Occultation - Silence In The Ancestral House
Review by R'Vannith
Occultation's doom metal eludes expectations. Contained in Silence In The Ancestral House, the occult receives an unusually mixed meaning.


Moanaa - Descent
Review by tea[m]ster
Right under our noses there is a post-metal revolution happening in the eastern European countries. It seems Greece, Russia, Ukraine and Poland have joined the party late and fallen in love with this genre, because now, more than ever, most of my highly rated post-metal albums have come from those places. Adding to this trend are Poland's Moanaa and their debut LP Descent. Using a "typical" post-metal format, Descent isn't musically ground breaking but a laudable example of what fans of this scene should want and expect.


Young And In The Way - When Life Comes To Death
Review by Ilham
"Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?" asks Lana Del Rey. Will you still love Young And In The Way when they're no longer young and hardcore? I ask you.


Monster Magnet - Milking The Stars: A Reimagining Of Last Patrol
Review by Apothecary
What is a "reimagining," exactly? In the case of Monster Magnet, it means just what it seems to be implying: a reinterpretation of a previous work, taking a fresh lens of perspective to it and going all out from there. Thus, Milking The Stars is not a new album, at least not as we would typically understand the term. But in many ways it might as well be.


Anguish - Mountain
Review by R'Vannith
Further brandishing of the severed fox head signals two things for traditionally epic doom: more Anguish and fewer afforded comforts. Between you and the end is a Mountain of unembellished metal as bitter and unrelenting as the winter wind. Archaic style is delivered here without penitence.


Abysmal Dawn - Obsolescence
Review by deadone
Too often modern death metal bands seem content to imitate genre originators ala Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse or Deicide. Hence, it is refreshing to hear a band that plays traditional death metal and somehow manages to come across as reasonably unique. And, with Obsolescence, Abysmal Dawn do just that.


Vermin Womb - Permanence [EP]
Review by Ilham
Call me lazy, call me uncreative, but I am going to spare you the usual accumulation of cute little metaphors that are supposed to convey the brutal nature of the piece of music being reviewed. I'm not going to tell you to imagine how this or that feels, nor compare it to large objects entering the orifices you were or were not born with. I'll be just as straightforward as Permanence is.


Kayo Dot - Coffins On Io
Review by Introspekrieg
"Leaving the world behind is the best experience most feeble minds fear to try."


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Dying Fetus: European Tour 2014

France, Toulouse (Le Dynamo)
25 November 2014

Dying Fetus
Blaze Of Perdition - New Album Details Revealed 31.10

Polish black metallers Blaze Of Perdition released a statement regarding their upcoming new album entitled Near Death Revelations. As of yet, it is not known when the band plans to release this new record, but they revealed the cover artwork as well as the tracklist for it, both of them available below. The band was involved in a terrible car accident last year which ended with the death of their bassist and with heavy injuries sustained by their vocalist and drummer. (by ManiacBlasphemer)   Read more ››
Freak Kitchen - New Animated Video Released 31.10

Freak Kitchen, who released the new album Cooking With Pagans in September, have debuted their new video. The animated video is for the track "Freak Of The Week" and was created by Juanjo Guarnido (of Blacksad and Disney fame). A successful Kickstarter campaign brought in no less than a $140,000 to finance the work of drawing an entire video, frame by frame. So, this should be good right? See it for yourself here below. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Titan Force - New Release Artwork, Tracklist Revealed 31.10

U.S. power metal act Titan Force recently inked a deal with Skol Records. The band's first release for the label will be Force Of The Titan, a collection of 12 previously unreleased studio tracks recorded in the 80s: the complete demo from 1985 - recorded when the band was using the Titan name, featuring John Flores on vocals - and eight classic tracks from the first two Titan Force albums in alternate and previously unreleased demo versions, with Harry Conklin on vocals. The Force Of The Titan cover artwork was painted by Dimitar Nikolov. Check it out below. (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Abysmal Dawn - Release New Music Video 30.10

Los Angeles based death metal band Abysmal Dawn have revealed today a brand new video clip for the song "Inanimate", directed by Rob Mestas at Zynderia Studios and Photo Film Stage. The song is taken from their latest album Obsolescence, released just a few days ago via Relapse Records. You can watch it on the YouTube player below. Enjoy! (by Pazdzioch)   Read more ››
Omnium Gatherum - Announce UK Headlining Tour 30.10

In February of 2015, in association with Zero Tolerance Magazine, Finnish melodic death metallers Omnium Gatherum will embark on the Beyond UK Tour, their second ever headlining tour in the UK. Joining them on the road will be UK progressive death metal titans De Profundis. The tour will kick off in Glasgow on February 18th and blaze a path around the country, concluding in the capital on February 22nd. All confirmed dates can be found below the flyer. (by Abattoir)   Read more ››
Deicide, Septicflesh & Others - Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO USA - 19 Oct 2014 30.10

Another day, another show. But with bands such as Septicflesh, Inquisition, Abysmal Dawn and Carach Angren in tow, Deicide proved once again that they are still a force to reckon with. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
Amorphis - Rock Café, Tallinn, Estonia, 09.10.2014 25.10

Amorphis seem to swing by Estonia regularly enough in recent times that I'm slowly starting to lose count of how many times I've seen them play. With a little jog down memory lane, I've come to the conclusion that this concert was the 5th for me, and my 4th in Estonia. However, since Amorphis have put on a good show every time so far, I saw no real reason to skip. If nothing else, it would've made for a fine evening out, despite the lecture at 8 the following morning. (by Ivor)   Read more ››
Conan, Pallbearer, Yob: two nights of Sludge & Doom in Toulouse 24.10

... "Well, if Soyuz Bear were heavy, Conan were HEAVY." ... "I was really curious to see what Pallbearer were all about. And I was impressed." ... "Ahh, finally seeing Yob live!" (by Darkside Momo)   Read more ››
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Total Devastation - Wreck (2006)

You know, it rules to be human. We have one thing that sets us apart from the rest of the animals - vocabulary. Words make us self-sufficient in terms of entertainment, giving us the ability to mumble in madness. Lovely words like flowers, peace and tranquillity. Words like nuclear fire, black napalm and complete and utter, total devastation. If you know Total Devastation, then you know that they deliver exactly what they promise - a ruthless attack, capable of shearing through reinforced steel.... (by destroyah)   Read more ››

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Thomas Gabriel Fischer was in that time known as "Satanic Slaughter".

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