Morost - Solace In Solitude
Review by Susan
Morost's brand of death metal is quite groovy, with strong drumming and blast beats in all the right places, while a thundering bass leads us through the darkness. Yet, there is so much beauty and emotion in Solace In Solitude. These Slovenians carry the label "Progressive Death Metal" and I can get right in line behind that. It's decidedly extreme metal, but the shards of melody that slice their way into this music will equally...


Deus X Machina - X
Review by Susan
Deus X Machina's X is power metal with strong heavy metal leanings. These Argentines released a debut that comes out of the gate with mountains of energy to spare, a classic metal influence, and a singer with strong high notes even a dog can't hear. The opening track even reminded me of Hibria's debut Defying The Rules: The Power Metal Version. The youthful energy here is the main selling point; each listen was exciting and I couldn't...


Almøst Human - Ø [EP]
Review by R Lewis
In Flames, anybody?


Ravenscry - The Attraction Of Opposites
Review by dismaleuphony
Ravenscry's second full-length takes everything from their debut, improves on it, experiments even more, and offers thirteen songs of absorbing, introverted melodies that have had me returning to the album for months now.


Bloodtruth - Obedience
Review by Ilham
I'm tired and angry. I won't make the slightest effort to make this review interesting, or easy to read. Nor will I try to be original. And I certainly won't resort to intricate sentences to make this longer than it has to be. Why would I put more work into this than Bloodtruth did when writing the album?


Phosphorus - Assassinat
Review by Doc Godin
There's really something special about finding a band like this - young, energetic and untainted by over-familiarity. Hearing Phosphorus' full-length debut is akin to hearing Absu or Skeletonwitch for the first time all over again.


Silent Planet - The Night God Slept
Review by Ilham
The best thing about growing older is not knowing yourself better, but coming to the realisation you actually don't know that much. I never would have thought an album by a Christian metalcore band could actually move the doubtful heart of a hardened atheist such as mine. Silent Planet tamed the cold bitch in me for the short while I needed to write this review. I'll proceed to tell you how.


Revocation - Deathless
Review by Mattybu
Revocation's self-titled album released in 2013 left me thinking two main things. The first being (aside from "Spastic") it was bad, and the second being despite its badness, the people in this band have the potential to drop a cataclysmic shit-wrecking album that would do the thrash and death genres proper justice.


Supported event

Kreator: European Headlining Tour 2014

France, Toulouse (Le Bikini)
01 December 2014

Arch Enemy
Soundgarden - Unveil New Video 25.11

Soundgarden have officially released their rarities collection Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path. Included in the release is a brand new recording, the track "Storm," recorded in May this year with producer Jack Endino in Seattle. Now you can watch the new music video by the band's creative director Josh Graham below. It is rather hypnotic. See it for yourself here! (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Vader - Join Hatefest Tour With Marduk, Six Feet Under 25.11

The details of the 2015 Hatefest Tour have been announced. The unholy billing will be headlined by Six Feet Under together with Marduk, Vader and Hate. Special guests on all weekend-dates will be Eisregen and Debauchery. Tickets for this exceptional death/black metal feast will be available at this location. This trek will stop by Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Primitive Man - New Song Streaming Online 25.11

US blackened sludge doomsters Primitive Man have just premiered the first single off their upcoming split album with their compatriots Fister online. The song is entitled "4330" and you can give it a listen at the band's Bandcamp page. Don't forget to tell us about your impressions. (by Pazdzioch)   Read more ››
Moonlyght - To Release New Album In 2015 25.11

Quebec's progressive black/death metal band Moonlyght has officially announced its line-up for 2015, as well as the release of their third album titled Return To Desolation that will come out via the Canadian label Blast Head Records in 2015. They will release a brand new song in December from their comeback album. (by sorcier666)   Read more ››
Xerath - Premiere New Video 25.11

Symphonic/djent metallers Xerath decided to premiere a new video today. The British band just debuted online a video for the groovy song "Bleed This Body Clean" taken from III, their latest opus, released in September on Candlelight Records. The video features footage of the band performing live. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Damnation Festival 2014 - Leeds, England, 1st November 2014 22.11

School, university, jobs, relationships... a lot can change in ten years. There might not be too many consistencies in life these days, but for the past ten years, the Damnation Festival has been a must - a necessity - for anyone who appreciates this kind of music. With the move to Leeds the festival grew bigger than probably anyone expected it to, and as we find ourselves in the year 2014 the festival is a streamlined, professional operation for all to enjoy. (by Baz Anderson)   Read more ››
Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Sinilind, Tallinn, Estonia, 25.10.2014 07.11

The less you know, the better it is. This seems to be a recurring pattern with smaller gigs. It holds true that the lower your expectations are for a class act, the more room you have for a pleasant surprise. Even though I didn't go into this instrumental jazz-influenced rock night blindfolded, so to say, I wasn't nearly prepared for a concert this excellent. (by Ivor)   Read more ››
Kruger & Coilguns (+ Nojia and Nesseria) in Toulouse, 22/10/2014 07.11

This report features too much hugs of a rare violence and unrestrained love - reader's discretion is advised. (by Darkside Momo)   Read more ››
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Fall Of Serenity - Bloodred Salvation (2006)

Fall Of Serenity, German band, started in 1998 and recorded a split LP with countrymates metalcore stalwarts Heaven Shall Burn, Bloodred Salvation is their fourth album, they toured with such major acts as Vader, Dismember, Marduk, Kataklysm, Behemoth and so on, signed to Lifeforce Records in 2005. Sounds very promising. Ok, what about the music? Basically, Fall Of Serenity is the quintessential Gothenburg death metal band, except that they are German. Other than this minor detail, they sound very... (by Collin)   Read more ››

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Hades Almighty

In 1993, Tunsberg was convicted, along with fellow black metal musician Varg Vikernes (of Burzum), for the burning of a Norwegian church in Åsane, which led to a prison sentence.

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Lord Dying


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