Eden Circus - Marula
Review by tea[m]ster
Marula is an album that probably slipped by most atmospheric metal fans in 2014.


Apostate - Time Of Terror
Review by Susan
Apostate is "Ukraine's oldest doom band," having formed in 1993. They released only a memorable demo and EP, split in 1998, then re-formed over a decade later and released a debut full-length in 2010, now followed by this sophomore album. Well, they didn't exactly re-form: the bandleader Alexander Kostko came together with a new group of musicians and called it Apostate. You decide if it's the same band or not but one thing...


36 Crazyfists - Time And Trauma
Review by Ilham
What makes a really good metalcore album?


Abscession - Grave Offerings
Review by Windrider
Death metal. From Sweden. Do I need to say more? Although that's the band's official description on their facebook page, I feel like my job here is to lose some more words for you readers. Almost forgot, the band's name is Abscession and we are discussing their debut album Grave Offerings today. The band is a three-piece orchestra with the usual setup, plus some keyboards. And they are from Sweden. They play death metal.


Shepherd - Stereolithic Riffalocalypse
Review by Mr. Doctor
- Hey sup, duuuude!


Serious Black - As Daylight Breaks
Review by deadone
Super groups are curious creatures. Despite often having superb pedigrees, in many cases they fail to achieve that magical chemistry which might even turn 4 average musicians into something special. In fact too often it's some sort of generic mash up of the members' other project. And with members of Blind Guardian, Helloween and Tad Morose in the band, Serious Black's pedigree is quite illustrious. So the question arises: does Serious Black rise above its origins to create heavy metal that will stand on its own merit?


Amniac - Infinite
Review by tea[m]ster
It's not very often I re-visit an album that initially didn't click, even one that's been recently suggested by a friend. This is the case with Greek post-metal band Amniac and their debut release Infinite. Months ago I gave the album a pretty thorough listen and I can usually tell if I dig an album by one play through. Once in a great while, first impressions are hastily made and an album may grow stronger with each reacquaintance....


In Other Climes - Leftover
Review by Ilham
Beautiful albums make cute reviews.


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Behemoth & Cannibal Corpse: North American Winter Tour 2015

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08 February 2015

Cannibal Corpse
Staff pick
Beardfish - +4626-COMFORTZONE

Beardfish excel with their new album. It is an exercise in rhythms but it's also so much more. It will take you places because it's a bloody fantastic prog album. It is truly exciting music.

Listen in full here.

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Royal Hunt - Show Me How To Live (2011)

Doing progressive power successfully has got to be one of the greatest feats in melodic metal. Either one of the genres is not being nearly represented enough in the mix, so the title is misleading, or they're merged in such a way that both the uplifting harmonies of power metal and alien qualities of prog metal get left out of the equation, leaving us with a boring, sterile product. Royal Hunt is one of the many bands that failed doing this the right way. Of course, it's easy to blame... (by MoraWintersoul)   Read more ››

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"Lantlôs" is Middle High German and means "homeless" (literally "without homeland"). Herbst chose the name because he feels not at home in Germany or anywhere.

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