Black Moth - Condemned To Hope
Review by R'Vannith
Merely hoping for their tunes to be deemed catchy isn't Black Moth's manner of proceeding. Cunningly combining rock 'n' roll energies and a darkly charred stoner metal presentation, it seems that they would condemn passable song writing to deliver catchy tunes by natural force of habit.


Gunfire - Age Of Supremacy
Review by R Lewis
Gunfire's first new music in ten years brings all the classic metal you could ever need.


Midnight Sin - Sex First
Review by Doc Godin
Good lord. Sleaze metal revival? Are we actually still doing this? Ugh. Midnight Sin, if this album ever had any value, it's about a decade past it's "best before" date.


Irreversible - Surface
Review by tea[m]ster
Atlanta, Georgia's Irreversible mark a return to the glorious past with their latest release Surface. Gone are the hardcore/alternative elixirs from their last two releases, Ashes and Thorn. Back are the post metal capstones from Sins and Light.


Necrodeath - The 7 Deadly Sins
Review by ScreamingSteelUS
Italian veterans Necrodeath, like many groups with 30 years and 11 albums to their names, like to play Motörhead roulette with their releases. They adhere to the same formula time after time, breaking ranks for nobody, and the quality of the album lies completely in the thrall of chance.


Northern Oak - Of Roots And Flesh
Review by Doc Godin
Nature-y band name and album title? Equally nature-y album cover with folkloric overtones? Yeah, typical folk metal. In spite of being pretty typical in so many ways, Northern Oak have done a supremely bang-up job with Of Roots And Flesh.


Protokult - No Beer In Heaven
Review by Doc Godin
If the Korpiklaani fan club was a violent prison gang, the cruel, painful initiation ritual would be to listen to Protokult's No Beer In Heaven.


Brimstone Coven - II
Review by Mattybu
Brimstone Coven is one of those bands that is hard for me to not enjoy. Like, really hard.


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Within Temptation: North American Tour 2014

USA, Denver, CO (Gothic Theater)
28 September 2014

Within Temptation
Staff pick
Khthoniik Cerviiks - Heptaedrone

Another poach from Fenriz's Band of the Week thing here. Totally raw, totally good album.

Click for tunes.

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Obituary - New Track Online, European Tour Dates 18.09

Florida death metallers Obituary are bringing you some "Violence" today, that is their new song. This is only the second song they showcase from the new album Inked In Blood, which was crowdfunded and will drop via Relapse Records this upcoming October. The song is only 2 minutes long, but was it worth it? (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Allen/Lande - New Lyric Video Online 18.09

Allen/Lande have released an official lyric video for the song "Lady Of Winter". The song is taken from Jørn Lande (Jorn, Masterplan, Yngwie Malmsteen) and Russell Allen's (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob) fourth collaborative album, The Great Divide. This new album will be released on October 17th in Europe and October 21st in North America via Frontiers Records. Enjoy the new song! (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Decapitated - Premiere Lyric Video For New Song 18.09

Here is more music for you to enjoy, now courtesy of Decapitated. The Polish tech death metallers want to share the second full song from their upcoming album Blood Mantra. After they unveiled the first single "The Blasphemous Psalm To The Dummy God Creation," it is now time to enjoy "Blood Mantra," the album's title track. So, stop what you are doing and check it out right here! (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Roadburn 2015 - Announce More Bands 18.09

Roadburn 2015 has added another batch of bands and special performances to its 20th anniversary edition. And you can find out all about it here. In terms of special performances, it was confirmed that Enslaved and Wardruna will perform Skuggsjá, the sound of Norway's Norse History at Houses of the Holistic, Ivar Bjørnson's and Einar "Kvitrafn" Selvik's curated Roadburn event on April 10th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Moreover, Bongripper will play two sets at Roadburn, the first will see them play their latest album, Miserable, in full. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Anaal Nathrakh - Streaming New Track 18.09

After giving us the first taste of their new album with "Idol", Anaal Nathrakh have more new music to share. Desideratum is being released in October and the extreme metal duo unleashed the repugnant sounds of "Monstrum In Animo", another new song. Did you enjoy that? Give us your impressions of this new tune available to stream on Soundcloud. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Clandestine Cuts Vol. 4 Issue #3 - Awesome New Demos and EPs 19.09

Is independent, unsigned, and underground metal what you seek? Weary traveler of the metal world, rest a while here. Clandestine Cuts are the best demos and EPs from these bands, the heart and soul of metal music. These musicians are slaves to their passions, and their blood keeps the metal machine alive and turning. Support them with a simple listen, and discover the future. This issue features music from Raum Kingdom, Kali, Torrid Husk, Fever Sea, Myopic and Wild Throne. (by Nefarious, Troy Killjoy, Abattoir)   Read more ››
Progventure Part 9: Green Carnation - Another Night Under The Dam, Åseral, Norway, 31.07.2014 01.09

It seems that my Progventure prog searching trips are not only a convenient excuse to travel new places, or more often the only way of seeing bands I like I wouldn't otherwise get to see, but in some cases they are turning out to be events of a fairly unique kind. Another Night Under the Dam - the Green Carnation reunion show at the Åseral dam number 3 in Norway was unique in more ways than one. And it most definitely was special. (by Ivor)   Read more ››
Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2014 - Denver, CO - 13 Jul 2014 29.07

The annual Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival! Great variety of bands, I always have a blast, it's always fun, the weather is always way too hot and this year's event was almost no exception. Yes, almost no exception; the timing of the festival couldn't be worse and the decision to split the Colorado show into two events didn't help the cause neither. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
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Katatonia - Night Is The New Day (2009)

There has been a lot of buzz about the new album, Night is the New Day, by Katatonia and I honestly have to say that I was looking forward to this release. My first exposure to the band was their previous studio release, 2006's The Great Cold Distance, which enticed me more than a fat kid in a candy store. So naturally I was excited to hear another album from a band who had captured my attention a few years ago. This album comes across as a mediocre and almost passé. Now before you all... (by Dane Train)   Read more ››

Reviewer: 7.0      Users: 8.4 | 652 votes
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Kryptos derive their name from the Latin word - 'Cruptus', which relate to Catacombs or Burial Chambers beneath Churches.

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