Ulvhedner - Før I Tida

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Release date: 2009
Style: Black metal


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01. Angst
02. Statsmann Og Tjuv
03. Tollekniven
04. Ein Krigar Fallen Til Jord
05. Forfedrenes Kamp
06. Brennsetra
07. Pest

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At first, you probably would not expect a reviewer like me to dish out a few words on the new album of a former Tristania member. It came to a surprise to me, anyway, when I was going through the back catalogueeee of Svein Terje Solvang, a.k.a. Svartasmeden, currently a.k.a. 'Ildaar'. But then again, he probably left Tristania for a good reason and his new band Ulvhedner is differs greatly from his earlier endeavour (judging by the little knowledge I have of Tristania, anyway). Oh, and just so we're clear on this, this review is most likely the first to ever feature the word Tristania and, with all due respect, hopefully also the very last time. Me so krieg.

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