Ixion - Enfant De La Nuit
Review by BitterCOld
Many moons ago French doomsters Ixion released To The Void, a tasty atmospheric doom release that I particularly enjoyed. After a four year hibernation in deep space somewhere (or possibly a chalet somewhere in the French alps) they have returned with Enfant De La Nuit, or "Child of the Night". Their core sound remains. It is "atmospheric doom", which is a way of saying slow riffs absolutely drenched in keyboards with mournful...


Movimento D'Avanguardia Ermetico - Torri Del Silenzio
Review by Windrider
People that have read other reviews of mine won't be surprised to know that today's band plays an atmospheric style of black metal, combined with some post metal attitude. Movimento D'Avanguardia Ermetico - a name worth memorizing. Or not? I can say for myself that their music stays longer in my head than their band name. But yes, they're not the first to chose a difficult name. As it might suggest, this band is from Italy and they have been around for a solid decade now, most of the time unnoticed by the majority of non-Italian metalheads. However, with their new album Torri Del Silenzio, it is about time for them to have their music appreciated by a broader fan base.


Dragged Into Sunlight / Gnaw Their Tongues - N.V. [Collaboration]
Review by Apothecary
Musical collaborations. There's so much that can go wrong with them if the parties involved don't know how to properly channel the sacred kundalini energy that allows them to naturally flow into each other's styles. Then again, there's so much that can go right if they do. N.V. is a collaboration between Dragged Into Sunlight and Dutch mad genius Mories in his Gnaw Their Tongues incarnation. You shouldn't have to ask which of those two is the case for this one.


Sivyj Yar - Burial Shrouds
Review by Windrider
Last year, Sivyj Yar quite surprised us with their album From The Dead Villages' Darkness, which is still my favorite black metal album of 2014. The atmosphere of the riffs and spoken parts with everyday situation sounds still haunt me to this day. You can guess my excitement when I heard that a successor was to be released quite exactly one year after this. Burial Shrouds was a must-have for me and I can firmly say that there is no disappointment.


Dahakara - Low Of Wisdom
Review by Apothecary
Istanbul, Turkey has long been one of the world's crossroads, where polar opposites seem to meet up and form interesting fusions that result in entirely new products. Europeans meet Asians and Africans. Christians meet Muslims. The East meets the West in general. Or, if we're speaking from a musical perspective, rather than cultural, in the case of Dahakara we could take Istanbul as a crossroads where black metal meets up with ambient music.


Kauan - Sorni Nai
Review by Demonic Tutor
Touched by grace once more, the Russian band known as Kauan carries on with their folkish doom atmospheric brilliance with another composition that spans the whole album. After the impressive Pirut, I was a little weary when Kauan's mastermind Anton Belov announced that this was going to be another epic composition. After all, how could it compare to the sheer genius of Pirut? So yeah, I was a fan of the band coming in, but this album does not...


Praying Mantis - Legacy
Review by ScreamingSteelUS
I was lured into this review like a porky German child to a gingerbread house, ears a-tingle with eagerness at the prospect of new and untapped NWOBHM to explore (for that is how Praying Mantis was billed). The second I began my background research, I balked at the realization that Praying Mantis (or Stratus, as they were also known) in their early years played what was essentially slightly toothier AOR. You could feel the excitement rush out of the room.


Remmirath - Shambhala Vril Saucers
Review by Apothecary
Every listening year, for metal or otherwise, is bound to have at least one or two "ninja albums" lurking somewhere in the shadows. It's a strange phenomenon, but simple enough to understand. These are the types of albums that seem to just pop out of nowhere at you, with a distinct flair that makes them go from "this is pretty good" to AOTY status in your book too fast for you to even know what happened. For me, these are albums like Hail Spirit Noir's debut in 2012, or Cult Of Fire's one with the Hindi title the year after. Or, in the case of 2015, Remmirath's Shambhala Vril Saucers.


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At The Gates
Children Of Bodom
Staff pick
Odious - Skin Age
'Oriental black death metal' from Egypt

Read above. If like, check out.

