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16.01 Primordial - New Album Cover Unveiled
Last month, Irish metallers Primordial revealed the title of their new album as Exile Amongst The Ruins. Today, they are giving their fans another sneak peek and just unveiled the cover that will grace the follow-up to Where Greater Men Have Fallen which is set to be released this March. Feast your eyes on it below and expect more details soon.Read more

In The Depths Of Black Twilight: Exploring Crepusculo Negro
by Apothecary | 07.01
The feathered serpent beckons.
A Hundred Albums? Part 7
by Darkside Momo | 01.01
Part 7 = moar prog!
A Hundred Albums? Part 6
by Darkside Momo | 28.11
Hi everyone!

This sixth article... Well, it's way late. But November is NaNoWriMo month after all, and as it was my first take in partaking in this world writing challenge, it came first. But I did it, and so we can come back to our original schedule .
Days Of Darkness 2017, Day 2
by ScreamingSteelUS | 19.11
In case you missed the coverage of the first day of the festival, my write-up of Saturday the 28th is right here. DAY TWO: ARMY OF DARKNESS As scheduled, I inexplicably woke up during the morning hours, went to church, and informed the Vatican about the inappropriate Halloween costumes that had been spotted in the area the previous night. Afterwards, I returned home, realized that somebody had elbowed me very sharply in the back during the previous evening, and began a week of stunning back pain. Fortunately, I would soon be too occupied to notice; having begun Saturday with Evil Dead II, it...

70000 Tons Of Metal 2018

USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL (Independence Of The Seas)
01-05 February 2018

Cannibal Corpse
Dark Tranquillity
Staff pick

Motörhead - Ace Of Spades

Today marks the death of the last original Motorhead member.

Just reminding you to raise a beer and blast these immortal riffs in honor of Fast Eddie and the boys.
Picked by: Doc Godin
Thumbs up: Daniell
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