Horrendous - Ecdysis
Review by Windrider
I know I also have other stuff to review, but really it's hard to stop listening to this album. This is about Horrendous' new album Ecdysis. Weird title, it describes the process of moulting, as Wikipedia tells me as a non-native English speaker. However I didn't know about this band before and to be honest I don't know much about classical death metal in general, but I know that this album rocks your socks. These guys hail from the USA and it's their second record.


Malpractice - Turning Tides
Review by Mattybu
To me, Finland has always been a great country for metal. Between groups like Amorphis, Ensiferum, and the almighty Kalmah, there has always been a wealth of great Finnish metal out there. Turning Tides was my first exposure to Malpractice, a progressive metal group from the same Nordic land. Not surprisingly, the album is very good.


Keitzer - The Last Defence
Review by Doc Godin
Now that, people, is what we call an album cover. Seriously, go give it a closer look and come back... ...Back? Good. Guess what? For once, the music almost matches the quality of the artwork.


Horned Almighty - World Of Tombs
Review by Doc Godin
Marduk, 1349, Goatwhore, Secrets Of The Moon, Deströyer 666, Witchery and Celtic Frost...Would you be surprised to find all of them leaving their fingerprints on this album? Yeah...probably not. What you might be surprised to hear is that the result isn't all too great.


Profetus - As All Seasons Die
Review by ScreamingSteelUS
Just lie back and feel yourself decay. Gaze helplessly, thoughtlessly, as the preternaturally odious head of Cthulhu crests over the horizon, blotting out the last scarlet gasps of a moribund sunset, looming over the eerily tranquil and temperate ocean like an antediluvian menhir - massive, silent, mysterious, and unspeakable. As the album tumbles funereally along like boulders being rolled along the muddy underbelly of a tepid river, you may feel your atoms slowly deconstructing one particle at a time.


Dialectic Soul - We Are Born From The Pain
Review by R'Vannith
One of the ideals that is a cornerstone of progressive metal is blending. Taking known elements, mixing them together and producing something new. The Belarusian band Dialectic Soul take this to heart and create something which can only be described as unique.


Miseo - Lunatic Confessions
Review by Doc Godin
If you take generic death metal, generic grind, generic melodeath and generic deathcore, guess what genius concoction is made?


Reverorum Ib Malacht - De Mysteriis Dom Christii
Review by Mr. Doctor
The cold glimpse of a church. Exactly 20 years after Satan's mysteries were revealed to us, Christ came down and showed us his path. A path which is just as dark and terrifying.


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Blind Guardian
Arch Enemy
Staff pick
Blood Of The Black Owl - A Banishing Ritual
Sioux Drone

The one man project of Chet W. Scott, Blood Of The Black Owl is a hypnotizing journey through foreboding sounds and monolithic landscapes. Native American themes abound, with use of wind flute and some drony, chant-like vocals to help heighten the vibe and make you feel as though you're being banished by the ritual of the album's title. This album may be four years old, but screw it: if you're down with the whole drone/dark ambient nonsense, this is definitely one you need in your life.

Begin the daze.

More picks

Picked by: Apothecary
Electric Wizard - New Track Online 19.08

New music from Electric Wizard? Alright, then! The stoner/doom metallers are offering you another new song and you can stream "SadioWitch" right now. It's off Time To Die, which is also the band's first new album in four years. This is the second track the band reveals from the forthcoming record. Not bad. What do you think? (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Opeth - 'Pale Communion' Streaming In Full 19.08

Proggers Opeth's upcoming album, Pale Communion, is now available for streaming at Pitchfork Advance ahead of its release. Click on the link to get access to the full album! After you do, share your thoughts and impressions about the music. How would you rate the album? (by Fallen Ghost)   Read more ››
Sólstafir - Stream Entire New Album 19.08

You can now listen to the new effort by the Icelandic metallers Sólstafir, including the bonus tracks from the Deluxe Edition here or over here without the bonus tracks. Ótta will be released on September 2nd in North America and August 29th in the rest of the world through Season Of Mist. But why wait? Enjoy it in full now! (by SceneryOfLoss)   Read more ››
Jex Thoth - European Tour Confirmed 19.08

Wisconsin female fronted psychedelic doom outfit Jex Thoth has more touring plans on the horizon. The band confirmed a set of headlining tour dates across Europe, which spans from the middle of October to their last performance at Desertfest in Antwerp, Belgium. Feel free to check out the complete list of confirmed tour dates down under. (by Abattoir)   Read more ››
Hate - Mixing New Album 19.08

Polish extreme metallers Hate confirmed that they have begun mixing their upcoming new effort at Hertz Studio in Poland. Entitled Crusade:Zero, their ninth studio album contains nine new tracks and should be released at the end of this year via Napam Records. More details will be announced in the near future. (by Abattoir)   Read more ››
Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2014 - Denver, CO - 13 Jul 2014 29.07

The annual Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival! Great variety of bands, I always have a blast, it's always fun, the weather is always way too hot and this year's event was almost no exception. Yes, almost no exception; the timing of the festival couldn't be worse and the decision to split the Colorado show into two events didn't help the cause neither. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
Amaranthe - American Beauty Car Show, Haapsalu Episcopal Castle, Haapsalu, Estonia, 19.07.2014 28.07

Haapsalu is a small and beautiful Estonian resort town by the sea. Each July its quiet is disturbed by an invasion of owners and admirers of the American car industry. Shining cars, roaring engines, burning rubber, cruising, and a drag race on the airfield strip - American Beauty Car Show has got it all. If you're into all that, it's the place to be. Naturally, this also calls for musical entertainment of varied sorts, which somehow managed to grab my attention for the first time with only one name - Amaranthe. Just because I happen to like them. (by Ivor)   Read more ››
Clandestine Cuts Vol. 4 Issue #2 - Awesome New Demos and EPs 23.07

Is independent, unsigned, and underground metal what you seek? Weary traveler of the metal world, rest a while here. Clandestine Cuts are the best demos and EPs from these bands, the heart and soul of metal music. These musicians are slaves to their passions, and their blood keeps the metal machine alive and turning. Support them with a simple listen, and discover the future. This issue features music from Megalodoom, Kylfingar, Svengali, Anopheli, Whetstone and The Ralph. (by Nefarious, Abattoir, R Lewis, Troy Killjoy, BloodTears)   Read more ››
Random stuff
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Rebellion - Miklagard: The History Of Vikings Part II (2007)

The second part of "History Of Vikings" story and let me tell you, this is a cracker of an album. When you hear a band so heavy and true you know that they will have fallen out of the seemingly copious nest of emerging German bands. Rebellion give us their taste of steel in the form of a very heavy style of power metal much in the same style of the Iced Earth of past years. After an almost folkish style introduction track "Vi Seglar Mot Miklagard", we are lead into the meat of... (by Baz Anderson)   Read more ››

Reviewer: 8.8      Users: 8.4 | 36 votes
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Suicide Silence

The album No Time To Bleed, was recorded with acclaimed producer Machine (Lamb Of God).

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