Orphaned Land

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Also known as Resurrection (1991)

Country: Israel
Label: Century Media Records

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Formed in: 1991

1993-1996 Death metal
1993-1996 Folk metal
2004- Progressive folk metal


1991-  Kobi Farhi - vocals
1991-  Uri Zelcha - bass
2011-  Matan Shmuely - drums, percussion
2012-  Chen Balbus - bouzouki, guitars, piano, vocals, xylophone
2014-  Idan Amsalem - bouzouki, guitars
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1991-2012  Matti Svatitzki - guitars
1991-2014  Yossi "Sassi" Saharon - guitars, oud, saz, chumbush, bouzouki, piano
2001-2005  Eden Rabin - keyboards, backing vocals
2004-2007  Avi Diamond - drums
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1994  Itzik Levi - keyboards, sampler, piano
2004-2012  Shlomit Levi - vocals
2010  Avi Diamond - drums
2010  Steven Wilson - keyboards
2010  Avi Agababa - percussion
2016  Erez Yohanan - drums
2004  Miri Milman - vocals
2004-2012  Shlomit Levi - vocals
2005  Tal Behar - guitars
2007-2011  Matan Shmuely - drums
2008-2012  Chen Balbus - bouzouki, guitars
2010  Tomer Jones - vocals
2013  Mariangela Demurtas Amorim - vocals
2013-2014  Idan Amsalem - bouzouki, guitars
2016  Noa Gruman - vocals
2016  Steven WIlson - vocals, guitars
2016  Erkin Koray - guitars
2016  Yehuda Poliker - vocals
2016  Moran Magal - vocals
2010  Yehuda Poliker - vocals
2010  Srur Saliba - violin
2010  Nizar Radwan - violin
2010  Shmuel Ruzbahan - santur
2010  Yonatan Danino - shofar
2010  Alfred Hagar - flutes
2010  Avner Gavrieli - piano

Latest reviews

The sons of the blazing sun and brothers of the orient are a musical force which have received due attention as few bands have a sound as defined, identifiable or unique as Orphaned Land. The folk instrumentation and vocal arrangements incorporated into their music carry a strong cultural resonance that reaches the ears of many listeners from all corners of the globe and from all walks of life. An equally remarkable and noble aspect to their sound has been and remains to be the conviction they show toward spreading a message. Their studio efforts have become increasingly inspired by their undying desire to state the necessity to progress beyond the violence and hostility that afflicts us in this war torn world.   Review by R'Vannith ››
"This is a resistance dispatch. Codeword: Illumination."

After a six-years-long wait, Orphaned Land are finally back. Don't be fooled by the quite classical (well, for Orphaned Land) opener "Sapari", the rest of the album is...   Review by Darkside Momo ››

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