YouTube video for single, Dungeon Keys

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Picked by: psykometal
Sumac - Recording New Album 26.11

It appears as if the guys in Sumac are keeping themselves busy by recording a follow-up to their debut The Deal. The album is being recorded at The Unknown studio in Anacortes, Washington, with audio engineering by Kurt Ballou of Converge fame. If you are not familiar with Sumac, you should know that the band consists of Aaron Turner (ex-Isis), Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) and Brian Cook (Russian Circles). We can probably expect more information about the album in a not so distant future. (by Netzach)   Read more ››
Cult Of Luna - Release New Split Teaser 26.11

Cult Of Luna have posted a teaser for their upcoming split EP entitled Råångest (which means "raw anxiety" in Swedish) with The Old Wind. You can watch it now here. The release will contain three songs, of which one will be Cult Of Luna's cover version of the Amebix classic "Last Will And Testament". Råångest shall be available to the masses in January 29th, 2016 via Pelagic Records. (by Pazdzioch)   Read more ››
Brainstorm - Debut Video For New Song 26.11

Melodic metal fans take notice because there is new Brainstorm music to discover. The power metallers recently announced that they are unleashing another new album next year called Scary Creatures. Today, there is a new video clip for the tune "The World To See", taken from the upcoming studio album (out January 15th in Europe, February 5th in North America on AFM Records). The band continues where they left off one and a half years ago with the previous release and also mix and mastering was once again handled by Achim Koehler. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Megadeth - Stream New Song 26.11

Megadeth have shared a new song online! In anticipation of the release of their new studio album, the first in three years, Dystopia, the new menacing tune is called "The Threat Is Real". You can listen to the song on the band's official website here. If that link doesn't work for you due to an error, try this. What do you think about it? (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Native Construct - Release First Ever Video 26.11

By now, you might have heard of Native Construct. They are an American progressive metal band who released an excellent debut album this year called Quiet World via Metal Blade Records. Currently on tour with Between The Buried And Me, Enslaved, and Intronaut, the group has now released their first ever video for the track "Mute". Directed by David S. Brodsky/MyGoodEye, the video can be fully enjoyed below. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Moonspell - Tapper, Tallinn, Estonia, 03.11.2015 23.11

This is a concert I've been waiting for a long time to happen. The last time Moonspell were here was a bit over nine years ago. That's a very, very long while for an active band and three albums have happened in the meantime. For various reasons it's also over six years since I last saw the band, so naturally the interest was piqued. (by Ivor)   Read more ››
Progventure Parts 11&12: 2 x (Iamthemorning + Gazpacho), The Netherlands, 30-31.10.2015 16.11

I wanted to go to Oslo. Even if I had not made any actual travelling arrangements yet, I had my mind all made up on catching the last date of the Gazpacho tour with Iamthemorning supporting. With the date falling on Friday in mid-November, all seemed perfect and good to go - except what I really wanted was to see Iamthemorning play live and Oslo was the only date of the tour they were not present. Thus, a new plan had to be forged with The Netherlands coming to the rescue. (by Ivor)   Read more ››
Joe Satriani - Rock Café, Tallinn, Estonia, 19.10.2015 28.10

For many, Joe Satriani is an idol to look up to, a teacher to learn from, and an example to follow. The hands of this guitar god are so nimble that you wouldn't believe it unless you saw him play. His influence in guitar music is unquestionable whether you like his music or not. You have to see him play at least once in your life. So, when this man is in town, you really should go out to a show. (by Ivor)   Read more ››
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Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol (2012)

The defendant rose; his face a blank expression. His lawyer had a concerned look about him. The whole courtroom seemed to be frozen in time. The judge took no joy in delivering the verdict. A weak voice to match his scrawny body slowly spelling it out: "The defendant has been found guilty of musical oversight." You get the picture; I miss the boat on this release. I got so used to hear Paradise Lost experiment with their sound in the early nineties I almost forgot how awesome their song... (by Demonic Tutor)   Read more ››

Reviewer: 8.8      Users: 8.2 | 497 votes
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"Eluveitie" is pronounced "Ell-vej-ti".

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The Lion's Daughter

Blackened Sludge

Ashen Horde

Progressive Black

Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghosts



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