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  • Always include the name of the bands in the thread title. They should be written properly so that they can automatically be seen on the bands' featured page here in Metal Storm. For instance, don't write "Mago de Oz" but "Mägo De Oz".
  • Be original, don't copy and paste one's topic idea just cause it was "cool". Think twice, and think even more about how you can improve your topic. BTW: The correct abbreviation for "versus" is "vs", no caps, no dots.
  • Give good reasons/explanations to each and every option you may want to include to a poll or a versus thread.
  • Avoid making polls with an obvious winner. No need to explain why Iron Maiden always win.
  • Reply to your own topic! Don't go asking for opinions when you have no opinion about the topic! And give detailed opinions, with explanations and as much information as needed.

  • Always give detailed opinions, with explanations and as much as information as needed. If you're gonna answer the topic "Mayhem vs Marduk" with "MAYHEM!!!!!", you can count the days till you get banned. That's just spamming.
  • When voting, tell us WHY you did it that way, try to establish comparisons between the bands opposed in the thread. You can compare their musicians, their albums, their live performances, and so on.
  • Never reply to a topic if you don't know more than half of the information required about the bands mentioned in the topic.
  • Reply to a thread only ONCE. If you have changed your mind, you can of course post again, but it's no use repeating the same thing in every page.
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