Blame - Blame [EP]

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Release date: November 2007
Style: Death metal, Thrash metal


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01. En Vert Et Contre Tous
02. Opium
03. Mineurs Minés
04. La Came Isole
05. Carpe Diem

Additional info
Thrash/Death metal
Recorded: Hertz Studio, Poland 2008
Total Running Time: 17:03

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Blame. I really can't help it but I find Blame a somehow awkward, almost ill-chosen band name. Whatever, must be part of the image I guess. Now, what we have here is a young and dynamic French band playing a remarkably atypical blend of heavily Thrash-influenced Death metal. While Death metal is key on this album, the Thrashy undertones are not far away, moreover, on certain tracks the Thrash sound is close to dominant (like for example "Opium" and La Came Isole").

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