Fuck The Facts - Collection Of Splits 2002-2004 [Compilation]

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Release date: 28 April 2006
Style: Grindcore, Noise


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01. Secret Asian
02. Another Living Night
03. No One Remembered Who Started
04. Medicated Like A Motherfucker
05. This Means Nothing
06. La Tête Hors De L'eau
07. Born To Kill Live To Thrill
08. Unburden
09. Ventriloquist Complex
10. Devastator [Godflesh cover]
11. Terminal Skullet
12. Fingers With Candy Tips
13. Don't Call Japanese Hardcore Japcore [Anal Cunt cover]
14. Leper Accountant
15. Merdarahta
16. The Jaquio
17. Whisper Dependency [Video Game Version]
18. The Transformation
19. Confession [Unholy Grave cover]
20. Empty Words [Death cover]
21. What I Am

Additional info
The CD features remastered versions of all the tracks from the split 7'' w/Subcut, split CD w/ Sergent Slaughter, split CD w/ Feeble Minded and the split 7'' w/ Sylvester Staline. The CD also includes an enhanced section with 19 bonus tracks (taken from the splits with Conure, Manherringbone, P.O.T. and some other unreleased stuff), a video for ''Medicated Like A Motherfucker,'' and pictures.

Re-Released in Canada in July 2007 via Galy Records, July 10th in the the USA.

Only 500 copies of the Great White North Records version were pressed. Due to some internal problems, the label folded basically 6 days after the album's release.


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14.10.2013 - 07:18
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Cool to see I own a rare FTF comp. sweet find for $4 in Duluth.
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