both bold and fresh.


Viathyn - Cynosure
Review by Doc Godin
In the album reviewin' game, it's pretty common to review a solid band on their debut, only to see them disappear into the night. I guess that's reflective of the music business in general; maintaining a working band is difficult. It's like a five-way marriage...except with musicians, so your spouses are twice as moody and thrice as entitled. But I digress, the point I'm getting at is it's nice to see a band hold it together and return after four years making solid steps forward with their follow-up. Welcome back, Viathyn.


Threshold - For The Journey
Review by Introspekrieg
"Did you find what you're looking for?"


Alunah - Awakening The Forest
Review by R'Vannith
Alunah have run the gamut of stoner doom metal across their studio recordings. Or perhaps lumber the gamut is a more appropriate way to put it, and their third album finds them at their most unbowed and traditionally doom delivering. To a style such as theirs the concept of "new" seems disingenuous as their identity here depends on a personalised refurbishment of sounds old and slow. Vocally heralding such devotion, the first four lyrical utterances of the record determine the band's most distinguishing feature; "There was a lady."


Sunn O))) - Soused [Collaboration]
Review by Apothecary
So Sunn O))) seem to have been taking a liking to collaborations as of late. This in itself is not a bad thing, as Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley have already proven themselves as versatile musicians capable of adapting their sound on multiple occasions. This time around, however, the duo chose to work with Avantgarde musician Scott Walker, the results of which were unfortunately a bit like mixing oil with water.


Exodus - Blood In, Blood Out
Review by tea[m]ster
Who exactly are the "Big 4" of thrash metal is a highly debated topic among metal music veterans for what seems now all of eternity. Everyone can agree with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer but the fourth band gets a bit tricky depending on who you ask.


Horn Of The Rhino - Summoning Deliverance
Review by Apothecary
Horn Of The Rhino have a special place in my heart as probably the one band that was most responsible for getting me into sludge. Three years ago when I was just a mindless n00b into little other than thrash and tech death, it was this Spanish trio that won me over with their bulldozing riffs and clever application of the "less is more" formula. Summoning Deliverance, the band's latest effort, is a stark reminder that although Horn Of The Rhino may be comparatively unknown within their style, they're definitely one of its more powerful bands.


Supported event

Deicide: In The Minds Of Evil North American Tour 2014

USA, Denver, CO (Summit Music Hall)
19 October 2014

Abysmal Dawn
Carach Angren
NOLA: Life, Death, & Heavy Blues From The Bayou - New Episode 01.10

Another episode has been released from Noisey's NOLA: Life, Death, & Heavy Blues From The Bayou seven-part series. You can now watch below all three episodes unveiled so far. On this particular episode, guitarist/drummer Jimmy Bower discusses his come up with Shell Shock, the origin of Eyehategod and his place in the sound of New Orleans, including where he thinks the roots of the music lie. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Tank - Entering The Studio In November 01.10

British heavy metal veterans Tank are currently writing and rehearsing material for the follow-up to their 2012 album, War Nation. The band is scheduled to enter the studio in November to begin recording the new record for a tentative early February release. Joining guitarists Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans on the new album will be former DragonForce frontman ZP Theart, who has been a member of Tank's touring lineup for the past two years. And also new recruits Bobby Schottkowski, formerly of Sodom, on drums, and current Blind Guardian member Barend Courbois on bass. (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Stench - New Album Streaming Online 01.10

Here is some death metal for you. The Swedes Stench are currently streaming their second full-length album Venture. The album is out in Europe but will only be released on October 7th in North America via Agonia Records. Give it a spin at this location or via Bandcamp. Do you think it is a good album? (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Burning Circle - Frontman Featured On New Superhammer Album 01.10

Burning Circle frontman and vocalist Aleksandar Stojković has recorded vocals for two songs for the first full length album by Serbian Black Sabbath influenced stoner metal band - Superhammer. The album Snakenest will be out in October on Miner Records label, which also released the first Burning Circle album - Ruins Of Mankind. Below you can check out the song ''The Word And The Void' featuring Aleksandar Stojković ' from the upcoming album. (by Burning Circle)   Read more ››
Ensiferum - Nearing Completion On Recording New Album 30.09

Ensiferum have been locked away in Astia Studio in Lappeenranta in Finland with producer Anssi Kippo for three weeks. Drums, bass and most of the guitar parts have been recorded for their new album which is tentatively scheduled for release worldwide on Metal Blade Records in early 2015. At the end of last week, guest musician Timo Väänänen tracked some takes with his kantele (see below), and over the weekend, vocalist Petri Lindroos began tracking vocals. It's almost done. (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Arsis, Exmortus - Moon Room, Denver, USA - 23 Sep 2014 27.09

I haven't been to a show in what felt like forever, and going to the much smaller Moon Room (which is just the bar area of the Summit Music Hall) seemed a nice way to ease myself back into the swing of things. Ease yah right. My ass got kicked that night; my 'musical ass' that is. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
Clandestine Cuts Vol. 4 Issue #3 - Awesome New Demos and EPs 19.09

Is independent, unsigned, and underground metal what you seek? Weary traveler of the metal world, rest a while here. Clandestine Cuts are the best demos and EPs from these bands, the heart and soul of metal music. These musicians are slaves to their passions, and their blood keeps the metal machine alive and turning. Support them with a simple listen, and discover the future. This issue features music from Raum Kingdom, Kali, Torrid Husk, Fever Sea, Myopic and Wild Throne. (by Nefarious, Troy Killjoy, Abattoir)   Read more ››
Progventure Part 9: Green Carnation - Another Night Under The Dam, Åseral, Norway, 31.07.2014 01.09

It seems that my Progventure prog searching trips are not only a convenient excuse to travel new places, or more often the only way of seeing bands I like I wouldn't otherwise get to see, but in some cases they are turning out to be events of a fairly unique kind. Another Night Under the Dam - the Green Carnation reunion show at the Åseral dam number 3 in Norway was unique in more ways than one. And it most definitely was special. (by Ivor)   Read more ››
Random stuff
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Cult Of Luna - Vertikal (2013)

Rarely does an album place you in the exact environment which its creators would have you experience. Even rarer, in my experience, is when such is achieved within the wide reaching scope of post-metal; albums can be loose in their effort to engage the listener and they tend to be vague in their atmospheric axis points. The lines of latitude are often blurred and while an atmosphere is usually present it can be an altogether indifferent experience as you fail to identify your location. Yet listening to Cult Of Luna's latest release Vertikal you'll likely be more the wiser about your surroundings. (by R'Vannith)   Read more ››

Reviewer: 8.5      Users: 8.2 | 191 votes
  Random trivia
Cannibal Corpse

In May 1995, then-United States Senator Bob Dole mentioned the band by name and accused them of violating human decency.

In the 2003 film School of Rock, a large Cannibal Corpse sticker is visible in Dewey Finn's sleeping area.

Additionally, comedian Andrew Hansen of ABC's Chaser's War on Everything made a lounge jazz arrangement of Cannibal Corpse's song "Rancid Amputation" after the Australian government banned the band's touring of the country.

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