Guardians Of Time - Rage And Fire
Review by Belegûr
Norway isn't well-known for power metal when compared to neighbours Sweden, but Guardians Of Time are more than capable of matching the quality of just about any power metal band on the scene today. This is the fourth studio album, released after their return in 2011, and it is easily a contender for power metal album of the year. A Beautiful Atrocity showed a change in style for the band, with a more progressive quality to the music. However it would be completely wrong of me to say that the band has ever written generic power metal as I think they have already created a signature sound that makes them instantly recognisable over many other bands in the genre. Rage And Fire isn't as progressive as their previous effort, but it is heavy, melodic and catchy from start to finish.


Cradle Of Filth - Hammer Of The Witches
Review by Windrider
It must be tough to be Dani Filth right now. The voice of your early career has left you and the one thing you can still properly sing is some gentle gothic metal as last seen on the Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder album. However, for this kind of music your chief songwriter has just left you. The departure of Paul Allender was both sad and promising. He is a great guitarist, yet most fans can agree that the band was in bloom at the times he wasn't around. That is why I personally had some hopes. But as it often turns out in the end, he should not have left.


Dreadnought - Bridging Realms
Review by Apothecary
In 2013, I reviewed Dreadnought's Lifewoven debut and compared it to a massive sandwich with an overwhelming number of ingredients. Keeping the metaphorical train a-rolling, one could then say that this year's follow up, Bridging Realms, is more of a fine glass of wine: not quite as heavy, but still flavorful, and more smooth and relaxing.


Rosetta - Quintessential Ephemera
Review by R'Vannith
Quintessential Ephemera is a record which streamlines Rosetta's sound at a time of creative independence. It marks the band's second self-release and is a stabilising work which assures of their ability to make music free from label demands.


Coathanger Abortion - Observations Of Humanity
Review by Ilham
This is a review for Coathanger Abortion, and it felt exactly like one.


Sirenia - The Seventh Life Path
Review by Ag Fox
Ahh… Sirenia. A band I've always felt quite attached to as it's one of the first discoveries I'd made back when I first joined this site, around the time when The 13th Floor was released. Ailyn was definitely the main reason that got me hooked. Admittedly, I'm hardly the most loyal fan because I turned my back on her upon listening to the pedestrian effort named The Enigma Of Life.


Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus
Review by Belegûr
Since the split of the original "Rhapsody" into two bands, both have been somewhat disappointing in their efforts so far. Rhapsody Of Fire produced a completely forgettable effort in Dark Wings Of Steel, whereas Luca Turilli's Rhapsody didn't do that much better with Ascending To Infinity. It is quite remarkable that we now have two bands, but neither can produce the magic of the original band. This trend continues with Prometheus: Symphonia Ignis Divinus, which succeeds as a "cinematic metal" album, but fails at being very memorable.


Midnight Odyssey - Shards Of Silver Fade
Review by Apothecary
What types of art forms can keep your attention for over two hours? A book, perhaps, or a movie? In the case of music, however, albums that do so tend to be pretty damn rare. Creating an album that long that doesn't appear to lag, and that has a good diversity of sound, is a tricky beast to slay. So, is Shards Of Silver Fade, the new 142 minute album from Australia's Midnight Odyssey worth it? Let's find out.


Staff pick
Weedeater - Goliathan
Good ol' Southern sludge

Nothing new and fancy to see here, folks, just pounding, crunchy sludge with a bit of a bluesy twist that hits the groove gene right where it needs to. If you can't get enough of the sound of bands like Bongzilla, Eyehategod, etc. and you haven't yet heard Weedeater, do yourself the favor. Finger-lickin' good!


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Cradle Of Filth - Third New Song Unveiled 30.06

One week after they shared the track "Deflowering The Maidenhead, Displeasuring The Goddess", Cradle Of Filth are in a sharing mood once again. The British metallers have premiered another song, the third from the new album so far, and now you can hear ''Enshrined In Crematoria'' in all its glory below. With three tracks released so far, is the new record sounding promising? (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Scale The Summit - New Album In September, Snippet Online 30.06

The instrumental progressive quartet Scale The Summit revealed that they will release their anticipated fifth album, V worldwide on September 18th. Prosthetic Records now begins to unveil the album's cover art by the British artist Duncan Storr, who also contributed the artwork for the band's acclaimed 2013 release, The Migration. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
British Lion - Release New Music Video 30.06

As they embark on their Summer tour, heavy metallers British Lion aka Steve Harris have released a live performance video of the track "Eyes Of The Young". You will do well to remember that the song appears on their debut album, British Lion. Check it out to get a taste of what you can expect on the upcoming shows. (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Operation: Mindcrime - Releasing Album, Trailer Online 30.06

It seems like Frequency Unknown is finally getting a follow-up album. Geoff Tate's new moniker Operation: Mindcrime is releasing their debut album, titled The Key. If you watch the trailer below, you can listen to excerpts from four songs that will appear on the record come September 18th when Frontiers Music Srl releases it. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Graveyard Dirt - Streaming New Track 30.06

Graveyard Dirt have been working on new material. Details are still unknown so far, but the band has posted online one new song called ''Her Haunting Smile''. You can hear the 7-minute long track from the Irish death/doom act on YouTube player below. It should appear on their new as yet untitled EP. Enjoy the doom! (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Nightwish & Sabaton - Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA - 28 April 2015 26.06

Nightwish,who recently toured in North America with Sabaton and Delain in tow, delivered a flawless performance at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco, CA. (by Susan)   Read more ››
Mono - Kino Siska, Ljubljana, Slovenia - 23.04.2015 22.06

My interest in checking out shows of bands hailing from sub-genres like experimental post-rock, instrumental post-metal (or similar in this vein) has been present more and more over recent years. So, of course, to attend a concert of Mono in our capital city was the right thing to do. The band was touring across Europe in support of their latest double-album release: The Last Dawn and Rays Of Darkness. (by Abattoir)   Read more ››
Getting Into: W.A.S.P. 19.06

The articles in this series begun by our own Baz Anderson are designed to give a brief overview of a band's entire discography, so as to provide a clear point of entry for the uninitiated. It offers a different approach from the typical review format, for the curious newcomer to a well-traveled band. W.A.S.P. Heavy metal, glam metal, hard rock, industrial metal USA W.A.S.P. emerged from the same place at the same time as many of the hair metal "greats" and populated the same scene for the first few years of their existence, but they always possessed a special something that set... (by ScreamingSteelUS)   Read more ››
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Malpractice - Turning Tides (2014)

To me, Finland has always been a great country for metal. Between groups like Amorphis, Ensiferum, and the almighty Kalmah, there has always been a wealth of great Finnish metal out there. Turning Tides was my first exposure to Malpractice, a progressive metal group from the same Nordic land. Not surprisingly, the album is very good. (by Mattybu)   Read more ››

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