Enthrallment - Immerse Into Bloody Bliss

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Release date: 1 December 2008
Style: Brutal death metal


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01. Seeds Of Insanity
02. Replace In The Grave
03. Distorted Brain Patterns
04. Bonegrinder
05. Female Hunting Preciede The Feast
06. Enthrallment
07. Cane The Messiah With The Crook
08. Immerse Into Bloody Bliss

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Label: Metal Age Productions (cat.# MAP 069)

Recorded and mixed at Basement Studio, City of Pleven, Bulgaria

A music video was made for the song "Cane the Messiah with the Crook".

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Bulgaria actually has a lot of metal bands, but many are unknown, dissolved or not notable. This is not the case for Bulgarian brutal death band Enthrallment. Featuring members from the influential Bulgarian brutal death/grindcore band Corpse, they're one of the most popular Bulgarian metal bands today.

Immerse Into Bloody Bliss is their second full-length album. Hristo Hristov and Vasil Furnigov make a formidable guitar team. The album's sound is down-tuned, sludgy and even somewhat groovy. The album utilizes double bass which makes it even better. Ivo's blast beats and fast drumming is another highlight. Although not very innovative or new, it moulds in well. Plamen Bakardzhiev's vocals range from low guttural growls to squealing, varying during parts of the songs. Breakdowns are often featured in the album, but they're not your generic deathcore breakdowns, they're actually decent and have some nice riffs. There are two types of songs here: the fast-paced brutal death metal and the slower, groovier songs which still retain their heaviness. The album actually has this unconventional, somewhat muffled sound but it turns out to be utilized well later on, including the few, but decent solos that are present.

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