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24.01 Insomnium - To Perform 'Winter's Gate' With Orchestra
Insomnium are preparing a very special performance in their home country this July. The Finns will play their latest masterpiece, Winter's Gate, a 40-minute long track, with the Joensuu City Orchestra. The concert will be an exclusive of the Ilosaarirock Festival in Joensuu.Read more

Dirkschneider - Denver, USA - 16 Jan 2017
by D.T. Metal | 23.01
"Dirkschneider: Back To The Roots - Farewell To Accept" says it all. Udo Dirkschneider hasn't been a part of the German heavy metal titans Accept for eons now, and since his solo band U.D.O. has a rather extensive discography on its own, he decided it was time to finally close this chapter of his musical career.
70000 Tons Of Metal 2016 - Part Two: Why You Should REALLY Go In 2017
by D.T. Metal | 08.01
Yes! It's that time of the year again. In less than a month I shall sip foo-foo drinks on board a cruise ship while listening to some kick-ass metal bands. 70000 Tons Of Metal here I come. :banger2:
High In Heaven, Stoned In Hell: Exploring The Meads Of Asphodel
by Apothecary | 03.01
If you make a list of some of the most ardent rule breakers and innovators within the international metal community, you damn well better have The Meads Of Asphodel on that list. The band is an enigma, and a highly tantalizing one at that. Black metal, folk, neolassical, electronica, punk, or whatever else they feel like, and wrapped in interesting themes of Biblical and Jewish history, the time has come for an in depth exposé of this curious group.
Getting Into: Maximum The Hormone
by ScreamingSteelUS | 29.11
The articles in this series begun by our own Baz Anderson are designed to give a brief overview of a band's entire discography, so as to provide a clear point of entry for the uninitiated. It offers a different approach from the typical review format, for the curious newcomer to a well-traveled band. Maximum The Hormone Hardcore, alternative metal, nu metal, J-rock, punk Japan Maximum The Hormone is a band of contrasts: jovial pop-punk choruses and screeching, metallic verses; groovy, percussive beatdowns and free-spirited rock'n'roll sing-alongs; crude, colorful humor and periodic...

70000 Tons Of Metal 2017

USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL (Independence Of The Seas)
02-06 February 2017

Arch Enemy
Staff pick

Nightmare - Dead Sun

With the departure of Jo Amore from the band, who better than to take up the reins than one of the best vocalists out there, Magali Luyten (Beautiful Sin, Virus IV)? Like injecting a new level of venom into a snake that's already bitten you once, Dead Sun wastes no time diving straight for your wrist in tracks like "Serpentine" and "Ikarus," leaving your fist only one option: to be raised in the air!

Listen here and Listen here
Picked by: Jason W.
Thumbs up: Demonic Tutor
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