Wolven Ancestry - Silence Of The Boreal

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Release date: 7 August 2009
Style: Melodic black metal


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01. Intro
02. Silence Of The Boreal
03. An Animistic Awakening
04. Memories Of Life Forgotten With Time
05. A Trail Of Blood In Snow
06. Hymn Of The Fallen
07. March Forth Under Tortured Skies
08. Codex Canadiensis
09. The Bering Descent


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18.12.2011 - 02:56
Doit Like Bernie
A pretty average album except for The Bering Descent; now that's a pretty good song.
17.05.2016 - 12:37
Rating: 10
Well, believe or not, this is a masterpiece. It took me some time however, before I realized, how good is this album. I'v been listening to it many times since I discovered this in early 2010, and only a year later I knew I found a jewel. There is something special to this album. It's kinda hypnotizing, somehow I cannot stop listening to it until the last track ends. There are no boring or monotonous songs here. Though my favorite are "Memories...", "Codex..." and "The bering descent". Actually I am unable to point out anything not good in this album. Those guys seem so inexperienced, but "Silence..." is on the same level as e.g. Necrophobic's Hrimthursum or Naglfar's Teras. I recommend listening to this great album. It's a real shame they stopped recording...
Remember: Wolven Ancestry - Silence Of The Boreal!!!

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