Russian bands 18
Removal Requests 4
Updating Musicians' Band List Bug 5
Bug with editing long lists? 5
Clicking on profile picture to go to profile 11
Clicking on any profile redirects to MS home page 4
Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side lacking MS award 2
Facebook login issue (expired certificate?) 1
Avatar bug 27
Logo being added into the same box bug 3
Adding similar bands 7
Updates Problem 14
Band member not auto-included in album line-up if join date is "NA" 4
Forum BB code problem 4
YouTube 3
Security issues with the password at login 5
Toolbar Problems on Google Chrome 13
Cookie problem.. 15
Review thumbnail bug 21
Band edit permissions bug? 6
Not being able to edit a musician's bands 4
RSS encoding 4
Nightwish - Angels Fall First Lyric BUG 2
Band Adding In Profile 52
Editing profile 8
Sidebar Stuck In "Default" Mode? 10
No Notifications? 15
Broken links to lists in the "Most popular publications" page 2
Url with https bug 6
Number of posts 4