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Bandcamp embed tags 9
Country - origin and current now available 11
Database management 21
New feature - Alias 63
New Band Profile Feature - Break up/hiatus 7
Important !!! Band Edits Guidelines 46
New Size For Album Images 5
Adding Upcoming Albums Without Confirmed Release Date 78
New Musician Profile Feature 2
Official Lyric Videos Allowed 21
New Band Edit Feature: Multiple labels 39
Unofficial sources for database edits 130
Guest Reviewers 7
New Band Edit Feature: Mandatory Comments on all edits 15
MSA 2012 Voting Discussion 69
New Band Edit Feature: TBA albums no longer allowed 57
Band headers 16
Soundcloud is now supported in tags and band profiles 13
Advertise With Us! 1
Metal Storm is now on Google+ 2
Metal Storm is now on Twitter! 15
Polls in articles 6
New profile feature: Links/Networks/Communication 5
New permissions system for band edits 91
New feature: Top lists 49
New notifications: Friends' birthdays and publications 8
Staff picks 9
Share this page 10
New permissions for Band-related edits 73
Staff Page 19