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23.04 Winterfylleth - Premiere New Clip
British Pagan/atmospheric black metal act Winterfylleth returned with something a bit different in their sound, a neofolk entirely acoustic album called The Hallowing Of Heirdom. Recently, the band also shared the video for the title track. It is a short film by Sam Edwards and Khaled Lowe with beautiful landscapes. Additional photography by Kyle Fox and Simon Lucas.Read more

70000 Tons Of Metal 2018 - Day Four: I Did It My Way !!!
by D.T. Metal, CROMCarl | 10.04
The last day was upon us and I did it my way; I took it easy and instead of trying to watch bands I had missed thus far, I instead opted to be a 'social butterfly' and catch up with friends.
I'm Sorry: Why I Was Wrong to Love Babymetal
by ScreamingSteelUS | 01.04
Two years ago to this very day, I published a review of Metal Resistance, the sophomore album of controversial "kawaii metal" act Babymetal, and I gave that album a wonderfully generous score of 9/10. At first, most people dismissed it as an April Fools joke, but some were suspicious - and when that review stayed up well past April 1st with no sign of take-backsies, it became clear that what I had done was no laughing matter.
70000 Tons Of Metal 2018 - Day Three: And More, Much More Than This
by D.T. Metal, CROMCarl | 30.03
Yes, by now all of the bands had played already once, but there was more, much more ahead, but thankfully Day Three of the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise is a "half day"; a much needed break from all the metal debaucheries on board.
70000 Tons Of Metal 2018 - Day Two: Each Careful Step Along The Byway
by D.T. Metal, CROMCarl | 23.03
I was ready for a full day of metal; literally - full day. The first show started at 10 in the morning and the last gig was scheduled to end at 05:30 the next morning.
MS Awards 2017 - Staff Picks!!
by D.T. Metal | 17.03
You thought you were alone while arguing that band A should win over Band B in one of the categories? Not so fast...
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