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Metal forums
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General metal forum
Everything not related to any particular metal style
730 58343 Today at 11:32 by
M C Vice in
"The Slow Death of Heavy Metal"

Melodic metal forum
Heavy / power / progressive / doom / gothic
663 33155 Today at 05:10 by
James P Woods in

Extreme metal forum
Black / death / thrash / extreme doom
1120 48388 Today at 10:52 by
IronAngel in
Help to essential black metal records

Alternative metal forum
Industrial / nu / avantgarde / stoner
166 8781 06.02.2016 at 02:30 by
tea[m]ster in
This is where to find post/sludge/atmospheric meta...

Metal arena
For "This vs That" battles and various polls
752 49308 06.02.2016 at 07:12 by
James P Woods in
Favorite Ensiferum Album

Comments for featured albums
12044 91371 Today at 11:34 by
_deepblack in

News & events
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Comments for featured news
17197 136679 Today at 00:44 by
ThomasBryant in
Beastwars - Releasing New Album, Share Song

Comments for festivals, gigs and tours
4220 15863 04.02.2016 at 21:20 by
snake? snaaaake! in
GBR, London - Dragged Into Sunlight & Gnaw Their T...

Metal locations
Clubs, venues, shops, cafes and other metal-related places
69 322 19.01.2016 at 14:43 by
muscovites in
UAE, Dubai - Touch Nightclub

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Comments for featured reviews
6702 67783 Today at 03:35 by
Ace Frawley in
AC/DC - Highway To Hell

Comments for featured interviews
353 2689 01.02.2016 at 01:45 by
Bad English in
Catalepsia interview

Comments for featured articles
753 9741 04.02.2016 at 08:22 by
no one in
Black Metal MMXVI: How We Got Here, And Where We&#...

Photo galleries
Comments on pictures from concerts and festivals
168 752 09.12.2015 at 10:09 by
Hex_Omega in
Moonspell - Tapper, Tallinn, Estonia, 03.11.2015

Comments for comics
116 2660 24.09.2014 at 11:12 by
joyo in

Funny stuff
Comments for the Funny stuff section
233 5626 Today at 05:33 by
James P Woods in
101 Rules of Being a Metalstormer

Comments for user-generated Lists
1240 19596 08.02.2016 at 10:27 by
Hazelnut Nero in
Albums You Should Check Out Instead Of New Dream T...

Music forums
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Rock forum
Rock / hard rock / punk / grunge
243 8600 01.02.2016 at 19:02 by
dark2711 in
Great Rock And Metal Bands Of The 70's And 80...

General music forum
Music in general and non-rock/metal music
250 11820 07.02.2016 at 19:07 by
Marcel Hubregtse in
Dark Cabaret

Musicians corner
Instruments, techniques and your own bands
372 8785 07.02.2016 at 14:21 by
Aeresis in
Drummer wanted - Aeresis - Melodic Death Metal

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General forums
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General forum
Everything not related to metal
575 51722 06.02.2016 at 07:20 by
James P Woods in
Things that piss you off

Serious discussions
Philosophy, religion, politics, theories and ways of life
40 12758 Today at 01:20 by
Bad English in
Kosovo - new country at Balkan

Movies, TV, games, books and other media
372 19375 Today at 05:26 by
James P Woods in
Best TV show theme song

Art forum
Painting, photography, poetry
67 4507 08.02.2016 at 20:41 by
Karlabos in

Promotion and Ads
Promote your band or website here
597 2661 08.02.2016 at 17:39 by
fistoffreedom in
MARTRIDEN Free Download 'Cold And Silence...

Website forums
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Site news and announcements
Metal Storm announcements
51 2019 05.02.2016 at 22:08 by
Bad English in
Country - origin and current now available

General website discussion
Anything related to the Metal Storm site / forum
94 6188 08.02.2016 at 19:36 by
psykometal in
Rating abuse

User-related topics
101 20692 04.02.2016 at 16:08 by
Warman in
The Pub

Report bugs here
101 1021 13.06.2015 at 00:51 by
psykometal in
Not being able to edit a musician's bands