Awacks - The Third Way

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Release date: 2006
Style: Heavy metal, Progressive metal


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01. Rêve
02. Out Of Nowhere Intro
03. Halfway To Infinity
04. Vivre Sans Lumière
05. Waterfall
06. La Haine Et La Souffrance
07. Time Curve
08. Everything Is Nothing
09. SOS
10. Secret Place

Additional info
Progressive Metal / Heavy Metal
Label: Brennus Music
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France: 2006
Length: 54:47

Line-Up on the CD:
Vocals: Crock
Guitars: Steve
Bass, vocals: Stan-W D
Drums, vocals: François
Keyboards, vocals: Nach

Staff review by
Maybe that you don't know them yet, but Awakcs is not a newcomer. Coming from France, this band plays a mix of Heavy and Progressive Metal. Their live performances and musical quality even gave to the band the chance to open for Freak Kitchen in France so believe me you're in front of a nice combo.

The first thing that I really like on this album is its variation. "The Third Way" is not linear and every songs is different. Some are ballads, some others are near of Heavy and finally some others are pure Progressive Metal. In general actually, all the songs have their Progressive touches and when you know that the singer has a voice a bit similar to the one of Phil Collins I can tell you that a lot of people will enjoy this release.

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