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Please keep those discussions serious. You MUST reply to the threads in this forum with valid and well-thought arguments.

Remember to stay polite to your fellow Metalstormers, even if you're having a debate due to completely opposite opinions.
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Pornography and prostitution 620
Depression (And Other Related Mental Illnesses) 493
What is the meaning of life? 243
Satanism 581
Feminism 762
Evolution (and some Creationism, too) 684
Islam 1614
Love 447
Over Population 268
Homosexuality 683
Ancient astronauts? 97
Theory: Religion Causes War 465
Does free will exist? 200
Communism 482
Democracy 128
School education - another form of manipulation? 184
Discuss us, the human race 221
Buddhism 197
The Universe 197
Christianity 132
The Religion and Spirituality Thread 250
Peer Pressure 24
Kosovo - new country at Balkan 404
Abortion 652
The Current Situation In The Middle-East 594
Charlie Hebdo Massacare 66
Judaism 125
Global Warming 166
Paganism 141
Discordianism 34