Squash Bowels - No Mercy

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Release date: 2004
Style: Goregrind


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01. No Mercy
02. Garrotte
03. Vulture Ritual
04. Guillotine In Lunapark
05. Squabble
06. Flesh Grinder
07. Dead Stumble
08. Human Extinction
09. Splinter Of Blood
10. Saint Father Paedophile
11. Inclement Instructor
12. Blood Supply
13. Face In Cowpox
14. Ufo-Rder

Staff review by
The first review I published while working with Obscene Productions was a Negligent Collateral Collapse release if I'm not mistaken; people at Metal Storm then started sending me a lot of messages and e-mails requesting reviews for many Obscene releases (and I keep receiving them by the way). No Mercy by the polish band Squash Bowels was one of the most solicited reviews, so here I am reviewing it for the Goregrind fanatics.

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