Stone Gods - Silver Spoons And Broken Bones

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Release date: 7 July 2008
Style: Hard rock, Heavy metal


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01. Burn The Witch
02. Don't Drink The Water
03. Defend Or Die
04. You Brought A Knife To A Gunfight
05. Magdalen Street
06. Where You Comin' From
07. Lazy Bones
08. I'm With The Band
09. Start Of Something
10. Making It Hard
11. Wasting Time
12. Knight Of The Living Dead
13. Oh Where 'O My Beero

Guest review by
Nemo Atkins
Everyone who even knows who The Darkness are would be able to tell you that they pretty much disappeared off the map in 2006 and only reformed back in November 2011. Only die hard fans would be able to tell you what happened to the members of the band after they disappeared, have the albums to prove it and (probably) have been wearing out their CD players listening to their reunion album, Hot Cakes. For the benefit of the curious, when The Darkness fragmented, the lead singer, after going into rehab to recover from his cocaine addiction, would later form a band named Hot Legs and released one album which is a bit "meh", while the rest of the former members of the band would go on to form Stone Gods by moving their then bassist up to rhythm guitar and lead vocals and hiring a new bassist. This is the only album (at the moment of typing) that they released prior to their reunion, although they did finish a second album prior to the reunion of The Darkness which is still to be released. How does it fare overall? Actually, pretty well!

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