Dio - Master Of The Moon

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Release date: 30 August 2004
Style: Heavy metal


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01. One More From The Road
02. Master Of The Moon
03. The End Of The World
04. Shivers
05. The Man Who Would Be King
06. The Eyes
07. Living A Lie
08. I Am
09. Death By Love
10. In Dreams
11. The Prisoner Of Paradise [Japanese bonus]

Ronnie James Dio - vocals
Scott Warren - keyboards
Craig Goldy - guitars, keyboards
Simon Wright - drums
Jeff Pilson - bass

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"Master Of The Moon" is the new album of our good old Ronnie. One time again, the Voice of Heavy Metal is back with a new release, and if the last one "Killing The Dragon" wasn't the best one of his long career, I must admit that "Master Of The Moon" is a good surprise. The good thing is that I have the feeling that for this one, Dio and his band mates, tried to do something maybe more in the spirit of their old albums. And this is a success, a lot of the tracks really sound Hard Rock, certainly more than the Epic and Fantasy songs that we heard before. Of course this spirit is always present in this new album, but for sure it's certainly more Rock "n" Roll…

published 21.10.2004 | Comments (2)

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18.05.2010 - 02:26
Rating: 9
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Always intended to check this one out as Doc Godin always goes nuts about it, but somehow always put it off because I didn't really like Heaven And Hell [the band (just the music, nothing about the ozzy dio thing)] Can't believe I'm finally doing so when Dio's not with us any more. Great singer and album indeed
loves 小巫
19.05.2010 - 19:12
Rating: 9
Angelic Storm
I've always held this album high in my affections. I think its a great (if flawed) album, and is a good swansong for Dio. Its patchy to be sure, but you could say that about the vast majority of Dio's albums. Songs like ''Shivers'', ''The Man Who Would Be King'', and ''One More For The Road'' though, are truly awesome, and are amongst the best songs Dio has ever done. The title track, ''I Am'', and ''Death By Love'' are also great songs, and I love them a lot! Definitely an overlooked album, and one of the Dio albums I listen to the most. RIP Ronnie, the master!
17.07.2011 - 17:39
Rating: 9
The Shape 1973
The only Dio album that I am still missing.
25.07.2011 - 14:28
Rating: 9
The Shape 1973
Got it now. Seems very similar to Magica. Still not up there with the 80s stuff, but anything with his voice on is worth listening to. Best tracks One More For The Road and Master Of The Moon. Seems a bit more stripped out than his other stuff, limited keys.
14.04.2012 - 19:31
Cuca Beludo
Account deleted
The Prisoner of Paradise is an awesome track. They should have included this one as part of the album in the whole world
13.05.2012 - 11:42
Rating: 9
Angelic Storm
Written by Guest on 14.04.2012 at 19:31

The Prisoner of Paradise is an awesome track. They should have included this one as part of the album in the whole world

Couldn't agree more, it's an amazing song! No way should it have been relegated to a bonus track...

It also perfect as the final track on the album, which should have been it's placement all along. I'm so glad I now have the album with that song on it, and it's prescence adds a full extra point to my rating.
11.12.2012 - 01:52
Rating: 7
Metal slave
Second half is much better, for me
01.03.2013 - 19:08
Rating: 8
His best album since the 80's, no doubt about that.
02.05.2014 - 17:46
Rating: 7
Although Dio intended to continue the "Magica" concept before his untimely death, "Master of the Moon" is still a good memory of his relevance within the metal genre. The album isn't his best, but it still delivers.
23.11.2014 - 14:42
Being the last studio album before his death, we can say that Ronnie James Dio says goodbye with a great piece of music, with his powerful voice still shining as always and some great songwriting.

We are talking about Dio, the singing in this album has not weak point. The moment you see the cover of the disk you automatically immerse in the ominous and somehow cosmic ambiance of the songs.

All builds up to the powerful and fulfilling voice of the "Master Of Metal" himself. The farewell to one great musician, who leaved us with elegance and great power. Great album.
23.11.2014 - 15:32
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Written by SebaBress on 23.11.2014 at 14:42

Being the last studio album before his death, we can say that Ronnie James Dio says goodbye with a great piece of music, ...

He still sings on The Devil You Know from Heaven And Hell from 2009. So, that one is the last studio album before his death
Member of the true crusade against European Flower Metal

Yesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow is out of sight
Dawn Crosby (r.i.p.)
05.04.1963 - 15.12.1996

22.06.2016 - 03:18
Rating: 10
Ocean Sage
My favorite Dio album! Heavy and emotional! I highly recommend it! R.I.P. Dio

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