NA- Illwill - bass  
NA- The Night Flight Orchestra - bass  
1990-1993 King Diamond - bass  
1993- Mercyful Fate - bass  
1997- Witchery - bass  
1997-1999 Sinergy - bass  
1998-2000 Dismember - bass  
1999- Arch Enemy - bass  
2005- Spiritual Beggars - bass  


24.03.2013 Spiritual Beggars

Personal information

Sharlee D'Angelo is the bassist for Swedish extreme Metal band Arch Enemy, as well as the Swedish Hard Rock band Spiritual Beggars. Sharlee has also been in various bands in the past, either as a studio session player or full member. Some of these include IllWill and Mercyful Fate as well as Dismember, Sinergy, Witchery. He plays with Dunlop picks and primarily used Rickenbacker basses in his early career, before switching to playing and endorsing Ibanez Iceman basses in 2005. Ibanez now produces the Sharlee D'Angelo signature bass, called the SDB1, which is tuned to Sharlee's preferred C standard (Low to High - C,F,Bb,Eb).