Ruina / Tundra / Operation Winter Mist - Allegiance Of The Profane Pack [Split] [EP]

Release date: 2007
Style: Black metal, Death metal

01. Ukrunia
02. The Tree Of Kin Is Rotting
03. My Holey Soul
04. Cattle Sapiens

05. Transilvanian Hunger [Darkthrone cover]
06. The Triumph Of Black
07. Prelude To A Soaring Blackfire
08. Total Human Collapse

Operation Winter Mist
09. Battleflag
10. Suicide Warfare
11. Nocturnal Hell [Slaughter cover]

Staff review by
Well, the Winter Olympics are currently going on in Canada. Speaking of the Canadian north, courtesy of a contact with the now defunct NMB records, I recently received a copy of the Allegiance Of The Profane Pack three-band split. All that in mind, I thought I'd try a, uh, rather unique approach to this review, with God(in, Luke) as my co-pilot..

published 02.03.2010 | Comments (14)

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